Classic Construction Toys

Many kids love building toys. Many kids like using their imagination with classic construction toys to build. Others will follow the step-by-step directions.  Building and stacking toys into their own designs is not only fun, but it helps children develop new skills. Some can improve their coordination by using their hands to attach pieces. Others will learn how to problem solve, making sure their buildings are stable.   It's even fun when kids 2 different sets at the same time, placing...MORE their LEGO mini figures inside a Lincoln Log cabin. Even though kids just look like they are playing, playing with construction toys can help them be more successful in school and in their future jobs.

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    Lincoln Logs

    Kids have been creating buildings by stacking Lincoln Logs since 1916. Over the years, while some sets have included some plastic accessories, since 2015, all Lincoln Logs are made in the United States from real wood. 

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    Classic LEGO Toys
    Amazon / LEGO

    Classic LEGO construction bricks come in all shapes and colors. Many kids following the directions to create buildings, animals, cars and scenes featuring their favorite movie. Give kids a pile of bricks and you never know what they might create! Before you know it, you may have a Master Builder on your hands. These small bricks can multiply quickly, so make sure you find a good way to store all your LEGO's.

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    K'Nex Toys
    Amazon / K'Nex

    Different than block or brick sets, K'Nex sets use interconnecting rods and connectors to create cool designs. The Mighty Makers sets are a great STEM toy for girls. These sets help promote engineering skills. For kids who love to create, but might be aging out of LEGO's, K'Nex are a great choice. K'Nex pieces don't just stack one on top of the other, so they do require more advanced problem solving abilities. 

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    Amazon / K'Nex

    I remember my TinkerToy connecting days in preschool. TinkerToy sets used to include wooden pieces, but are now currently made of plastic. The original toy, invented in 1913, was inspired by children who enjoyed designing with wooden dowels and spools of thread. TinkerToy pieces include plastic spools, rods, flags and washers. These toys are currently made in the USA.

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    Amazon / Meccano

    The inspiration for Meccano construction toys began in 1901. For over a 100 years, kids and adults have been connecting piles of metal pieces to create construction toys, boats, and airplanes. Now in the modern day world families can even use Meccano pieces to construct a walking and talking robot.


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    Amazon / Zoob

    Zoob are plastic gears, axels and joints that can be snapped and pushed together to create anything. Their unique design allows them to rotate and pivot the toys.  


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    Smart Max Builder Toys
    Keri Wilmot

    Magnetic building toys are magical for kids to build with. There is something children are drawn to when they can feel the magnetic pull and hear the sound it makes when magnets attach together.  Smart Max sets include rods and spheres, allowing kids to create 3D designs. These toys are large enough that pieces can not be swallowed, so they are enjoyed by kids as young as 18 months.

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    Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks
    Amazon / Melissa and Doug

    Wooden blocks don't need any introduction. Rectangles, cylinders and triangles can be stacked in any order to make castles, parking garages, and anything a child can design with their imagination. Just make sure to watch out when children bull-doze their structures with their hands or bodies, wooden blocks are a great building toy, but they can hurt another family member or even break something  fragile if a child gets mad or frustrated and throws one.

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    Amazon / Magformers

    Using squares and triangles, Magformers are a great magnetic toy that encourages kids to create in 2D and 3D. Magnets are housed inside the smooth, colorful structures and do not pose a choking or safety hazard.

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    LEGO Duplo
    Amazon / LEGO Duplo

    LEGO DUPLO blocks are larger and recommended for toddlers and preschool aged children with smaller hands. DUPLO sets include large, plastic pieces that can be stacked together to make cars and buildings. Scenes can be built quickly and easily. Children can follow the directions to build, one step at a time or just push the blocks together to create something on their own. Many sets also feature their favorite Disney preschool movie and television characters.

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    NanoBlock / Amazon

    NanoBlocks are for older tween aged children and adults. These are super-tiny interlocking construction blocks. There are many small sets which make them a great stocking stuffer for adults to build a conversation piece for their desk or office. Many nanoblock sets include animals but others feature famous national and international landmarks.

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    Amazon / Citiblocs

    Citiblocs aren't like traditional wood blocks. These pine blocks are small rectangular shaped blocks. Each set includes dozens of the same exact rectangular block that can be  used to make amazing, intricate designs.