14 Christmas Themes with Snow, Santas, Angels, and Color

Decorate Your Home or Party With These Themes

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With a chill in the air, it's natural to think of snow and sparkles, lush and lovely decorations. For each theme, we've listed some items you can use to decorate with this theme.


  • Snowflakes
    Cut out delicate paper snowflakes, find Swedish straw snowflakes, cut garlands of snowflakes, hang tin icicles, sprinkle with artificial show, and find snowflake decorations and ornaments. Enhance with white or silver balls.
    See photos of a Snowflake theme.


  • Snowmen
    Find snowman ornaments, cut pictures from magazines, sprinkle with artificial snow, and use sparkling white and silver leaves or branches to fill bare spots. Hang clear or tin icicles for more chill.


  • Santas
    Jolly Old St. Nick can be found everywhere and he's a favorite for decorating for parties, trees, and rooms for good reason. Find Santa faces, red and white hats, sleighs, reindeer, presents, cutouts of "Ho Ho Ho," and ornaments in Santa figures. See photos of a Santa decorating theme.


  • Penguins
    With the great popularity of new movies featuring penguins, this is a natural. Find little penguin figures, top hats, blue vests, garlands of tiny snowballs, lots of snowflakes and you'll be transported to chilly climes.


  • Ice Skating
    For a fun winter scene, collect miniature sweaters, ice skates, scarves, and small snowflakes. If you have real ice skates that you want to display, be sure they're securec carefully to the strong branches of the tree.


  • Skiing or Snowboarding
    Popular winter sports are a perfect theme for decorating a family room or teen's bedroom. Collect old skis and boots and weave greenery and bows through to connect them and create a display of winter fun. Find miniature items for a coordinating Christmas tree.


  • Angels
    Cut angel shapes, find cherub and harp ornaments, tuck in white silk flowers and sheer ribbon bows. Make a garland of lace ribbons and tulle. Use silver, gold, porcelain, or pearl tones for a unified color scheme or use a variety of colors and tie them together with a delicate garland, bows, or filler flowers.
    See photos of an Angel decorating theme.


  • Metallic Touches
    Use metallic ribbons for a garland, gold, jewel tone, and silver ornaments in any shape or size, tin or crystal hanging icicles, shimmering fabric or an embroidered scarf for a tree skirt, and beaded decorations.


  • Beads
    Find interesting beads at a bead store or collect jewelry you're not using. String the beads together into garlands and hanging ornaments or add jeweled embellishments to ornaments in your collection.


  • Sun, Moon, Stars
    Collect sun, moon, and star shapes or cut them from metallic papers. For greatest effect use silver, gold, and sparklng white. Add a garland of stars or metallic shapes.
    See photos of a Sun, Moon, and Stars theme.


  • Velvet
    Find matte finished ornaments or spray paint a flat, matte paint on what you hve. Embellish with velvet textured decorations, velvet flowers, add a garland of wide velvet ribbon, and fill in with clusters of velvet or silk flowers.


  • Silver and Gold
    Cover the tree or garland with shiny ribbons, gold and silver ornaments, frosty crystal icicles, and crystal embellished ornaments and beads. Bring sparkle to your table in lace settings and serving pieces.
    See photos of a Silver and Gold theme.


  • Red
    Use bright red as a compliment to any gold or silver theme. Choose shades from cherry red to the deepest burgundy. Enhance with bows, ribbons, metallic embellished garlands, natural holly branches, silk flowers or fresh stems kept in vials of water.


  • Jewel Tones
    Find feathers, small frames, ornaments, and beaded garlands in turquoise, purple, fuschia, and lime green. This theme works well for a contemporary setting or for a teen girl's room. Choose colors that bring out the decorating in the room.


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