Classic and Modern Eggnog Recipes

Although the basic recipe for eggnog is the same (eggs beaten with sugar, milk, cream and some kind of spirit), there are a variety of recipes that add a little spark or twist to the average nog. Some are easy, some take a bit of time, and some have a little surprise that will have you thinking differently about what eggnog can be. Happy Noggin'!

All About Eggnog (Plus Dessert Recipes)

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    Homemade Eggnog
    Homemade Eggnog. Jim Jurica/E+/Getty Images

    The traditional recipe for making the eggnog everyone knows and loves. The recipe given serves 16 and is a perfect choice to keep holiday traditions alive at parties.

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    Rum Holiday Eggnog
    Eggnog, wassail, and the Tom and Jerry... Enjoy a little Christmas tradition, cocktail style. jeff giniewicz/E+/Getty Images

    Two eggnog recipes both made with rum and a touch of almond extract are featured here. While one is admittedly easier than the other to make, both are equally delicious.

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    Quick Brandy Eggnog
    Quick Brandy Eggnog. Burke/Triolo Productions/Photolibary/Getty Images

    A quick alternative to traditional nog that is perfect for making a glass or two at a time. If you're ordering eggnog at the bar, this is most likely what you'll get.

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    Bourbon Eggnog
    Bourbon Eggnog. ma-k / E+ / Getty Images

    A variation of the traditional eggnog that features Bulleit Bourbon and Hennessy VSOP Cognac. This recipe serves eight and can easily be adapted for an even larger crowd.

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    Texas Farm Nog
    Texas Farm Nog. Photo Courtesy: © Kimpton Restaurants

    There are many twists on the classic eggnog recipe. Tequila and sherry form the base for this very interesting version that has a fantastic layer of flavors.

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    Cider Nog (non-alcoholic)

    Cider Nog, a non-alcoholic eggnog drink
    Cider Nog. Lauri Patterson / E+ / Getty Images

    This pre-Prohibition recipe has all the egg and none of the nog, replacing the liquor with cider. Perfect for younger party guests or those who do not drink alcohol. 

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    Santa's Little Helper

    Santa's Little Helper - Trattoria Neapolis
    Santa's Little Helper. Photo Courtesy: © Trattoria Neapolis

    Here is a refreshing take on the traditional recipe. The pear puree is an unexpected surprise that works very well against the eggs, dairy, and bourbon.

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    White Christmas Eggnog Cocktail
    White Christmas. gordana jovanovic / E+ / Getty Images

    A nice mixed cocktail with an eggnog base. The Southern Comfort and chocolate liqueur mask the full flavor the nog, which is a nice alternative to mix it up for guests who are not extremely fond of traditional eggnog.

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    Low Carb Eggnog

    Low Carb Eggnog
    Low Carb Eggnog. John A Rizzo/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Low carb dieters can still enjoy some nog with this easy recipe. Though eggnog is typically known as a carb-heavy drink, luckily it is easy to convert to low-carb and ​sugar-free.

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    Vegan Eggnog
    Vegan Eggnog. Robert S. Donovan/Moment/Getty Images

    That's right, an eggnog without eggs! The combination of tofu and soy milk creates an animal-friendly nog that tastes very similar to the traditional recipes.