23 Christmas Door Decorations

Door with garland

stacyssavings / Instagram

Your front door is not just the entryway to your house—it sets the stage for your entire home. A well-decorated front door can add endless curb appeal, and if there's ever an excuse to go all out with your door decor, it's the holidays. A beautiful Christmas door can set the mood for your entire home and spread cheer all the way to the sidewalk.

Whether you're into minimalist design or you want to go big for Santa, here are some of our favorite Christmas front door decorations to DIY this year.

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    Go Traditional

    Door with silver and red wreath

    laurcarnow / Instagram

    Few things scream "Christmas" as much as a beautiful red and green wreath welcoming guests through your front door. A stunning oversized wreath with red and silver embellishments like this one from laurcarnow is the perfect way to add a lot of traditional Christmas charm to your front porch.

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    Add a Bow

    Blue door with wreath

    Kirsty Newall / Instagram

    We love this festive wreath from Kirsty Newall that features sugar-coated fruit, pinecones, and of course a green velvet bow to top it all off. Whether you DIY your wreath or buy it from a store, you can find one that fits your holiday spirit.

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    Keep It Simple With Holly

    Black door with red wreath

    Lauren Camille / Instagram

    This stunning modern farmhouse front door from Lauren Camille is everything we love about understated Christmas decor. The wreath made of holly is the perfect contrast to the stark black door. Top it off with simple greenery for a complete look.

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    Go for the Gold

    Gray door with gold wreath

    to have + to host / Instagram

    Gold is not just a trendy accent color—it's a great choice for decorating for Christmas. Check out this beauty from to have + to host that adds a ton of elegance and class to the front door. To copy this look, keep the rest of the decor simple, so the wreath can really shine.

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    Put a Bow on It

    Door with a red bow

    renbal / Instagram

    Don't just wrap presents this year, wrap your door, too. We love this charming door from renbal, which features an adorable red and green bow. This is a cute alternative to a traditional wreath while still adding a lot of Christmas spirit to your curb appeal.

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    Keep It Natural

    Pink door with wreath

    granite_and_gin / Instagram

    A holiday wreath doesn't have to be overly ornate to add Christmas charm to your front door. This lovely pink door from granite_and_gin features a dried floral wreath that works just as well in December as it does in January and February. A more minimal wreath like this is a great one to keep up all winter, too.

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    Bead It

    Beaded wreath on a black door

    Sword & Co. / Instagram

    If you want to add a bit of hygge to your front door, try this beautiful understated idea from Sword & Co. This wooden bead wreath is a perfect idea for a Scandi-inspired porch, but also works just as well in a modern farmhouse home.

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    Add Lights

    Black door with silver wreath

    housetohomeatlast / Instagram

    Give your door a little more warmth with white twinkle lights like these from housetohomeatlast. Christmas lights are a great way to add ambiance to your front door, and they work really well to elevate simple Christmas decor.

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    Go for Greenery

    Greenery wreath

    ourhome_upnorth / Instagram

    It's hard to think of a place in your home where greenery doesn't elevate the design. This neutral front door look from ourhome_upnorth features a simple but beautiful greenery wreath that works all season long.

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    Try Double Wreaths

    Brown double doors with wreaths

    Brittany J. Smith / Instagram

    If you have double doors, you have to double up on those wreaths. We love this front door look from Brittany J. Smith that features two elegant and simple Christmas wreaths. With two front doors, you can scale back on your Christmas decor and still create an elegant aesthetic.

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    Keep It Rustic

    Rustic door with simple wreath

    Em Homonoff / Instagram

    Can't you just imagine coming home to this cozy front door? This rustic Christmas decor look from Em Homonoff features an understated wreath that plays so well with the rest of the home's exterior. To get this cohesive of a look, choose a Christmas decor idea that won't clash with what you already have.

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    Try Blush

    Blush wreath on a door

    The Cactus Kiss / Instagram

    If you thought pink couldn't be festive, think again. This lovely dried wreath from The Cactus Kiss adds just a small touch of holiday spirit but really elevates the whole front door look.

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    Add Christmas Trees

    Red door with wreath

    jodie.thedesigntwins / Instagram

    What's better than a front door with a holiday wreath? A front door with Christmas trees and a holiday wreath. We love this red front door from jodie.thedesigntwins that features potted trees in various sizes to accompany the front door decor.

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    Go for Elegance

    Black door with simple wreath

    Laura Giuliani / Instagram

    There's just something about a sleek black door paired with greenery that feels so elegant. This holiday look from Laura Giuliani is the perfect choice for those who want to add a bit of cheer without going with all-out red and green.

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    Try a Dried Wreath

    Door with dried greenery

    marieke.marshall.home / Instagram

    Not only is this dried greenery wreath from marieke.marshall.home beautiful, but it will last year after year and can stay up all winter long.

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    Decorate With Bells

    Black door with garland

    Hannah Yoder / Instagram

    Why not ditch the wreath this year and try something new? We love this modern Christmas front door look from Hannah Yoder that features a string of jingle bells and a partial garland to give it just a touch of Christmas flair.

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    Consider a Hand-Painted Sign

    Door with merry christmas sign

    Alivia Johnson / Instagram

    This shabby chic Christmas door from Alivia Johnson is a lovely alternative to a traditional wreath. The hand-painted sign adds a cheery, welcoming vibe and is perfect for a country-inspired home.

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    Keep It Simple

    Door with minimal wreath

    Kaitlin Voglesong / Instagram

    This simple front door look from Kaitlin Voglesong features a minimalist wreath that you can easily DIY and customize to your own style.

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    Add Ribbon and Wreaths

    Door with ribbon and wreath

    ellie.enchanted.crafts / Instagram

    This classic Christmas front door from ellie.enchanted.crafts features a mix of ribbons and wreaths to add plenty of visual interest. Go for smaller wreaths and a coordinating ribbon to DIY this look.

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    Make a Wreath With Nuts

    Blue door with nut wreath

    Nicolette Lafonseca / Instagram

    We love decor made with found or foraged objects, so it's no surprise we can't get enough of this adorable nut wreath from Nicolette Lafonseca. Made with acorns and other nuts and seeds, this is a great natural option for your front door.

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    Go Minimal With Garlands

    Door with garland

    Emanuel M S Robinson / Instagram

    Sometimes the best things are the simplest ones. These double doors from Emanuel M S Robinson are outlined with a simple red and green garland that really gives it a classic look and feel.

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    Frame the Door

    Black door with garland

    Krissy Peterson / Instagram

    If you have a front door as adorable as this one from Krissy Peterson, you may not want to hang a wreath and cover it up. Instead, frame the door with a wonderfully oversized garland that plays well with the door's shape.

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    Add a Basket

    Door with basket

    stacyssavings / Instagram

    We love this cute basket idea from stacyssavings. Hang a wicker basket on your front door and fill it with greenery, pine cones, and holly for a twist on the traditional wreath.