10 Royal Games to Play at a Cinderella Party

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Sure, Cinderella got to go to a real ball, but your guests will have a ball with these fun party games inspired by the enchanted princess. 

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    Design a Ball Gown

    For this game, you will need one old dress or nightgown for each player. You will also need a collection of items with which to decorate the dresses, such as lace, satin ribbon and play jewels. Have an adult nearby to assist with scissors and a glue gun. Partygoers will use the materials to decorate their own ball gowns, much like Cinderella did. When they are finished, let them wear their gowns (no wicked stepsisters to tear them up!) to the ball (the rest of the party). 

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    Glass Slipper Search

    To play this game, get a pair of women’s high heel dress shoes. Use an old pair you don’t need anymore, or purchase an inexpensive pair. Paint them with glitter to make them look like glass slippers. Hide one somewhere in the party space. Gather your players and give them the remaining glass slipper. Tell them they have until the clock strikes midnight (until your timer runs out) to find the matching shoe.

    If you don’t want to use a real pair of shoes, another variation of this game is to print several images of pairs of glass slippers. Cut the images in half so that you have individual shoes. Hide one of each shoe picture around the party area. Hand out the other halves of the shoe images to players and send them to find their matching glass slippers. 

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    Cinderella Dress-Up Relay Race

    In this game, have two Cinderella gowns and two pairs of ballet slippers (safer to run in than high heels). Divide players into two teams and have them line up. One at a time, they must put on the dress and twirl (ballroom style) to the finish line and back. When a player returns to the line, she takes off the dress and hands it to the next player waiting. The first team to finish the race wins.

    If you have boys playing, you can have a Prince Charming costume on hand for them to wear. 

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    Cinderella Obstacle Course

    Set up a royal obstacle course where players have to stop at each station to perform a Cinderella-like task. For instance, at the first station, they have to stop and put on an apron. Place a broom at the second station where players have to stop and sweep up some confetti you poured on the floor. At the third station, set a pot and spoon, and tell them they have to stir the pot ten times before moving forward.

    After performing two or three servant tasks, have Cinderella meet her fairy Godmother at the next stop and put on a ball gown. At the next stop, she can put on glass slippers and then run to the finish line (the ball).

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    Musical Pumpkin Coaches

    Enlarge and print some images of pumpkin coaches. The images should be large enough to cover the backs of your chairs. Tape them to the backs of the chairs and set up the seats just as you would for an ordinary game of Musical chairs. Play some ballroom dancing music and play Cinderella’s royal musical chairs. 

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    Escape the Midnight Chime

    Turn a large box into a pumpkin coach. Leave it open on two sides. Kids have to line up and crawl through the coach as the clock chimes (or music plays). When the clock strikes midnight (or the music stops), the player stuck inside of the coach is out of the game. Keep playing until one player remains. 

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    Wicked Stepmother vs. Fairy Godmother

    One player is the wicked stepmother. Another is the Fairy Godmother. The rest of the players are all Cinderella heading to the ball. Set a timer. Once the game starts, the wicked stepmother tries to take as many players as she can. When she tags players, they have to freeze in place.  

    Meanwhile, The Fairy Godmother has to tag the frozen players with her wand to set them free. When time is up, all of the frozen players are “sent to the attic” (out of the game). The rest get to go to the ball. In the end, count how many Cinderellas were sent to the attic and how many made it to the ball. The one with the most tags (Stepmother or Godmother) wins. 

    Change the players and play a few rounds so everyone gets a turn at being the wicked stepmother or fairy godmother. 

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    Prince Charming and Cinderella Chase

    To play this game, have the kids sit on the floor in a circle. Give one player a Cinderella doll. Give the player sitting across from that player a Prince Charming doll. Have them start passing the dolls in a clockwise direction. They have to pass the dolls quickly, as the Prince Charming doll is trying to catch the Cinderella doll, and the Cinderella doll is trying to stay ahead of the Prince. Play until the Prince catches Cinderella. When this happens, the dolls are given to new players to start a new round of the game.  

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    Cinderella Bingo

    Make a Bingo sheet that features characters and items from the movie. Vary the order on each sheet. Cut one sheet into individual squares and place them in a bowl. Pull them out one at a time and hold them up for players to see. Players will then mark their matching images on their Bingo cards until someone gets five matches in a row.

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    Fairy Godmother Dance

    In this modified version of the freeze dance game, the activity is reversed. Instead of dancing to the music and freezing in place when it stops, everyone starts the game standing still. One player is the Fairy Godmother. Give her a magic wand. As the music plays, she goes around, waving her wand at the girls who are standing still. When she casts a spell on a player, that player gets to “go to the ball,” and starts dancing on the dance floor. Once everyone is dancing, stop the music and choose a new Fairy Godmother. There is no object to this game other than to have everyone enjoy dancing and every player to have a turn at being the Fairy Godmother.