Christmas Cookies Recipes

11 Delicious Christmas Cookies to Serve, to Share, or to Ship

These Christmas cookies are easy, delicious, and fit right in on any cookie plate or for any cookie exchange. Most of them have at least the option of using some whole grain - to delicious rather than heavy effect - and ship nicely if you want to send them to friends or family far away.

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    Bizcochitos. Photo © Molly Watson

    Bizcochitos are delicate anise-flavored sugar cookies dipped in cinnamon sugar. They are made and served throughout New Mexico. The dough creates a lovely crisp cookie that is easy to cut out and handle. If you'd rather decorate these from Christmas, simply add 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon to the dough and skip the dipping in cinnamon sugar – now you have a delicious twist on the traditional sugar cookie!

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    Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson
    Buckwheat flour is worth seeking out to create the distinctive sandy, yielding texture of these soft chocolate cookies. I think of them as a rather sophisticated take on chocolate crinkle cookies – perfect with a cup of coffee in the mid- to late-afternoon when I take a break from wrapping presents, trimming the tree, or, of course, baking cookies.
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    Fig Cookies

    Homemade Fig Cookies
    Homemade Fig Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    These little pocket cookies are like homemade Fig Newtons® - except the filling has currants, walnuts, and a bit of Christmas cheer from a bottle to give them a grown-up edge. Omit the alcohol, if you like, they are just as delicious.

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    Cacao Nib Pecan Meringues Cookies
    Cacao Nib Pecan Meringues Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    These little meringues are great to make at Christmas time – as long as you live somewhere dry! The meringue needs to "dry out" to cook, and those crisp and airy baked egg whites will soak up moisture from the air if they can. The arid winter air and indoor heating of the Northeast, Midwest, and Mountain States is the perfect environment for these cookies to last forever. If, however, you live somewhere where rain and humidity define winter weather, file this one away for when things dry...MORE up.

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    Chocolate Ginger Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    These crowd-pleasers are part soft chocolate cookie and part scrumptious and spicy ginger cookie - it's a case where the sum is greater than the parts. Chocolate Ginger cookies keep at least a week when stored in a cookie tin, and they're easy enough to simply whip up another batch if you run out (and you will!).

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    Gingerbread Man Cookies
    Gingerbread Man Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    This recipe for Gingerbread Men (or People or Santas or Reindeer!) is that perfect mix of great ginger flavor, dough that's easy to handle, a cookie that is both tasty enough to dig into and sturdy enough to hang on a tree. Don't forget to poke a hole in each cookie before baking if you want to use them as ornaments!

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    Pecan Cocoa Nib Cookies

    Pecan Cocoa Nib Cookies
    Pecan Cocoa Nib Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson
    Nuts from the fall harvest of pecans will make these Pecan Cocoa Nib Cookies extra tender and delicious on your Christmas cookie plate!
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    Peppery Chocolate Cookies

    Chocolate Chile Cookies
    Chocolate Chile Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson
    These soft chocolate cookies, flavored with cayenne and black peppers, will add a delightful kick to any cookie plate. They aren't "spicy" so much as mysterious.
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    Rye Sugar Cookies
    Rye Sugar Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    A little rye flour in traditional sugar cookies adds a great nutty flavor. These cookeis are common in Scandinavia and at my house, where they disappear every time I turn around.

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    Benne Wafers. Photo © Molly Watson
    These sesame seed cookies hail from South Carolina and are lovely with coffee or tea. Best of all, their nutty flavor and crisp texture travels extremely well, so pack them up and ship them as you will!
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    Walnut Snowball Cookies
    Walnut Snowball Cookies. Photo © Molly Watson

    Snowballs, tea cakes, wedding cookies... I don't care what you call these, just always make sure this beautiful, tempting cookies are around at Christmas. This recipe has the option of using some buckwheat flour in the dough – it actually enhances that sandy and delicate texture these cookies are famous for, so give it a try!