22 Pretty Christmas Table Decorations and Settings

Christmas table setting

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Whether you're hosting a large group this holiday season or just want to add a bit of festive cheer to your dining table, there are endless ways to decorate a Christmas table. From beautiful modern looks to sparkle and glam, there's an easy holiday table for every taste.

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    Elegant and Classic

    Birch and red table setting including foliage and chair decorations.
    Pink Peonies by Rachel Parcell

    Add charm and elegance with the color of the season. This red tablescape uses foliage—like this birch and berry branch centerpiece from Pink Peonies by Rachel Parcell; you can also make your own.

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    Woodsy and Rustic

    Rustic table setting with green foliage and place settings.
    Lauren McBride

    Whether or not you plan on setting a formal table this year, these tree trunk chargers from Lauren McBride are a whimsical and rustic way to bring the outside in. You can find wood slices at any craft store—just aim for one larger than your dinner plates (a standard charger is 11 to 14 inches). Pair the chargers with greenery and linen, and you'll have a holiday look you can repurpose all year long.

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    Simple and Festive

    A Christmas table display with red table runner.
    DIY Home Health

    A centerpiece is often considered the glue that holds a great dining table together. This super easy DIY from DIY Home Health requires only a few items and makes a big splash. Round up a rustic reclaimed wood box, some holly or other greenery, and a few simple candles to create this look.

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    Musical and Vintage

    Several Christmas trees made from music sheets

    Though these adorable vintage sheet music Christmas trees from Lyckoslanten can work as festive decor all around the house, you can use them as name card holders during a large family get together. This simple DIY just takes a few sheets of music cut into triangles, a small slice of wood, and an extra-long toothpick. Place one at each plate or scatter them in the center for a lovely and classy table setting.

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    Simple and Elegant

    Aerial view of red Christmas plates and glassware.
    theletteredj / Instagram

    Red is the color of the season, so there's no better choice when setting your table than to use Santa's favorite shade. These simple-yet-beautiful hand-decorated plates from theletteredj are a great inspiration for any dining table. If you're not a skilled calligrapher, use a gold or silver marker to add snowflakes, Christmas trees, or bows to any standard red plate. 

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    Minimal and Natural

    Place setting with rocks and ferns.
    Becky Rose/ Pinterest

    This stunning place setting uses simple dinnerware and linens to create a calming, minimalistic scene. Notice the of a rock to place name tags at each setting. A simple metallic permanent marker is all you need to take a blah table and turn it into something photo-worthy.

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    Floral and Festive

    Table with gold-plated glassware and a vase of pink peonies.

    A floral-inspired look may not seem like the most obvious Christmas choice, but some decor can bucks trends. This gorgeous and airy table setting from Designthusiasm draws on pinks, golds, and peonies, using Christmas ornaments and faux flowers to finish the look. If you don't have any ornate goblets, head to a thrift store or flea market for a set of Midas-approved table accessories.

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    Spicy and Subtle

    Cinnamon stick resting on a folded napkin for a Christmas table.
    Julie Blanner

    There's just something about the subtle scent of cinnamon that can make you feel festive and warm. This minimalist plate setting from Julie Blanner uses a simple cinnamon stick to give a standard white plate and linen napkin a Christmas feel. Bonus points if you use the cinnamon stick for a holiday cocktail after.

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    Graphic and Bold

    Christmas place setting with gold silverware and bird-adorned plate.
    Home Stories A to Z

    If you tend to stick to neutrals and subtle decor, Christmas is the time to add some color and fun to your look. Check out the Twelve Days of Christmas salad plates from Home Stories A to Z, which are cute enough to make your guests smile, but classy enough to ensure Grandma still approves. If you do decide to mix in some Santa-inspired dinnerware, keep the rest of the look subtle, so it doesn't overpower the rest of your decor.

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    Modern and Rustic

    Table setting with pine cones on the folded napkins atop dinner plates.
    City Farmhouse

    Pine cones are versatile as a decor accessory, and—importantly—easy to find lying around your yard. This modern, rustic look from City Farmhouse invokes the great outdoors in a charming and easy-to-mimic way, all using what mother nature provides for free. Gather a few pine cones (or send your kids to do the work!) and place them around your Christmas table for a woodsy, wintery look. Pair with a tartan tablecloth and a vase of greenery.

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    Fun and Simple

    White and clear ornamental centerpiece surrounded by large pine cones.
    Shanty 2 Chic

    If you want a centerpiece that will wow your guests and earn you major creativity points, this DIY ornament piece from Shanty 2 Chic is a great choice. All you need are a few different-sized lengths of plywood and some matching ornaments, and you'll have a modern statement piece for a table or buffet.

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    Adorable and Simple

    Wooden table with six snowmen placesettings.
    Creatively Inspired / Pinterest

    Christmas is all about embracing your inner kid, so why not create a fun and festive holiday table the whole family will love? This incredibly simple but totally adorable snowman table setting takes just a few minutes to arrange and can be done with pieces you already own. Pair a few other fun snowman crafts for a Frosty-approved holiday.

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    Whimsical and Stylish

    Woman holding a miniature wreath placecard.
    Camille Styles

    When you have a big family, assigned seating is a great way to keep the peace at the dinner table. And thanks to this whimsical mini-wreath idea from Camille Styles, your guests will be so impressed by your style they won't complain about being seated next to Aunt Mildred. This easy DIY uses rosemary sprigs, which will keep your table smelling delightfully fresh.

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    Traditional and Plaid

    Plaid table decor with votive in a vase and greenery.
    Carla Ellis / Pinterest

    While plaid is a look that works all year and not just at Christmas, you can't help but think of the holidays when you see this traditional checkered pattern. Grab an old plaid or tartan scarf and repurpose it as a table runner this year.

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    Upscale and Classy

    Long table with gold placesetts and reindeer centerpieces.
    Inspired by This

    Modern Christmas decor is very popular right now, and this gold Christmas table from Inspired by This embraces both modern and traditional aesthetics. The blend of classic gold chargers and white plates with geometric terrariums and rose gold figurines give this table an upscale and classy look with a fresh, contemporary twist.

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    Classic and Traditional

    Red Christmas table setting with red napkins and greenery centerpiece.
    Margarida Fernandes / Pinterest

    Feel free to ditch trends this year and go with a classic, time-tested holiday table. This lovely holly inspired look is both nostalgic and beautiful.

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    Moody and Gorgeous

    Wooden table with black-themed table setting.
    Abbie Mae / Pinterest

    Who says black can't be festive? This moody and romantic Christmas setting is the perfect way to stage a romantic holiday date for two. Pair dark purple or black plates with a few candles and some evergreen garland, and you'll have a table even the Grinch will love.

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    Recycled and Charming

    White bottles with festive yellow and red branches surrounded by pine cones and lights.
    Michelle Smith / Pinterest

    Before you toss those old wine bottles, clean them out and spray paint them to create a winter wonderland centerpiece. Add some berry sprigs and pine cones and a few candles (battery-powered ones work well here) for a warm and cozy traditional setting.

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    Stunning and Natural

    Table with lit candles, greenery, and place settings.
    Jar Store / Pinterest

    Greenery is a common holiday decoration element, and it's used to stunning effect on this upscale holiday table. Place a handful of ivy, eucalyptus, or rosemary in bud vases throughout your table, and you won't even need a defining centerpiece.

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    Woodsy and Adorable

    Table decor for Christmas with children's table.
    100 Layer Cake-let

    The adults in your family may fight over who gets to sit at the kids' table this year when they see how adorable your place settings are. This cute kids' table idea from 100 Layer Cake-let uses compostable bamboo dinnerware and reindeer DIY cups (a little construction paper, and you're good to go) to set a woodsy scene.

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    Delicious and Beautiful

    White kitchen and table decorated for Christmas with mini bundt cakes.
    Shades of Blue Interiors

    When your food is this beautiful, you have to incorporate it into your table decor. If you bake something as stunning as these mini bundt cakes from Shades of Blue Interiors, use them. Center your holiday table around a gorgeous dessert for an easy and tasty look.

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    Unique and Whimsical

    Apothecary jars used as a centerpiece.
    Home With Holliday

    Terrariums and apothecary jars are perfect, especially when it comes to dioramas. Adding a bit of fake snow and a few whimsical holiday animals turn these simple jars into a stunning centerpiece, as shown by Home With Holliday.