5 Golden Rings: 12 Days of Christmas Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross Stitch Patterns Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas is a holiday traditional song that dates back to 1780. It has its roots in English caroling but some seem to believe that the song originated in France and is older than the English version. The actual first day of Christmas is on Christmas day and goes for 11 more days. Many think that each day has a significant meaning more than just what the lyric is. Also, several of the items seem to have been replaced or switched around throughout the years. 

If your singing voice...MORE isn't the best, why not stitch up the twelve days. Below is a small sampling of various 12 days from traditional to whimsical. 

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    It's a Small 12 Days of Christmas

    Satsuma Street

     One of the cutest samples of the 12 Days of Christmas is by Satsuma Street. This patterns screams of design influences by Disney's Small World artist Mary Blair. You can stitch this pattern up individually or as one large piece. It would be a great way to have a 12 day advent calendar. This pattern also has a fun Scandinavian feel to it. The colors and style are sure to brighten up any winter night. You can see this pattern and other holiday themed patterns in their Etsy store here. 

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    The Frosted Pumpkin

     The Frosted Pumpkin is well known for their Kawaii style patterns. Any household items becomes super cute when a little sweet face is drawn on it. They have created a 12 Days of Christmas pattern that is too adorable and will not disappoint the Kawaii fan. Once again, you can stitch up each day individually or as a complete sampler. The sampler does have a gorgeous filigree border to it. Whatever you choose, is totally up to you. You can find the pattern for instant download after purchase here....MORE 

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    123 Cross Stitch

    Primitive style, even in regards to Christmas patterns, is very haunting.  This pattern from Little House Needleworks has an interesting twist on the famous song. They have used the lyrics as part of the actual pattern and the border is the imaginary from the song. This pattern is so subtle that it can be left out all year long. It would look beautiful in a sun room with a Christmas cactus next to it. This pattern is for purchase at 123 Cross Stitch. 

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    Jim Shore

     Jim Shore is well known for his Disney statues that incorporate quilt patterns and small details in tiny spaces. His Christmas designs are equally as stunning. This pattern for the 12 Days of Christmas includes a large St. Nick holding court to all of the gifts. The quilt behind Santa ties in Jim Shore's signature design. This pattern is a little hard to find on the 1st run market. You can find it on Ebay and Etsy through independent sellers. 

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    123 Cross Stitch

    Did you know the line from the song was 4 Colly Birds? What the heck is a Colly bird? A Colly bird is an old English term for Blackbird.  Colly birds was later changed to Calling Birds in the United States due to the fact that no one knew what a Colly Bird was. You will still hear some versions of the song using this term but because they sound so similar it is hard to tell which version is being used. Cottage Garden Sampling has a pattern giving tribute to the old English version of Colly Birds...MORE with their pattern. They also offer patterns for the other items in the song. These patterns are meant to be stitched separately but with a little imagination, you could piece them together. 

The 12 Days of Christmas is a holiday song that has stood the test of time. It has been past down for generations. Hopefully, the 12 Days of Christmas cross stitch patterns that you stitch up will also be around for years and become a family heirloom. Stitch the patterns together or separate for a beautiful tribute to the holiday season.