Christmas Decorating All Around the House

Don't Leave Any Room Unadorned

Modern Christmas decor
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Do you love Christmas decorations? Then don't leave any area undecorated. Get ideas for Christmas decorating every area of your home, inside and out!

Christmas Decorations for Your Home


  • Easy Ways to Add Christmas Sparkle to Your Home
    Get ideas here for quick and simple ways to add a festive look to your home without spending a lot of time or money.


  • Decorating Stairways
    See some elaborate and simple ideas for decorating your stairways with garlands. Here are some ideas for decorating a stair area without using traditional garlands.


  • Holiday Themes for Your Home, Tree, and Parties
    If you choose a decorating theme for your Christmas decor, you'll see a really unified look. See some of our ideas for decorating themes for your Christmas tree, home, or party table.


  • Place Settings That Sparkle
    Set a beautiful table for holiday feasting using some of the ideas here.


  • Top Picks for Christmas Dishes and Tableware
    See our choices of favorite holiday china and stoneware patterns. Choose from china or stoneware for the holiday celebrations in your home.


  • LED Christmas Lights
    Get information about using LED lights to decorate your home at Christmas. You'll find interesting information about how energy-efficient they are and how long they burn.


  • Design Basics for Christmas Decorating
    The basic principles of interior design don't stop at Christmas. Read about how to incorporate the basics of interior design into your Christmas decorating plans.


  • Christmas Color
    Find helpful and fun ideas on how to choose a color scheme for your Christmas decorating and how to use the colors in your holiday decor.

Decorating the Christmas Tree


  • Christmas Tree Decorating Tips
    Find information here on how many garlands to use for a tree, how to arrange the ornaments on a tree, how to choose a Christmas tree decorating theme, and much more.


  • Christmas Nosegays
    Tucking a nosegay into the branches of your Christmas tree is a great way to add color, fragrance, and texture, as well as fill in bare spots.


  • Christmas Tree Garlands
    A garland on your Christmas tree ties everything together. Read how to use garlands on your tree and find ideas on creating your own, inexpensive garlands.


  • Cheap or Free Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Yourself
    You don't have to spend a lot of money to have unique and fun decorations for your tree. Use our ideas and then get creating.


  • Focus on a Theme for Your Christmas Tree
    If you have a special interest or hobby, you might want to showcase it on your Christmas tree. See ideas on how to choose a theme for your Christmas tree, home decor, or Christmas party.

Find resources for Christmas decorating, ideas for make-it-yourself projects, and decorating how-tos.

After-Christmas Storage


  • Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations
    When Christmas is over and it's time to get back to basics, you might find these organization and storage tips helpful. Get your ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and other decorations organized for next year.

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