What You Should Know Before Choosing Feng Shui Symbols

Know How to Choose Good Feng Shui Symbols for Your Feng Shui Applications

Tetra / MediaBakery

From my experience as a feng shui consultant, the level that creates a lot of confusion in many feng shui applications is the symbolic level.
Feng shui symbols have a rich, culturally specific history and meaning. Most of us are familiar with the look of many feng shui cures such as the three-legged toads, wind chimes, Chinese coins tied with a red string, the Gods of Wealth, etc.
If you grew up in China, or are very familiar with the Chinese culture, then using Chinese culturally specific symbols will work very well for you in your feng shui applications.
However, if you are from a different culture, and do not resonate with specific Chinese symbols, you should use the energy of symbols that you are familiar with; in other words, the symbols that you emotionally respond to.
What is very important to understand is that, in order for feng shui to work, you do not necessarily have to apply traditional Chinese feng shui symbols. The energy you need can be expressed in endless ways, and it is up to you (and your feng shui consultant) to choose the most powerful feng shui energy items.

The reason ​the symbolic level of feng shui works is because of the energy-specific symbols bring into your environment, as well as because of their connection with the subconscious level of your mind. The stronger your connection with these symbols, the better is their feng shui application in your space. Choose what you bring into your home wisely.