Chores for Toddlers

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    Little Helpers

    Mom having fun with her toddler
    Little Helpers. Kristina Hernandez/Moment/Getty Images

    I remember the little helper stage, mimicking everything mom, dad and older brothers and sisters do.  Little tasks given to toddlers to complete can raise their self-confidence.  The only payment needed is praise.  Let them know how much you appreciate their help.  Tell them how well they did a certain task.  But, please do not expect perfection.  Having them help with chores encourages and sets them up for self-care and satisfaction in a ​job well done.  I know you want to keep them little as...MORE long as possible, but this is really an important step to helping them grow up into wonderful adults that are confident in taking care of themselves and a home of their own one day.   

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    Laundry Chores

    Man and girl sorting laundry
    Laundry Helpers. Cultura RM Exclusive/Matelly/Cultura Exclusive/Getty Images

    There are so many ways that toddlers can help when it comes to getting the laundry done.  They can be a big help by gathering dirty laundry from around the house and bringing it to one place.  Once all of the laundry has been gathered, you can have them help by color sorting or sorting lights from darks.  Be sure to look for learning opportunities in everything you do.  When that task is complete, they can help load laundry into the washing machine, move laundry from the washer to the dryer and...MORE then even help fold and hang clothing on hangers.    

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    Picking up Their Toys

    Picking up toys
    Picking up toys. Getty Images

    A toddler can help with toy clean up; this can very easily be turned into a fun game.  Turn some music on, get a tote or a laundry basket and race around the house picking up toys to put into the tote or basket.  There should be a lot of laughter happening during this race to pick up toys.  Setting a timer can be extremely helpful in cleanup activities.  Get them to try to beat the clock!

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    Toddler Dusting
    Toddler Dusting. Getty Images

    Toddlers love to dust!  Clear some flat surfaces such as coffee tables and end tables and let them get to work.  Remember, perfection is not important.  You could even let them dust some unbreakable decor with a feather duster. 

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    Making Beds

    Woman making bed whilst toddler son playing
    Pauline St.Denis/Image Source/Getty Images

    Little ones love to help make beds.  Let them help to fluff pillows, straighten sheets and smooth out blankets.  They can do this for their own beds as well as help you with yours.  Be sure to throw in some tickle time!

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    Getting Dressed

    Getting Dressed
    Getting Dressed.

    I'm not sure that getting dressed falls under the normal topic of chores, but at the toddler age, I think it does.  Toddlers are usually able to put some of their clothes on with a little help from you.  This is easier for them if you have already laid out the clothing they are to wear for the day.