Christmas Teddy Bear Needlepoint Charts

Hang These Loveable Teddy Bear Needlepoint Ornaments on Your Tree

These cute Christmas needlepoint teddy bears can be stitched by beginners and experts alike who enjoy the thrill of working a needlepoint project from scratch. When completed, all you have to do is block and sew them into tree ornaments, mini pillows or stuffed toys.

The easy needlepoint pieces can be mounted in picture frames for two delightful scenes that children as well as adults will be unable to resist. They are also ideal for pre-finished needlepoint accessories like wallets, luggage tags...MORE and keepsake boxes with blank canvas inserts. The only caution is to make sure that the Christmas bear design you pick fits into the stitching area.

Basic Needlepoint Supplies Needed

To get started, all you need is your choice of mesh size mono needlepoint canvas, Persian Wool, and a few basic needlework supplies to make these fun simple Christmas teddy bears. You should experiment and feel free to improve on the needlepoint designs if you think your changes will make the results look better.

Vary the size of the bears by simply adjusting the background fill area. Make it larger or smaller by working more or fewer rows of background stitches around the bear needlepoint motifs.

After printing the needlepoint charts, keep in mind that they will not be in the same proportions as the mesh size of your needlepoint canvas. That’s why it is important that you count out each stitch and match it to the appropriate area of the canvas.

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    Christmas Gift Bear Needlepoint Pattern

    Gift Teddy Bear Needlepoint Pattern
    Gift Teddy Bear Needlepoint Pattern. Althea R. DeBrule

    This adorable teddy bear wears a Christmas cap, scarf and mittens. He holds a large gift for someone special. The 5.36-inch by 7.43-inch needlepoint design makes a cute stuffed toy for a little girl or boy.

    The needlepoint pattern is charted in traditional teddy bear brown and Christmas red and green colors. You can change these colors if you want to, according to your own taste and imagination. Download the free needlepoint chart to start stitching.

    Use a tapestry needle suitable for the thread...MORE you’ve selected. These needles come in different sizes and lengths; so be sure to choose one with a large enough eye for easy threading, as well as one that feels comfortable in your hand.

    Choose specialty needlepoint stitches like French Knots or other textured ones to make the teddy bear’s fur look three-dimensional. When stitching, try to establish a relaxed even rhythm and don’t pull the thread too tightly. All needlepoint stitches should be placed in the same direction, unless you are using a decorative stitch technique that requires different directions.

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    Christmas Guard Bear Needlepoint Design

    Guard Teddy Bear Needlepoint Chart
    Guard Teddy Bear Needlepoint Chart. Althea R. DeBrule

    This cute little fella stands on guard duty dressed in military regalia with a large Christmas candy cane. He’s ready to be stitched in a way that’s comfortable and pleasurable for you!

    If you decide to work the 5.36-inch by 7.43-inch needlepoint design without furry or textured threads or specialty needlepoint stitches, use basketweave, wherever possible, and make sure to lay the threads untwisted and flat with an even stitching rhythm.

    Although stitching tension will vary by needlepointer, it...MORE should never be so loose that the thread snags or so tight that the canvas scrunches.

    For small areas of the design, work the continental stitch either vertically or horizontally, whichever is best; but watch out for canvas distortion. Get the Guard Teddy Bear Needlepoint Pattern and make several color copies before choosing supplies or stitching.

Do not use knitting yarn if you can help it because knitting yarn does not stand up well to repeated pulls through the canvas, and can catch on stiff canvas mesh causing it to stretch. When all stitching is done, hold the needlepoint up to the light to make sure that the canvas is completed covered. Trim and anchor any loose threads and block and finish into the desired item.