Christmas Freebies for Everyone

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Christmas time is here and after you've shelled out money for gifts, food, and decorations, you're probably ready to stop spending money. I'm going to help you do just that with this list of Christmas freebies.

Below you'll find out how to get free Christmas cards, get your child a free letter from Santa, print out free Christmas coloring pages, print free tags for your gifts, print Christmas coloring pages and puzzles, and more.

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    Free Christmas Card Templates

    Spreading the joy
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    You'll find the best of the best free Christmas card templates here and they are all free. There's room for photos, your names, and a holiday greeting.

    Some traditional Christmas cards are all ready to print and be dropped in the mail.

    If you're looking to save some trees this year, I also have a list of some wonderful looking free Christmas ecards.

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    Free Letter From Santa

    Santa Claus in his living room reading children's letters
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    In just a few minutes you can create a personalized letter to your child from Santa.

    This is a wonderful gift to give a child at Christmas time and you'll love the big smile on their faces when Santa writes to them personally.

    I've also got the lowdown on how you can send a personalized video from Santa and even have Santa call your child.

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    Free, Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    Hands of girl wrapping Christmas present
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    You'll find a whole lot of printable Christmas gift tags here that can be printed from your computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.

    These free Christmas gift tags will save you money and get your gifts looking better than ever.

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    Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

    Dog watching girl coloring with markers in Christmas living room
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    You'll find links to thousands of free, printable Christmas coloring pages here.

    Print these out and have the kids spend those cold winter days inside coloring.

    If you're looking for more specific coloring pages, you can also see Christmas tree coloring pages and Santa coloring pages.

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    Free Christmas Party Invitations

    free printable Christmas invitation

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    Having a Christmas party this year? Take the first step in inviting your guests with these free, printable Christmas party invites.

    No need to go out and buy invitations when these free ones look so great.

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    Christmas Party Games That Won't Cost You a Cent

    Multi Generation Family Playing Game Of Charades As They Celebrate Christmas At Home Together
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    These Christmas party games are free to put on because they all use items that you already have on hand.

    You'll find free Christmas party games for the kids and everyone will like to play these printable Christmas bingo games at your next holiday party.

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    Christmas Word Search Puzzles

    A girl writing while holding a Christmas cookie.
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    Work that brain and take a break with these free Christmas word search puzzles. Included in the list are both printable and online word search puzzles.

    There are also free winter word search puzzles if you're looking for something a little more seasonal.

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    Free Christmas Sheet Music

    Midsection of woman teaching piano to daughter at home
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    If you're musically inclined then you are going to love this free Christmas sheet music.

    The Christmas sheet music here is for the piano, guitar, vocals, brass instruments, bells, and more.

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    Free Christmas Clip Art

    Stylized Christmas Tree, Ornaments, Candy Canes
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    You'll find thousands of Christmas clip art images that you can download all for free.

    You'll also be able to find free clip art of Christmas trees, Santa, and Christmas borders.

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    Printable Christmas Tree Templates

    Handmade Christmas ornament hanging on the Christmas tree
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    These free Christmas tree templates are fun for the kids to decorate or to use on whatever craft project you're busy creating.

    There are many sizes and shapes of templates here that will be perfect for whatever you're using them on.

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    Free Christmas Fonts

    Young woman at home
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    Choose any of these Christmas fonts for your holiday project to make it stand out from the rest.

    These Christmas fonts are all free to download and use.

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    Printable Christmas Stationery

    Writing a Christmas Card
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    Print out some free Christmas stationery to use for everything from newsletters to business letters.

    There are lots of different styles to choose from and they'll all free to download and print.

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    Printable Christmas Wish Lists

    Girl writing Christmas letter to Santa at dining table
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    The kids will especially love this Christmas freebie.

    These holiday wish lists templates will help them create their very own gift list.

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    Letter to Santa Templates

    Santa claus holding letter
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    These printable templates will help your child write a letter to Santa.

    There are tons of designs and letters geared for every age of the child.

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    Christmas Newsletter Templates

    Woman working with laptop at her desk covered with utensils for creating Advent wreaths, partial view
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    Create a family newsletter with these free templates. There's plenty of room for photos and events over the past year.

    These will go perfectly in the holiday cards you send out this year.