60 Beautiful and Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

decorated Christmas tree

The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

It's that time of year again where you take out your faux tree (or pick out your real tree) and all your Christmas tree decorations you've collected over the years. Every year, it's likely the same decorations and you decorate the exact same way. There's nothing wrong with tradition, if you're ready to change things up this holiday season, we're here to guide you on how to choose a new theme, pick out a color palette you love, or simply pick a new layout for all your decorations.

Below, we share our favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas to help inspire you and get you and your family into the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

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    Put on the Pink

    A bubblegum pink Christmas tree with blue accents

    Cake and Confetti

    When choosing a theme for your tree, you don't have to stick to the usual Christmas tree themes. (Think red and green or blue and silver.) Dessert and candy-themed ornaments are the perfect addition to this bubblegum pink tree that's an unconventional way to celebrate the holiday. Plus, it's a fun to get the kids involved in decorating.

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    Add a Faux Greenery Garland

    A Christmas tree decorated with faux leaves

    Casa Watkins Living

    If you have an older artificial tree that's missing a few branches, an easy way to make the tree look more full and festive is to replace traditional garland with faux greenery. It acts as both a garland and gives the tree a more lush look. Adding shiny baubles will give the tree a Christmas glow.

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    Make It an Inspiration Piece

    A Christmas tree decorated with color coordinated ornaments

    Casa Watkins Living

    Look around your home for inspiration when decorating your tree. This framed artwork was the inspiration piece for this tree that's decorated in coordinating colorful baubles.

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    Put Down a Picnic Basket Base

    A Christmas tree with picnic baskets at the base

    @3acrehomestead / Instagram

    Christmas tree collars can be pricey and the right one is hard to find. Instead, look around your home for items that would work. Here, picnic baskets surround the base of the tree to conceal the tree stand and create a faux base. Gingerbread men ornaments on the tree add to the food theme.

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    Style It Tropically

    A Christmas tree decorated with tropical flowers

    Casa Watkins Living

    Inspired by a trip to the Dominican Republic, this tree is decorated in tropical elements from the island, from botanicals to dried fruit. Large ribbon garland and ornaments tie in some Christmas spirit.

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    Make It a Focal Point

    A traditional Christmas tree framed by hanging garland

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This Christmas tree is filled with ornaments and lights that bring a cheerful look. A fresh greenery garland perfectly frames the tree to help make it the focal point of the room.

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    Go All-White

    A white Christmas tree with red and green ornaments

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    A white Christmas tree can really make ornaments and other decorations stand out. The traditional red and green tree decorations add a bold look to this bright living area.

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    Add a Kitchen Tree

    A lighted Christmas tree in a cozy kitchen

    @vickys.home_ / Instagram

    The kitchen is the heart of the home; it's where you make memories with family baking Christmas cookies and gather around the table for Christmas dinner. What this kitchen needed was a tree to create a backdrop for Christmas activites. This tree brings warmth from the glow of the lights and helps create a cozy ambiance.

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    Hang Only Baubles

    A detail shot of a Christmas tree surrounded by wrapped gifts

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Nothing says Christmas like a traditional tree that's covered in metallic and glittery baubles. The traditional ornaments on the tree bring a cozy Christmas feel to this home.

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    Arrange a Trio of Trees

    A living room decorated with three real Christmas trees

    Finding Lovely

    What's better than one tree? Three! These live fir trees are the perfect trio that bring Christmas cheer without blocking the view and all the natural light coming in from the vast windows.

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    Wrap a Gold Leaf Garland

    A traditional Christmas tree with gifts underneath

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you love traditional Christmas design, but need a little touch of glam, a gold leaf garland is just what your tree needs. When paired with red faux berries, traditional baubles and a few playful additions, it combines the best of Christmas into one area.

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    Style a Cottage Christmas Tree

    A minimalist tree in a dining area

    @saltairinteriors_ / Instagram

    For a minimalistic space or cottage style home, a minimalistic tree is a must. This tree features only a few star ornaments and string lights. The look brings a peaceful feel to the space, which is exactly what's needed for this busy season.

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    Rely on Neutrals

    A living room with a real Christmas tree and a decorated floating shelf

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    The beauty of this tree is in its simplicity. Black ornaments bring a chic, classy look to the classic gold and white ornaments. A miniature bottlebrush tree forest on the nearby floating shelf carries the color scheme throughout the rest of the space.

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    Flock It

    A bedroom with a small flocked Christmas tree

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    This mostly-white guest bedroom looks refreshing and welcoming, so it only makes sense that the tree matches. A small flocked tree next to the bed, along with a hanging wreath, helps make guests during the Christmas season feel welcome.

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    Choose Bright, Cheery Decor

    A white Christmas tree with pink ornaments

    @jordynhadwin / Instagram

    A white tree creates a great backdrop for you to use your creativity when it comes to decorating. This tree features bright pops of lime green, pink, orange and peach for a playful look. The rattan star tree topper and DIY tree collar allow the tree itself to shine.

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    Play With Size and Texture

    A Christmas tree with white and gold ornaments

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    This Scandinavian-style living room gets a sparkling look during Christmas with shiny large ornaments in silver, white and gold. The combination of frosted glass ornaments with the sequins gold ones brings texture to the tree.

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    Try a Nature Theme

    A nature themed Christmas tree with antler tree topper

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    This nature-inspired tree, from the antler tree topper to the tree-shaped ornaments, brings a farmhouse look to this home. The metal hammered tree collar brings some shine, as well as the the warm glow of the string lights.

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    All Jewel Tones

    A Christmas tree decorated with colorful ornaments

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    The jewel-toned ornaments add a playful yet stunning look to this tree. Stockings in matching colors pull the whole Christmas look together.

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    Match the Room's Decor

    A pencil Christmas tree next to a decorated fireplace

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Even the smallest of corners can include Christmas cheer. A small pencil Christmas tree fits perfectly in this fireplace nook. The same color scheme and textures on the tree are carried through to the fireplace mantel decor.

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    Decorate Scandanavian-Style

    A Christmas tree with decorative pillows and a red tree skirt

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    Typically, Scandanavian Christmas trees are decorated in red and white ornaments and decor. This tree is adorned in red and white ornaments, and surrounded by other Nordic decor like throw pillows you can keep out all season long.

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    Show Off Your Collectibles

    A live Christmas tree with matching ornaments

    @houseofhanesinteriors / Instagram

    This tree looks simple but it displays something meaningful through collectible ornaments that each have a special meaning to the family. Having a tree with collected ornaments will make decorating for the season fun for the whole family.

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    Include a Various Textures

    A detail shot of a decorated Christmas tree

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    The different shapes of the ornaments, from round to star-shaped, adds texture and interest to the neutral-toned tree. A chunky wood garland balances out the glowing string lights.

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    Hang All Your Favorite Things

    A Christmas tree with a velvet star tree topper

    Klos + Co

    The Christmas tree can be a fun way to display some of your favorite items, not just ornaments. You don't need any rules when it comes to decorating — your tree should be something that brings joy and festivity during the holiday season.

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    Add Asymmetrical Beauty

    A minimalist living room with a decorated Christmas tree

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    This traditional tree is decorated with collected ornaments and traditional string lights. To add an unexpected, stylish look, fresh greenery garland hangs from the adjacent mantel in an asymmetrical pattern.

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    Go For a Global-Inspired Tree

    A global-inspired Christmas tree

    Casa Watkins Living

    Your Christmas tree decorations are a chance to display your favorite things, including souvenirs from past travels. This global-inspired tree features ornaments and memorabilia from trips that will have you going down memory lane with family during the holiday season.

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    Use Party Decorations

    A flocked Christmas tree decorated with bright paper lanterns

    @ohsokel / Instagram

    Remember all that party decor you've been keeping in storage? A Christmas tree is a great way to give that decor new life. This flocked tree is adorned in paper lanterns and flowers from celebrations from earlier in the year, and a matching garland adds extra color and cheer.

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    Put Up Personal Trees

    A guest bedroom with a small decorated Christmas tree

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    Christmas trees aren't just for common areas. If you cant get enough of Christmas cheer, add a tree to every room. This tree may be small in size, but brings a great amount of joy to overnight guests.

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    Feature Wood Elements

    A detail shot of a decorated Christmas tree

    @marieflaniganinteriors / Instagram

    When you think of Christmas tree decorations, you may picture sparkling ornaments and decor, but for a more subtle look that still wows, decorate with natural wood elements paired with a few ornaments in the same color family.

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    Upgrade Potted Plants

    A small live Christmas tree on a spiral staircase

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Christmas is an opportunity to turn everyday decor and houseplants into Christmas decor. This potted evergreen gets a festive upgrade with bulb lighting and a red planter.

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    Embrace a Muted Color Palette

    Simple Christmas decor next to a stone fireplace

    @countrygirlhome / Instagram

    The Christmas decorations in this living area frame the stone fireplace, making it the focal point of the room. This tree is subtle in design with ornaments in a muted color palette. The asymmetrical fresh greenery garland on the mantel draws the eye to the fireplace.

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    Repeat the Room's Decor

    A decorated Christmas tree with white decorations

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    You can still add Christmas decor without compromising on your personal design style. This tree blends seamlessly with the rest of the room's design, with the white ornaments that match the tassels on the pillow and a blanket ladder that acts as a stocking hanger.

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    Go for the Gold

    A Christmas tree next to a decorate fireplace

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    If you're trying to bring a festive look to an unused corner of a room, it's a good opportunity to go big. This Christmas tree is all glam, from the gold ornaments to the glowing lights and the starburst tree topper.

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    Black and White Design

    A tall narrow Christmas tree in a small city apartment

    @wilsonaesthetic_ / Instagram

    If your aesthetic is neutral colors, you can still add a cozy Christmas look to your home. This living space features black and white design, from the rug to the stockings. (Hey, green and red aren't the only Christmas color schemes out there!) The ornaments, wrapped gifts and bottle brush trees on the windowshill keep with the neutral color scheme while enhancing the coziness of the room.

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    Add It to a Vignette

    A small flocked Christmas tree with a woven basket as a base

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    A small flocked tree, with a woven basket tree collar, matches the bottle brush Christmas tree trio on this vignette. The flocked tree brings a cool, cozy look to the nook.

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    Look to Beneath the Tree

    A detail shot of a live Christmas tree with a disco balls and a nutcracker

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    If you love the look of a bare tree, you can still jazz up the tree in other ways. This tree is spruced up with a a couple miniature disco balls and a wooden nutcracker.

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    Add an Oversized Tree Topper

    A Christmas tree topedd with a paper snowflake

    @thetravellingapartment / Instagram

    This real tree features a simple garland and ornaments for a minimalistic look. The real star of the show is an oversized kraft paper tree topper in the shape of an intricate snowflake that stays true to minimalist design while adding a wow factor.

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    Stick With Elegant Decorations

    A detail shot of a Christmas tree with wooden ornaments

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    If you're going for an elegant color palette for a tree, try more nontraditional colors like deep blues, bright whties and metallic gold. To keep things simple, add in a few natural wood ornaments. This look is classic yet unique and is a design style that you'll love for many Christmases to come.

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    Hang White Berries

    A boho style Christmas tree

    Casa Watkins Living

    Faux white berries stand out against this green Christmas tree. Oversized blue monogram ornaments soften the contrasting design.

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    All-White Ornaments

    A Christmas tree decorated in white

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    All-white Christmas tree ornaments and decor is reminiscent of snowy winter evenings. If you live in a cold climate, decorating this way is a great way to bring the outdoors in (without the actual cold snow, of course).

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    Mix Snowflakes and Poinsettias

    A decorated Christmas tree next to a staircase

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    Oversized poinsettias and snowflakes are tucked neatly into this red-and-white decorated Christmas tree. A buffalo check blanket and ice skates add to the wintery theme.

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    Let the Scent Shine

    A primary bedroom with a lighted live Christmas tree and decorated mantel

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    Picture waking up every morning to the fresh scent of a real Christmas tree. This bedroom tree doesn't need all the bells and whistles to add style and a refreshing look to this relaxing bedroom. Fresh garland around a round mirror completes the look.

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    Add Plaid

    A pencil Christmas tree decorated with red and white ornaments

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    Pencil Christmas trees aren't just for small spaces — they're a great option if you don't want to block the view from your windows. Red plaid window treatments flank this tree and bring a warm, cozy feel to the room.

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    Mix Pastels

    A Christmas tree decorated with pastel decorations

    @stephanie_smyth_events / Instagram

    You don't typically think of decorating in pastel hues during Christmas, but it can add a sweet, peaceful look. This pastel tree is decorated with a sweets theme, from lollipop ornaments to a colorful gingerbread house ornament. The bubblegum pink ribbon garland and lavendar ornaments are a playful final touch.

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    Use Contrasting Elements

    A Christmas tree decorated with navy and white ornaments

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    This living space features cozy patterns and textures elements, from the sweater sofa pillows to the green and blue plaid window treatments. The Christmas tree decorations incorporate the same color palette as the rest of the room but with a delicate touch, from the white florals to the satin curled ribbons.

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    Decorate Small Spaces

    A Christmas tree in a house planter in an entryway

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Don't forget to decorate your foyer to help make guests feel the Christmas cheer as soon as they walk in the door. This potted evergreen decorated with bulb lights and snowflake decor on the stair banister are festive ways to welcome guests during the holiday season.

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    Hang Christmas Greetings

    A detail shot of a white Christmas tree with word pennant flag ornaments

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    An all-white Christmas tree can look just as elegant as a real tree. This one is adorned with faux florals, gold ornamnts and fabric pennants with gold Christmas greetings.

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    Keep It Simple

    A trio of small Christmas trees

    Finding Lovely

    Sometimes simple is better. These Charlie Brown-inspired trees are decorated with minimal gold ornaments that can be kept up all season long.

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    Try a Travel Theme

    A cozy Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments

    @thecraftedcouple / Instagram

    This tree features a variety of textures, from the wood ornaments to the velvet tied ribbons. The collected ornaments are memories from places traveled. The compass illustration and wrapped gifts tie into the travel theme.

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    Create a Gingerbread House Tree

    A farmhouse style decorated Christmas tree

    @rosannaspear / Instagram

    A Christmas tree is a way to display your favorite things about the season. If making gingerbread houses is one of your favorite Christmas pastimes, add the look to your tree through ornaments and color schemes. These large gingerbread house ornaments look adorable next to the Christmas village displayed fireplace mantel.

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    Mix Traditional and Modern

    A traditional Christmas tree in a modern space

    @joanna.agueci / Instagram

    This modern space is given a traditional makeover for the holiday season, from the traditional tree to the dried orange garland and sweater stockings. A few playful ornaments on the tree make it enjoyable for both adults and kids.

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    Go Monochromatic

    Detail shot of a blue adn silver Christmas Tree

    Design by Shovanda Gardner / Photo by Lisa and Gary Ashley

    Sticking to one color scheme like these glittering light blue ornaments and bead garland will help your tree sparkle in any style home. To add more interest, choose ornaments and decor within the same color family but in varying shades and textures.

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    Make It Fit Your Space

    A pencil Christmas tree in a small apartment

    @mycityapartment / Instagram

    Instead of moving furniture around to make space for a Christmas tree, choose a tree that already fits your space. This small apartment kitchen nook features a pencil Christmas tree that fits perfectly by the window. Decorations are kept minimal so the space still feels like its own but with a touch of Christmas cheer.

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    Try an Unexpected Color Palette

    A guest bedroom with a traditional Christmas tree

    @countrygirlhome / Instagram

    Forgo the traditional red and green and incorporate a more wintery color palette this year. The deep greens, browns and creams throughout this space bring a subtle yet cozy feel to this guest bedroom. The tree features all the colors in the palette that look stunning against the evergreen tree branches.

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    Go for Picture-Perfection

    A lighted Christmas tree in an adjacent living space

    @countrygirlhome / Instagram

    This tree features baubles, string lights, and ribbon that create the perfect combination of Christmas joy. The wicker tree collar looks stunning when paired with the sage colored window treatments and artwork in the adjoining room, tying the two spaces together.

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    Create a Candy Cane-Inspired Tree

    A lighted Christmas tree next to a staircase

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    The red-and-white decorations on this tree are reminiscent of everyone's favorite holiday candy — the candy cane. A cute sign on the tree and large red bows on the handrail bring more Christmas joy.

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    Embrace Rustic Patterns

    A rustic themed Christmas tree in a neutral living room

    @weremodelit / Instagram

    A simple way to add a rustic, cozy feel during Christmas is through traditional Christmas patterns and textures. The plaid sofa pillows and throw blanket paired with the bright red decorations on the tree are an on-trend way to bring a classic Christmas look to your living room.

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    Mostly Neutrals

    A Christmas tree with touches of red

    @mydreamhome_usplus6 / Instagram

    This neutral living room gets a touch of color during the Christmas season with a few red ornaments that pop against the otherwise gold-decorated tree. The look is elegant and festive.

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    Add a Fireplace Tree

    A small flocked Christmas tree by a fireplace

    @vickys.home_ / Instagram

    Placing a small flocked tree in a storage basket is an easy way to turn your everyday decor into Christmas decorations. Candles and wood accents create an inviting fireplace that will encourage you and your family to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa on chilly winter nights.

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    Choose Cotton-Candy Colors

    A Christmas tree decorated with candy colored ribbon

    @stephanie_smyth_events / Instagram

    If you want a tree that's as bold and colorful as you are, this is the tree design for you. The large glittering blue ornaments provide a beautiful contrast with the bright pink and gingham green ribbon garland. The ribbon garland adds a playful touch that will catch anyone's eye.

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    Go for Grand

    A Christmas tree in a foyer

    @stephanie_smyth_events / Instagram

    You can incorporate this same ribbon design into a traditional tree, too. The rich red ribbon garland makes a grand statement in this home's foyer. The garland is seen throughout the entire home, from the stair rail to the kitchen island.