11 Classic Cocktails Found on Mad Men

It Takes a TV Show to Remind Us Why We Love These Drinks

It has become one of the most popular TV shows of the 21st century and soon AMC's will come to an end. Notable for its behind the scenes look at the 'real' world of 1960's advertising, it is also known for drinks, and a lot of them.

The show's characters are often seen with a cocktail in hand, it was the era of the three-Martini lunch, after all, and the drinks they consume are some of the best of all time. This was a time of great taste and great excess in this industry and,...MORE if nothing else, it has brought some great drinks back into the spotlight.

Whether you are planning a Mad Men marathon or a series finale viewing party, here are the classic cocktails that have been seen in the show.

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    Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe
    It's simple, yes, but the classic Old-Fashioned cocktail is one of the best ways to enjoy a great whiskey. DAJ/Getty Images

    What you need: whiskey, fresh orange, cherry, sugar cube, aromatic bitters

    The most consumed drink on Mad Men, the Old-fashioned has become a boozy symbol for the show, almost another character unto itself. There really is no mystery to this drink, it's actually one of the easiest whiskey drinks to mix up. Bourbon is the whiskey of choice, though a fine rye does well here as well.

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    Manhattan Cocktail
    Pick up your favorite whiskey (rye, bourbon, Canadian, whatever) and mix up a Manhattan tonight. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    What you need: whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry

    The Manhattan is the iconic whiskey 'martini' and a drink that you cannot pass by without noticing. While either bourbon or Canadian whiskies have been used for years, rye whiskey is back and it's a great excuse to return to the original recipe. 

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    Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail with a cherry
    The Whiskey Sour is a simple and classic cocktail that is easy. Traditionalists will opt for egg and there are so many other sours to enjoy as well. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Graham

    What you need: whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, cherry, egg (optional)

    There are many sours in the world and the Whiskey Sour is the king of them all. The recipe is timeless and so easy to follow that this can easily become a new-old favorite. Just be sure to choose make a good decision on the whiskey.

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    Classic Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail
    Essential for the Kentucky Derby, yes, but the Mint Julep is fantastic everyday of the year. Gary Moss Photograph / Photolibrary / Getty Images

     What you need: bourbon whiskey, simple syrup or sugar, mint

    The appeal of the Mint Julep goes beyond the Kentucky Derby and there is no reason to reserve this classic for a single day. The key to a really good Mint Julep is a really good bourbon, so choose wisely. 

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    Vodka Martini with a Lemon Twist
    Vodka Martini with a Twist. Sheridan Stancliff / Stockbyte / Getty Images

    What you need: vodka, dry vermouth, lemon or olive

    Now that we've waded through the whiskey drinks of Mad Men, let's turn our focus to vodka. The show takes place at the height of the vodka boom, when the then strictly Russian liquor was becoming an American hit. In true Mad Men style, choose Smirnoff or Stoli for your martini. 

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    Classic Gimlet Cocktail
    One of the simple pleasures of life, the Gimlet is a great way to show off a good gin. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    What you need: gin or vodka, lime cordial

    Specifically the Vodka Gimlet for Mad Men fans, this little drink can be served with either gin or vodka. It require just two ingredients and is a simple, refreshingly tart cocktail that may quickly become a favorite. 

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    Popular White Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe
    Simple and satisfying, the White Russian will long remain a favorite cocktail. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Graham

    What you need: vodka, coffee liqueur, cream

    A great (and easy) drink that also hails from the vodka boom, the White Russian is another favorite among the characters of Mad Men and by the era of the show, the drink came into its modern form, filled with cream and Kahlua.

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    Bloody Mary Cocktail
    Enjoy a Bloody Mary for brunch, game day, or whenever you feel like a savory, spicy drink packed with flavor. Eddie Berman/E+/Getty Iages

    What you need: vodka, tomato juice, hot and Worcestershire sauces, lemon, various spices, celery, lemon

    The ultimate brunch (or hangover) drink, the Bloody Mary made a number of appearances during morning meetings on Mad Men. It's a great drink that can be made to fit your style and you may want to break from the vodka routine and opt for gin, tequila, whiskey, or skip the booze and make it a virgin.

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    Classic Gibson Cocktail
    The Gibson, the one cocktail that gives you an excuse to stock those adorable little cocktail onions. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    What you need: gin, dry vermouth, cocktail onion

    Mad Men drinks are not all about whiskey and vodka because gin makes a rare appearance in the occasional Gibson. It is nothing more than a Gin Martini garnished with a cocktail olive or three, though this tiny adornment does make a difference. 

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    Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
    The beautiful Blue Hawaiian is a popular drink on the tiki scene and is the ideal summer rum drink. Kyle Rothenborg / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    What you need: rum, blue curacao, creme de coconut, pineapple juice

    Two tiki cocktails shake up the cocktail scene of Mad Men and the Blue Hawaiian is one of them. This fruit and rum-filled cocktail is one of the best tropical drinks you can mix up and it can be shaken or blended, your choice. 

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    Classic Tiki Mai Tai Cocktail
    The Mai Tai is a truly 'out of this world' tiki cocktail that everyone will love. Bill Boch / Stockbyte / Getty Images

    What you need: light and dark rums, curacao, lime juice, orgeat

    One last drink to complete the Mad Men cocktail repertoire and this one is out of this world. The Mai Tai is a favorite in the tiki scene and there are number of recipes available, so there is sure to be one that is just your style. 

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