Christmas Caroling Party Ideas

Kids singing carols near the christmas tree
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What better way to spread the joy of the holiday season than through song? That’s the idea behind traditional Christmas caroling. It’s also the idea behind a Christmas caroling party for kids, where they can enjoy and share a little bit of that spirit themselves.This year, instead of throwing your usual Christmas kids' party, consider a caroling experience they won't soon forget. 


One fun idea for Christmas caroling with kids is to have them dress in costumes to look like some of the traditional, Victorian-era holiday singers, whose image has become synonymous with Christmas caroling.

To simplify this kind of costume, you can stick with just the period-style cloaks and hats.

Another idea that is more contemporary would be to ask everyone to wear the same color and supply Santa hats or matching scarves for all. You can even step this up a notch and buy your guests matching shirts that display the same holiday-themed logo or message. Or, use fabric markers to have them decorate their own shirts as a pre-caroling party activity.

The Christmas Carols

Before you take your party out to carol, choose a handful of holiday songs they can sing. For any other singing group activity, you might need to rehearse and learn lyrics, but since many Christmas carols are very well known, you can probably come up with a selection that your guests already have memorized. Since the majority of your carolers will be kids, try to go with popular kids’ favorites such as and .

Print the lyrics for the songs you choose, and hand them out to your little carolers so they can follow along if needed.

You may even want to make them into little booklets and have them decorate the covers as a party craft. Or, you can design the covers to say something cute that matches the theme of the party and let them take them home as keepsakes.

Review the songs you will be singing once or twice as a warm up and then head out for your caroling experience.

Hand Held Instruments

Provide some hand-held or toy instruments as a fun addition to your holiday group. Tambourines, triangles and jingle bells come to mind as simple instruments they can use to play along.

Door to Door Caroling

Door-to-Door is the traditional way to carol, so if you choose this option, remember to have enough adults in attendance to properly supervise the children. Stick to a neighborhood you know well, and maybe even call some friends and neighbors ahead of time to pre-arrange your caroling visit (the kids don’t have to know it isn’t all impromptu).

While caroling door-to-door, you can even play some fun guessing games with the kids. For instance, when you ring the doorbell, have them guess whether a man or woman will answer. If you hear a dog bark, challenge them to predict what breed it is. Kids who guess correctly can choose the first song to sing.

Another fun idea for the kids to enjoy is to bring along some kind of gift to give to the homeowners. Traditionally, carolers are rewarded by the homeowners with some kind of treat or a small amount of money, but what fun it is to flip that tradition and give each homeowner a candy cane or cookie! It’s a nice way to let the children experience the notion of “better to give than to receive.”

If you do choose to accept donations from the homeowners, perhaps you can collect them for a favorite charity or use the money to treat the kids to something fun after caroling, such as go out for a bite to eat or head to a coffee shop for hot cocoa.

Other Places to Carol

Not every caroling party has to go door-to-door. You can bring your party to spread joy at a nursing home or hospital. Another idea is to rent a community hall or go to a local park and carol where the public can come and listen in one place.

Other places to consider taking your caroling party is to places where workers devote their time to helping others, such as a food bank, church or firehouse.

Christmas Caroling Snacks

If you have an indoor location, serve cookies and hot cocoa (you can even have the kids gather to make the Christmas cookies as part of your party).

If you’re traveling door-to-door, a cute idea is to bring hot cocoa, coffee and light snacks, packed securely into a wagon. Dress-up the wagon with some holiday decorations and jingle bells.

Caroling Video

Have someone record the kids singing their Christmas carols. They will want to view it at the end of the party. You can also send them each a digital copy of the file so they may go back, watch and remember the great time they had.