Christmas Games for Kids

Fun kids' games for your next holiday celebration

Playing games at Christmas
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Need some ideas for Christmas games for kids? Whether you’re hosting or helping to organize a Christmas party for kids at home, school, or church, here are some great ideas for games for kids. These holiday games are also excellent for family gatherings when kids of all ages are looking for ways to have fun. So gather the kids together, get your game face on, and get ready to have some fun!

Santa Trip

How to play: In this game, players sit in a circle. Each player takes a turn and names objects Santa will take on a trip. The first player starts by naming an object that begins with the letter "A," the second player repeats that object and then adds her own starting with the letter "B" and so on down the alphabet). You can make it challenging for older kids by picking a sub-category, such as things that you wear or objects that can fit into a sleigh.

Snowball Race

Materials needed: For this relay race game, you'll need some Styrofoam balls or balls of white yarn and spoons.

How to play: Players divide into teams. Each player takes a turn balancing the Styrofoam ball on a spoon and carrying it from one end of the room to the other. The team that finishes first wins.

illustration of christmas games for kids
Illustration: Kelly Miller. © The Spruce, 2018

Pass the Parcel

Materials needed: Presents wrapped in many layers. (Note: Choose small gift items like fun stocking stuffers so that you can use less paper. You can also use newspapers or re-use old gift wrap. But avoid using tissue paper since it tears too easily and kids may have a hard time removing just one layer.)

How to play: Much like musical chairs, this game uses music to signal when players should pass the parcel to the next player. The person who is holding the present when the music stops gets to take a layer of wrapping off the gift. The person who unwraps the last layer gets the present. (The adult who is playing the music should make sure each child has the music stop at his or her turn so that he or she gets to remove at least one layer of gift wrap.)

Variations of the game: For younger children, who may be less patient than older kids, it is a good idea to include small gifts in each layer of wrapping so that each child gets a gift and the game goes faster.

Gift Wrap Relay

Materials needed: Two gift-wrapped boxes of the same size, pre-cut wrapping paper, tape. Hint: To make it easier for kids, avoid using ribbons or bows and simply stick to wrapping paper.

How to play: Players divide into teams. One player on each team starts by unwrapping the wrapped box at a gift-wrapping station where pre-cut gift wrap and tape are set up. Then they re-wrap the box and race back to the next person in line. That person then runs to the wrapping station and unwraps and re-wraps the box again. Players take turns until one team finishes first.