14 Christmas Mantels to Inspire Your Holiday Decorating

There's nothing like an eye-catching focal point to set the tone for your holiday decorating. Since mantels are natural focal points they should be your first step in decorating your home for the holidays. Don't know what to do? Don't worry - let these beautiful mantel ideas inspire you to create one of your own!

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    Country Christmas Mantel

    Country Christmas Mantle
    Casual country Christmas mantel. Paul Viant / Getty Images

    A country Christmas evokes memories of days gone by. Achieve it in your own home by using classic greenery, a selection of special ornaments, and knit stockings.

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    Simple Family Christmas Mantel

    Simple Family Christmas Mantel
    Family Christmas mantel. Brooke Slezak / Getty Images

    A few classic decorations and colorful Christmas stockings speak to the fun family atmosphere created in this room. Christmas cards and a few wrapped gifts add to the festivity!

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    Rustic Christmas Mantel

    Rustic Christmas Mantel
    Evan Sklar / Getty Images

    If over-the-top Christmas decorations aren't your style, you can still create a festive look with simple items found in nature. This mantel looks exceptionally pretty decorated with a few pinecones, candles, and a sparse green wreath.

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    Rustic Country Christmas Mantel

    Rustic Country Christmas Mantle
    Bragi Thoe Joseffson / Getty Images
    Simple holiday decorations are enhanced by a natural evergreen wreath and compliment the rustic lodge vibe of this room. In a simple room it's important to keep the holiday decor simple too so that it doesn't overwhelm the space.
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    Fresh and Sophisticated Holiday Mantel

    Fresh and Sophisticated Holiday Mantle
    Dana Gallagher / Getty Images

    Sometimes less is more, particularly when there is a vibrant wall color in the room (like this mint!). This holiday mantel looks perfect dotted with candles and small gold decorations, and bookended by large yellow floral arrangements.

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    Classic Christmas Mantel

    Classic Christmas Mantle with Stockings
    David Sucsy / Getty Images

    Who needs trends when classic red is so perfect? This timeless Christmas mantel finds simplicity in the traditional, and looks just as good now as it would have decades ago.

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    Fun and Colorful Christmas Mantel

    Fun and Colorful Christmas Mantle
    Evan Sklar / Getty Images

    In the middle of winter a colorful display will cheer up even the coldest of rooms. Pink, purple, lime green and yellow look right at home paired with a traditional pine wreath and garland.

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    Contemporary Holiday Mantel

    Contemporary White Christmas Mantle
    Image Source / Getty Images

    This contemporary mantel gets its holiday sparkle from a collection of glass candlesticks, a few small ornaments, and oversize Christmas stockings.

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    Old Fashion Christmas Mantel

    Old Fashion Christmas Mantle with Rocking Horse
    Melissa Ross / Getty Images

    The holidays tend to bring out the nostalgia in all of us, and this vintage-inspired mantel is nothing if not nostalgic! Containers filled with Christmas candies are both festive and fun, and the old-style rocking horse just adds to the look.

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    Purple Mantel Decorations

    Purple Mantle Decorations
    Miki Duisterhof / Getty Images

    You don't need a fireplace to have a mantel, and you don't need traditional colors to achieve a festive look. This holiday mantel is super festive and there's no green, red or gold in sight!

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    Traditional Fruit-Filled Christmas Mantel

    Fun and Colorful Christmas Mantle
    Miki Duisterhof / Getty Images

    A mantel decorated with fruit is both festive and economical. This holiday mantel has mixed lemons and clementines with classic greenery and ornaments to create a traditional and colorful vignette.

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    Christmas Mantel with Greenery and Lights

    Christmas Mantle with Greenery and Pinecones
    Spaces Images / Getty Images

    This stone mantel already has quite a bit of detail and texture to it, so adding Christmas ornaments might have been a bit too much. In this case the lush greenery and twinkle lights were more than enough to create a dramatic holiday focal point.

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    Christmas Mantel with Poinsettias

    Traditional Christmas Mantle
    Siri Stafford / Getty Images

    Poinsettias are the official flower of the holiday season and if you want a tradtional look be sure to include a few. Rather than displaying them in the pots they come in, try putting the blooms in silver mint julep cups or other pieces of vintage silver.

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    Easy, No-Fuss Christmas Mantel

    Classic Christmas Mantle with Garland
    tomprout / Getty Images

    If spending time decorating the mantel isn't your thing, toss up a wreath, lay down a garland, and call it a day. There are plenty of garlands that come pre-lit so you don't even have to  take that extra step.

When decorating a mantel, whether it's for the holidays or not, be sure to keep it within the style of the room. As the room's focal point it should enhance everything else around it.