13 Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Party Games for Kids That Use What You Already Have

Christmas presents and stringed popcorn garland

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These Christmas party games for kids are perfect for a school party or a family get together where there are going to be lots of kids. The best part about these Christmas party games is that they only use items that you already have. That means you don't have to go out and spend your hard-earned cash on items you probably won't ever use again.

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    Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Game

    stringed popcorn and wrapped presents

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin 

    The kids will love this Christmas party game in which they race to recreate a stack of gifts. All you need to play is some empty boxes, leftover gift wrap, and two chairs. Participants split into two teams and race against each other to carry stacks of gifts between the chairs without dropping any presents.

    Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Game from Party Game Ideas

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    Jingle Bell Toss Game

    A group of red cups and jingle bells.

    Playground Parkbench

    This Christmas party game for the kids challenges them to toss jingle bells into colorful cups. You can easily modify this game for kids of all ages by varying the distance of the cups from where they throw.

    Jingle Bell Toss Game from Playground Parkbench

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    Snowman Slam

    Styrofoam cups made into snowmen.

    Growing a Jeweled Rose

    You'll just need a few supplies, which you probably already have on hand for this Christmas party game: white cups, construction paper, and rolled-up socks. Decorate each cup with a snowman face and then stack them in a tower. The kids take turns throwing the rolled-up socks to the tower to see how many snowmen they can knock over.

    Snowman Slam from Growing a Jeweled Rose

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    Christmas Charades Game

    Family on Christmas
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    Put a Christmas spin on a basic game of charades by making all the phrases about Christmas and the holiday season. This free printable will help you out with quite a few ideas for Christmas charade clues. Just print it, cut the clues apart, and place it in a container so guests can pick one to act out.

    Christmas Charades Game from Moms & Munchkins

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    Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest

    Sister and brother making cookies at christmas
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    Kids love to decorate cookies, so turn it into a contest. Cookie-decorating can be a messy activity, it's an easy one that the kids can jump right into. Give out awards for the prettiest, most creative, most colorful, and best-tasting cookies—though everyone's a winner when they get to enjoy these sweet treats.

    Kid-Friendly Christmas Cookies Almost Too Cute to Eat from Parents

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    Christmas Bingo

    Math development
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    Bingo is a fun game for all ages, but creating your own cards can be time-consuming, given that each of them have to be different. Print out these printable bingo cards, and you'll have an instant Christmas party game that didn't cost you anything to put together.

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    Find Santa's Reindeer

    Rudolf. A handmade Christmas ornament in girl hand
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    Set up a fun scavenger hunt in which the kids search for Santa's reindeer, which you've hidden around the party space. Depending on the age of the children you have at the party, hide the reindeer in easy-to-spot locations or tuck them away to make them more difficult to find. The game suggests hiding small reindeer figurines, but you can make reindeer for free by using printable reindeer coloring pages.

    Find Santa's Reindeer from Party Game Ideas

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    Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

    Gifts in christmas stocking

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    To play this game, fill a large stocking with items around the house, and then the kids guess what's in the stocking. The items in the stocking should be Christmas-themed, such as ornaments, pinecones, and bows. The guest who guesses the most items wins a prize.

    Christmas Stocking Guessing Game from Party Game Ideas

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    Christmas Memory Tray Game

    Adorable little girl opening christmas gift
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    This Christmas party game for kids will help keep their minds sharp as they try to recall items that were placed before them. There are two more variations to this game: One in which you ask specific questions about the items, and the other one in which you trick the kids into what exactly they were supposed to remember.

    Christmas Memory Tray Game from Party Game Ideas

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    Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph

    Christmas Girl
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    "Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph" is a silly take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which kids will absolutely love. This free printable game includes the face and a whole bunch of noses, so each child can have their turn.

    Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph from Untumble

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    Santa Says

    Three children hanging up Christmas stockings on a fireplace
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    Santa Says is a fun take on that classic game Simon Says that's a great way to end a Christmas party for kids. Be sure to include things that Santa would do such as delivering presents, sliding down the chimney, and reading a Christmas wish list.

    Santa Says from The Resourceful Mama

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    Gift Wrap Relay

    Brothers wrapping up presents for christmas
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    How fast can kids wrap a present? You'll find out in this gift wrap relay. Split the group into teams, then have them race to wrap a present. The first round should be an easy-to-wrap present, such as a box. Gradually make the presents harder to wrap without ripping the paper.

    Gift Wrap Relay from Party Game Ideas

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    Mitten Munch Relay

    Blue striped mittens on string
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    Here's another relay Christmas game for kids: Each child puts on a pair of mittens and then unwraps a small piece of candy while wearing them—it's harder than it sounds! This game can work by dividing the kids into teams or having each guest participate individually.

    Mitten Munch Relay from Party Game Ideas