Choosing an Electric Blanket

Whatever Your Need, There's a Heated Blanket That's Right for You

Even on the coldest winter night, when the temperature is well below freezing and the wind is howling outside your window, you can be snuggly warm without the weight of multiple covers just by adding one electric blanket or mattress pad to your bed. Not only do they keep you comfortably warm, but by allowing you to drop your thermostat several degrees at night, they save you considerable money in energy costs over the course of the winter.

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    Are You Looking for Luxury?

    Sunbeam Velvet Plush heated blanket.
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    It’s a struggle familiar to many co-sleepers… one person is too hot, while the other is too cold. If your bed is shared, but you each have your own opinion on the proper temperature for a good night’s sleep, you need an electric blanket with dual controls, thus allowing you each to determine your side of the bed’s heating level.

    The Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket can end your bedtime battles. Not only does it have 20 personalized heat settings -- so you’re sure to find a temperature that’s just right -- the blanket’s thermofine warming system monitors the blanket’s temperature and continually adjusts it throughout the night for consistent comfort. You can even set the blanket on preheat so you’ll never have to endure the shock of cold sheets again. The super-soft, velvety polyester plush is luxuriously thick, yet the blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. It comes in several colors, as well. All this, and the added bonus of dual controls on the queen and king sizes, so each person can individually control their own side of the blanket’s temperature. Kiss goodnight and sleep in comfort.   

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    Are You Concerned About Feeling Wires?

    Soft Heat Luxury Microfleece Blanket
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    Do you remember grandma’s electric blankets, so thick and uncomfortable it was impossible to get a good night’s sleep? While yesterday’s electric blankets had stiff, heavy wires – making the blankets uncomfortable -- today’s electric blankets have better technology, with thinner, more flexible wires. But if you are very sensitive, the Soft Heat Luxury Micro Fleece Blanket has wires so thin and flexible; you won’t even know they are there. The blanket is very soft and cushiony next to your skin, and the patented low-voltage technology makes the blanket one of the safest on the market. No hot or cold spots, just warm, comfortable luxury as you drift off to sleep. The blanket shuts off automatically after ten hours of use, and queen and king sizes have dual temperature controllers for two users. Machine wash and dry.

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    Do You Like to Curl Up on the Couch?

    Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket
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    If snuggling up on the couch with a good book is your idea of heaven, but you just need a little extra warmth on those chilly winter nights or frosty mornings, then the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw will keep you covered and warm as you reach for your coffee or turn the page. It’s just as useful for cuddling up to watch a movie or cheer on your favorite football team. Soft and snuggly, the polyester plush throw is just large enough to wrap around you comfortably, and has three temperature settings as well as an automatic shut-off after three hours use. It comes in a wide range of colors, including zebra print and various plaids. Machine wash and dry.

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    Do You Need Extra Heat in the Car?

    Heated fleece travel blanket
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    Road trips often begin before dawn, when it’s still cold and damp outside. If the car heater isn’t enough to chase away the chill, an electric blanket designed just for travel will keep you or your kids warm and comfortable as the miles fly by. The Heated Fleece Travel Blanket has an adapter for use with the 12-volt lighter outlet in your car or other vehicle. With a 7-foot-long cord, even kids in the back can cozy up and enjoy the ride. The blanket warms up within ten minutes, and is big enough to share in the backseat. The cheerful black and red plaid polyester fleece blanket is soft and comfortable, and has a safety timer with auto-shutoff. You never know, coziness this powerful might even cut down on the inevitable cries of, “Are we there yet?”

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    Do You Prefer a Heated Mattress Pad?

    Soft Heat Micro-Plush Heated Bed Pad
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    Unlike electric blankets, heated mattress pads are designed to be safely covered up with sheets and other bedding. They gently warm your mattress, radiating comfortable heat up to your body. The Soft Heat Micro-Plush Heated Bed Pad adds a layer of thick, plush comfort to your mattress. The wires are so thin you won’t even feel them, and the patented low-voltage technology makes the heated mattress pad safe even if it becomes wet. The pad warms up to your desired setting, then holds the temperature steady, so no more overheating to wake you up from a sound sleep. Dual controls on queen and king sizes let two bed partners set individual temperatures for each side of the bed. And if you forget to turn the pad off in the morning, the automatic shut-off will do it for you after ten hours of use.

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    Use Your Electric Blanket Safely

    While today’s electric blankets are safer than the one’s Grandma had, they still need to be used properly for optimal safety.

    • Replace an electric blanket more than ten years old. Older blankets are likelier to have faulty wiring, and did not have the safety features current models provide.
    • Only use a blanket that meets UL standards.
    • Your electric blanket should have an automatic shut-off in case the blanket overheats or is left on too long.
    • Never run the electric cord between the box springs and the mattress.
    • Electric blankets are not made for use under a comforter, quilt or bedspread. If you want to use a decorative spread over your bed, choose a heated mattress cover, which is designed to be underneath other linens.
    • Never use an electric blanket on an infant or young child, or on a person with impaired cognition, poor circulation or very sensitive skin.
    • Wash your blanket only according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not dry clean an electric blanket.
    • Unless designed for wrapping around your body, an electric blanket or mattress pad should be flat, with no balling or crumpling that could hold in excess heat.
    • Do not use pins or sharp objects on your electric blanket, and keep pets away.
    • Stop using your blanket if it develops scorch marks, becomes discolored, the cord frays or cracks, or the blanket starts to operate erratically.
    • Turn your blanket off when not in use.