Choosing A Feng Shui Training Program or School

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Choosing a good feng shui school might not be easy, this is true. Any good training requires an investment of time and money, and a feng shui training is no exception. If you want to become a feng shui consultant, it is best to do a thorough research into the feng shui schools and the training they provide.
If you can attend a lecture or a short seminar with the school you are considering, this will be great. You will have to feel a good connection to the feng shui school teachers, to trust them and in a way, even admire them, because they will be the ones helping you start a new feng shui consulting career.
While I cannot recommend a specific feng shui school, I can help you with a solid foundation to begin your search. Look into the International Feng Shui Guild selection of professional feng shui schools, they will give you a good listing of schools.
After you have done some research and narrowed down the list of potential feng shui schools, be sure you ask all the questions you need to ask.

Here is a sample of questions:

  • How many of your graduates are active feng shui consultants?
  • Can I get in touch with several consultants? Do they have websites?
  • Do you have a system of support and referral for your graduates?
  • How many of your graduates decided not to become feng shui consultants? Why?
  • Why should I choose your feng shui school over other schools?
  • What feng shui schools do you focus on - the traditional or the modern schools?
  • How long have you been training feng shui consultants?

I assume that you already know the difference between feng shui schools and the two ways of applying the feng shui bagua. If you do not have this info, be sure to look into it before calling the feng shui training schools.

The more you can learn about feng shui from all the available free resources, the better off you will be with investing your money into a professional feng shui consultant training.