How to Use the Chrysanthemum Symbol in Feng Shui

Pink and red chrysanthemum flowers in a tall white vase near window and book shelf

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

If you’re new to feng shui, you might think it’s mostly about moving furniture around in your house. While furniture layout can play a part in the flow of energy through a home, feng shui is actually a deep practice and philosophy with many layers. Feng shui, originating in ancient China, looks at how we interact with the spaces around us. As feng shui practitioners, our goal is to create homes and spaces that feel harmonious, supportive, and nurturing for the people living and working in them. 

One of the ways we can do this is by bringing in meaningful symbols. Feng shui has a lot to do with nature and the cycles of the natural world, so plants and animals are frequently used as symbols. The chrysanthemum is one of these botanical symbols that is rich in meaning and symbolism.  

Chrysanthemum Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The chrysanthemum is considered the "gentleman of flowers". It’s been cultivated for generations in China and other parts of Asia, and there are many different varieties and shapes, from small button-like blooms to larger flowers with long, spindly petals that look almost other-worldly. They come in many colors, including bright, vivid shades and warm, autumnal hues. Their round heads, long stems, and sturdy leaves are considered quite beautiful in Asian flower arranging practices. Chrysanthemum is also used in Asia as medicine and is used to make a very cooling tea. This flower is also offered in Buddhist temples and depicted in Buddhist thangka paintings, often with lotus flowers, as an offering to the deities. 

Flowers are revered in Asian culture, and they can also symbolize the shifting of seasons and the cycles of nature. Chrysanthemums in particular are connected with the season of autumn, while winter is connected with plum blossoms, spring with peonies, and summer with lotus flowers. The blooming of chrysanthemums is also related to the ninth month of the lunar year, which is often called the chrysanthemum moon. 

The season of autumn in feng shui is also related to the metal element, representing precision, joy, and beauty. In the agricultural cycle, autumn is a time of harvest, when you see and collect the fruits of your work. It’s also a time to celebrate the abundance that you’ve cultivated. Chrysanthemum is connected to this feeling of joy, and it has come to represent ease, contentment, peace, and a happy life. Chrysanthemums are also often depicted with maple leaves, which are connected to autumn as well. 

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are also connected to longevity and immortality. If you’ve ever had any in your home, you’ll know they are sturdy, long-lasting flowers that can offer many days of beauty. You can offer chrysanthemums as a feng shui symbol in your home to represent long-lasting success, abundance, or health. The meaning of chrysanthemums can also be more nuanced depending on which room you place them in. For instance, you can place them in the center of your home to create more long-lasting overall health, or in your office for long-lasting abundance, success, and joy in your business. You can also put chrysanthemums in the Relationships area of your home with the intention of inviting longevity and joy in your partnership so that you and your partner can grow into the autumn of your life together. Chrysanthemums are also associated with good fortune and success. 

White and light pink chrysanthemum flower closeup

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Meaning of Chrysanthemum Colors

Chrysanthemums come in several colors, and bringing in a certain color of chrysanthemum can add another layer of meaning to this symbol.

  • White chrysanthemums are most closely tied to the metal element which invokes joy, beauty, and clarity.
  • Orange mums are connected to the earth element, which is all about grounding, nurturing, and stability.
  • Yellow or gold is also an expression of the earth element, and it is the most auspicious color for chrysanthemums. It is an imperial color in China, and it also has very strong yang qi, like the sun.
  • Red mums are related to the passion and inspiration of the fire element.
  • Pink chrysanthemums represent love and partnerships.
  • Purple chrysanthemums are connected to wealth and abundance. 
Red and light pink chrysanthemum flowers separated by color

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

How to Use Chrysanthemums in Your Home

Bring in Chrysanthemum Shapes

In feng shui, your kitchen is related to nourishment and prosperity. This is where you prepare food for your family, and being well-nourished is an important step in being able to create wealth and abundance in the world. You can bring the symbolism of chrysanthemums into your kitchen by choosing plates and bowls that resemble the shape of the flower. 

Autumnal Flower Arrangements

Fresh flower bouquets are a lovely way to uplift the qi, or life force energy, in your home and invite more joy. We often recommend bringing in fresh flowers when there is stuck energy that needs to be shifted. It’s especially meaningful to use blooms that are in season, and chrysanthemums are a great choice in the autumn, especially because of their connection to the symbolism of this season. 

Artwork and Imagery

You can also look for artwork, objects, wallpaper (the list goes on and on!) that includes images of chrysanthemums. Look for a piece that you love, or get creative and make your own art! Then, choose a place in your home where you’d like to invite the meaning of chrysanthemum, and display it with intention. 

Plant Chrysanthemums in Your Garden

Planting chrysanthemums in your garden is also a wonderful way to bring the meaning of these beautiful flowers into your space. While most people think of interiors when it comes to feng shui, the same principles can also be applied to outdoor spaces like gardens. If you’d like, you can also choose to plant a chrysanthemum in a color that has a special meaning to you. 

Invite Prosperity

You can also place fresh chrysanthemums on your desk or in your office or workspace to invite prosperity. In feng shui, your desk and office is related to your work and career, so these are great places to include symbols of abundance.

White and fuchsia-colored chrysanthemum flowers planted in garden

The Spruce / Michelle Becker