Smokin' Cigar Band Bridal Rings

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    16 Smokin' Cigar Band Bridal Rings

    Given that a trend this year is the engagement ring/wedding band all-in-one, the cigar band design, a throwback to earlier eras, is making a comeback. Especially popular during the late Victorian and Art Deco design movements, the distinctive shape (which simulates cigar bands that wrap around some smokers' choice luxury item) gives the shape strong stand-alone appeal. Thus, many brides-to-be are looking at contemporary cigar-band styles as smokin' wedding rings.

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    Katie Decker

    Katie Decker 18K gold ring with bezel-set round diamond.
    Katie Decker

    Katie Decker's 18K yellow gold "Victoria" ring spotlights a 0.09-carat round white bezel-set diamond.

    As with most jewelry by Katie Decker, you can get this ring in white or rose gold, too. 

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    Chad Allison Couture

    Chad Allison platinum and diamond vintage inspired engagement ring.

    This vintage-inspired engagement ring from Chad Allison Couture is a platinum band with colorless diamonds--a true diamonds-in-white metal delight

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    Bergio 18K rose gold and diamond ring.

    Bergio's high-polished 18K rose gold ring is a classic shape with a modern sensibility.

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    Le Vian

    Le Vian 18K gold ring with Chocolate (R) and white diamonds.
    Le Vian

    Le Vian cigar band style ring in 18K white gold, featuring a  mix of white diamonds and the brand's signature Chocolate Diamonds (R), this Le Vian cigar band style ring is in 18 white gold. The chocolates are set in darkened rhodium-plated white gold.

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    Boaz Kashi

    Boaz Kashi yellow gold band with prong'set diamond.
    Boaz Kashi

    High-drama rings are a signature of Boaz Kashi and, while any wedding ring is special, this wide cigar band style--so unusual--is a showstopper. Love the four-prong setting holding the diamond, especially, as it's not traditionally in the center but, instead, off to one side.

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    Melissa Kaye Jewelry

    Melissa Kaye Jewelry

    The "Triangle" ring from Melissa Kaye Jewelry with diamonds has fun geometric open-work pattern in 18K yellow gold.

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    Erica Courtney

    Erica Courtney platinum and diamond ring

    The "Snowflake" ring in platinum is by Erica Courtney. It has nearly two carats of pave diamonds: 1.99 tcw. This designer is one of the most prominent on the contemporary fine jewelry fashion scene.

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    Konstantino sterling silver and 18K gold ring with red spinel

    An original twist on the cigar band, Konstantino's sterling silver and 18K yellow gold ring feature red spinel, an on-trend color this year, given Pantone naming Marsala as the "Color of the Year." 

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    Katie Decker 18K rose gold and diamond band
    Katie Decker

    From Katie Decker, open-worked 18K rose gold adds to the intricacy of this diamond ring.

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    Konstantino cigar band ring in sterling silvery and 18K gold with black spinel and onyx.

    An unusual stone setting in 18K yellow gold surrounds the oval black spinel center stone of this Konstantino band. Perhaps for the edgier, more modern bride, it is, however, extremely feminine, given its filigree patterned sterling silver.

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    Whitehouse Brothers

    Whitehouse Brothers platinum and diamond engagement ring.

    Whitehouse Brothers' platinum ring is a testament to diamond bands! It's made using a die-struck technique, and hand-engraved, featuring bead-set diamond accents. 

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    Armadani platinum ring with ruby and diamonds

    This platinum ring is from the "Vintage Collection" of Armadani. With a striking ruby gem as the focus, an interesting setting mix--both bezel and prong--comprises the diamonds.

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    Sylvie Collection

    Sylvie Collection platinum and diamond engagement ring.

    One of a growing number of eco-friendly jewelry brands, Sylvie Collection makes this platinum ring that's all about diamonds and white-on-white. With a one-carat round brilliant center stone, it's a showstopper that keeps on sparkling, especially with its double-halo of diamonds.

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    Imperial Pearl

    Imperial Pearl's vintage-inspired 14K gold diamond band, edged with white seed pearls.
    Imperial Pearl

    Imperial Pearl, a leading jewelry brand in cultured pearl jewelry, makes this atypical 14K gold cigar band style wedding ring, sprinkling tiny diamonds throughout the cutout pattern--then edging both sides with precious white seed pearls. It's from the brand's "Vintage 795 Collection," inspired by jewelry crafted throughout the design firm's 100-plus-year history. For women, who love the classicism of pearls--and maybe those born in June, too, as a pearl is that month's birthstone--this is a great out-of-the-ordinary bridal band choice.

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    Katie Decker

    Katie Decker 18K white gold and diamond ring.
    Katie Decker

    Called the "Baroque" ring, this 18K white gold beauty by Katie Decker has 0.68 total carat weight in white diamonds. It's also available in yellow or rose gold, as most rings by Katie Decker come in all three colors of gold.