19 Creative Themed Christmas Trees

pink Christmas tree

The Spruce / Autumn Wood

Every season the Christmas tree takes center stage. No holiday decoration is more iconic, more beloved, or more nostalgic than the good old Christmas tree. And sure, you could decorate it the same way every year—and that would be perfectly fine. But if you want to let your family's personality shine out this season, it could be the year you take your tree to the next level. Whether it's kid-themed, coastal, or all-out colorful, there's a bevy of unique and creative ways to decorate your tree this year. Here are some favorite ideas. 

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    Subtle Hygge

    minimalist christmas tree
    Daniella Witte

    If you're all about hygge, you'll love this minimalistic tree decorated by Daniella Witte. The simple strand of lights and subtle, classic ornaments are understated in the very best way. Just because a tree isn't loud doesn't mean it can't set the stage for a festive, joy-filled holiday morning. If you want to weave the minimalistic holiday look throughout your house, stick to simple evergreens and neutral colors. 

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    Festive Farmhouse

    farmhouse christmas tree
    Clean Living Clean Eating

    This stunning living room from Clean Living Clean Eating is decked out for the holidays, complete with a gold and white farmhouse Christmas tree. Though this tree sticks with just two main colors for its theme, it packs a punch. The flocked branches create the perfect backdrop for the bold decor. 

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    Woodland Creatures

    woodland creature tree
    Decor Asylum

    This whimsical Christmas tree from Decor Asylum is a great choice for the family that loves spending time outdoors. Between the forest animal ornaments and the classic tree stump base, this tree gives us a woodsy cabin vibe—all that's missing is a set of flannel pajamas. 

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    Coastal Christmas

    coastal themed christmas tree

    Heart of Turquoise

    Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn't mean you can't dream of sunny beach days. Blogger Heart of Turquoise created this coastal Christmas tree using a nautical blue-and-white palette and sea-themed ornaments. Round up a few seashells and some coral at any craft store, and you can pretend you're sipping a daiquiri beach-side on Christmas morning. 

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    All-Out Mod

    kitch christmas tree
    Mollie Makes

    This retro Christmas tree from Mollie Makes is perfectly kitschy and incredibly stylish. Whether or not your house is already full of retro charm, this Christmas tree is the perfect way to channel decades past. Scour thrift stores or flea markets for old ornaments—a few hallmark vintage pieces and a handful of classic orb bulbs are all you need to recreate this look. 

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    A Kid's Dream

    Lego themed christmas tree
    Crafty Morning

    Want to get the kids excited about something other than presents? This Lego-themed Christmas tree from Crafty Morning is the perfect way to bring the whole family together this season. Pick up some extra-large building blocks for that classic Lego look, and mix up the colors for a bit of added flair.

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    Ombre Christmas Tree

    ombre black and white Christmas tree
    Little Inspiration

    From ombre walls to staircases, this trendy look is popping up everywhere in home decor, and Christmas trees are no exception. It makes an ambitious—but doable—holiday DIY, as evidenced by this stunning tree from Little Inspiration. The ombre style is best executed with an artificial tree, where you can separate each level as you spray paint to ensure a gradual shift in color.

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    Put a Bird on It

    white christmas tree with birds
    Kelly Elko

    Or as with this bird Christmas tree from Kelly Elko, a lot of birds. Something is striking about the combination of abundant wildlife and snowy white branches in this design—it suggests a quiet scene in the woods (let's ignore the fact that birds fly south for the winter). Want to try it yourself? Artificial birds can be easily purchased, and some white spray paint should help you match the icy tones.

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    Picture-Perfect Christmas

    christmas tree with photos on it
    Cottage in the Oaks

    For a look that's both unique and personal, why not turn your family photos into ornaments? We love this simple DIY photo-themed tree from Cottage in the Oaks, which doesn't require much more than a Polaroid-style camera, a hole punch, and a bit of twine. You could even make a tradition of it, adding a few new photos to the tree every year. 

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    Go Floral

    flower tree
    Design Love Fest

    Who says flowers are just for spring and summer? Bring a bit of color into those dark winter days with a garden-inspired, flower Christmas tree like this one from Design Love Fest. The cascades of flowers add style and cheer and make a great alternative to a standard garland.

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    Bright and Pink

    white tree with pink accessories

    Em_Henderson / Instagram

    How fun is this neon pink and white tree styled by Em_Henderson? You can recreate this look with a bright, poppy color palette. Stick to a white artificial tree to give this style the most oomph.

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    Powder Puffs

    christmas tree with puffs on it
    christmasaddict / Instagram

    Bring the ski bunny look inside with this cute powder puff Christmas tree spotted on christmasaddict. It's reminiscent of snowy, wintry ski slopes, but still feels classy enough for any living room. 

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    Take a Stroll Down Candy Cane Lane

    white and red christmas tree
    The Sunny Side Up Blog

    The candy cane is to Christmas as the pumpkin is to Halloween, so we love this candy cane Christmas tree from The Sunny Side Up Blog. The white and red color scheme is simple to copy. If you can't find the oversized plastic canes seen here, a lot of edible candy canes work just fine—just try to keep yourself from eating them all before the big day. 

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    Navy and Gold

    navy blue and gold christmas tree
    Citrine Living

    This navy and gold Christmas tree from Citrine Living is elegant and classy. This is a great way to incorporate your alma mater's colors into your tree or just tie together a few pops of color from the rest of your living room.  

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    A Bubble Gum Pink Tree

    bright neon pink christmas tree

    melodrama / Instagram

    Who says pink can't scream Christmas? This whimsical pink Christmas tree was styled by Melodrama, and it's one of the most lighthearted and unique trees we've seen. If you want to DIY this look, start with a white artificial tree and spray paint it with the neon color of your choice.

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    Bright Turquoise

    bright blue christmas tree
    Sugar Bee Crafts

    Another bright pop of color, this turquoise Christmas tree from Sugar Bee Crafts is reminiscent of a tropical island—after a few margaritas. The large snowflake marquee lights pack a big punch and are a nice alternative to traditional string lights. 

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    A Personalized Tree

    neutral christmas tree
    Home Made Lovely

    At first glance, this farmhouse Christmas tree from Home Made Lovely looks like a standard tree, but if you look closer you'll see that it's outfitted with silhouette images. This is a great way to honor your family and showcase those you love most. You can easily create your very own silhouettes for all of your family members; add a frame and a hook and you'll have a beautiful ornament set for years to come.  

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    Flannel Tree

    plaid christmas tree
    Covering Bases

    This red plaid Christmas tree from Covering Bases makes us want to cozy up by a fire in our very best flannel pajamas. Between the plaid bows and the sweater ornaments, this is a tree that will have you excited for the snow days to come. 

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    Mixed Metals

    metallics christmas tree
    So Much Better With Age

    If you love mixing gold and silver all over the house, you'll love this holiday theme. This metallic Christmas tree from So Much Better With Age is both sophisticated and festive and incredibly easy to DIY.