Clare Makes the Paint-Buying Process Actually Easy

Clare paint can and box surrounded by painting supplies

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Clare

Paint has the power to take a room from drab to fab and add so much personality to any space, whether that's a rental bedroom or a little one's nursery. And paint projects are so satisfying given that they're affordable and easy to complete in just a few hours yet leave a lasting impact within a space. But as many designers and DIYers know from experience, the process of selecting and buying paint, though, can be a bit complicated. And that's exactly what Nicole Gibbons set out to tackle prior to launching her own paint company, Clare.

nicole gibbons


Streamlining the Process

While working as an interior designer, Gibbons saw firsthand just how difficult the paint buying process could be for individuals who weren't working with pros themselves. "The experience has traditionally been full of hassle with thousands of colors, confusing product lines, messy sampling, and a cumbersome customer journey that requires back-and-forth trips to the store," Gibbons says. So when launching her own brand, addressing these issues from the get-go was of course paramount.

"We’ve simplified the paint shopping journey with curated colors to take the guesswork out of finding the right shade, innovative peel and stick swatches for mess-free, hassle-free color sampling, and premium paint and supplies delivered straight to your door," Gibbons says of Clare paint. And that's not all. The Clare Color Genius leverages technology to "help our customers choose a color with confidence," Gibbons shares. And Gibbons also prioritized offering what she calls "better-for-you products that support healthier homes and a more sustainable future for our planet." This means that all of the company's paints are zero VOC, GREENGUARD Gold certified, and formulated without hazardous air pollutants or EPA chemicals of concern, Gibbons explains.

The Power of Color

Gibbons strongly believes that color has the ability to make a major impact within our homes. "Color is one of the most powerful tools in design," she comments. "It can completely transform a room, and also the way people experience the space. Color can create or change the mood in a room and can make the difference between a room feeling basic or totally brilliant!"

clare paint blue


Clare's colors are known for their catchy, trendy names—Motor City, a gray-green hue, pays homage to Gibbons' hometown of Detroit. One of Gibbons' own favorite Clare colors of the moment is Headspace, which she describes as "an airy, blue-green hue that still feels vibrant but brings a sense of calm and serenity to a room." Gibbons used the color on the walls of her own home office. But she's also a fan of the brand's more neutral tones, too. "I love Penthouse," she adds. "It’s a beautiful pale shade of greige with a sophisticated feel and is our best-selling neutral at Clare."

Gibbons is also partial to Neutral Territory and On Point. "Warm neutral paint colors are having a moment as well and it’s not hard to see why," she says. "Along with bringing warmth and versatility to a space, a neutral paint palette can instantly make a room feel cozy and comforting." Not sure where to go neutral? Gibbons offers a quick tip. "Consider a rich neutral for a high-traffic area of your home, like your living room, for a versatile shade that will work with a variety of decor styles while creating a more inviting ambience."

Paint Trends to Come

But if you're leaning toward a green, Gibbons doesn't blame you. "Earthy neutrals and nature inspired greens are definitely going to be go to colors for 2022," she notes. "Shades of green are on the rise from sage to deeper tones. You can always count on a rich shade of green to evoke the calming, enveloping spirit of the great outdoors." Her top picks include bestseller Current Mood, a deep green, as well as Matcha Latte, which—you guessed it—is reminiscent of the popular beverage.

clare paint green


What's next for the brand? In the coming months, get ready to take Clare paint outside—and go smaller scale indoors, if you wish. "Our customers have been asking for smaller sizes since our launch, so quarts are coming soon and we’ll also be launching exterior paint," Gibbons shares. "Front door makeover, anyone?"