Christmas Snow Globe Needlepoint Designs

Make 2 Beautiful Needlepoint Snow Globes to Give or Keep

It would be difficult to find needlepoint projects much easier to make than these two Christmas snow globe patterns. Because they are small and easy to finish, the fun projects are just the right size to fashion into small needlepoint pillows to adorn your home for the Christmas holidays or as pincushions for gifts you will enjoy giving or keeping for yourself.

Each snow globe has its own color scheme; however, you can change the schemes as often as you like to fit your decorating taste.

The...MORE patterns are also obvious ways to use up some of those thread odds and ends you’ve accumulated over a lifetime of working needlepoint projects. Beginners can take advantage of these leftovers to work one or both of the designs in colors they have already collected. Needlepointers who have a great deal of experience can indulge their passion for textured and novelty threads by using them to work stunning effects in this needlepoint project.

Within each design is an area where you can personalize the snow globe with a needlepoint monogram or name. Choose an easy cross stitch or needlepoint alphabet that fits small spaces and chart it first on graph paper to get the proper spacing before stitching.

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    This striking 7.14-inch by 8-inch needlepoint design features a single white Christmas tree on a snowy night.

    The serene design is fashioned for experimentation with various needlepoint stitches to customize the project. The finished piece may not look exactly as the pattern, which is charted for tent stitches; but the original needlework you create will give you much pleasure.

    Stitch the project in the order you find most convenient. You may want to finish the entire tree motif first and then...MORE stitch the inner background, followed by the outer fill area. Or, simply work from the center of the canvas outward, filling in the needlepoint design and following the chart for color and stitch placements.

    Cotton embroidery floss as well as Persian wool yarn can be used to stitch the design. If you plan to enlarge the needlepoint project, make sure to buy extra thread to keep from running out in the middle of the stitching.

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    The 7.14-inch by 7.86-inch needlepoint pattern is a bit large for a Christmas tree ornament; but would make a great holiday stand-up figure that can accessorize a small table or corner nook.

    To enlarge the project, try using a larger canvas mesh, and include additional strands of thread in the tapestry needle for stitching. You can work the needlepoint design with fine threads like stranded silk, or thick threads like tapestry yarn. Just make sure the thread you use matches the canvas mesh or...MORE your needlework will be badly distorted.

    The way the simple design is charted makes it easy to work the outline of the snowman first; and then fill in the inner background around it to avoid having to work all of it at the end.

    Although, traditionally the snowman is worked in white, you may wish to use the lightest shade of gray or off-white to make the snowman motif stand out. Remember, that when working with a needlepoint chart, each square on the graph represents a stitch.

    Don’t forget to add your name or initials and the date you completed the project in a lower corner to record your stitching progress.

    When you have completed stitching, look over the entire piece to check for missed stitches and loose threads. Go back and work them before preparing the needlepoint for finishing.

    Block the needlework to smooth out the stitches and straighten the canvas back into shape. It will make the needlepoint look fresh, new and professional.

Do your own finishing into a decorative pillow or fancy pincushion (pincushions are just tiny pillows, after all). You do not have to be a professional finisher to make the snow globes into stunning needlepoint pillows. If you know how to use a sewing machine and can sew a straight stitch well, you can make a pillow that you will be proud of and save some money while doing so!