18 Classic Crochet Blankets

Collection of Timeless Blanket Patterns

Classic Crochet Blankets
Classic Crochet Blankets. Interweave

Interweave Crochet has collected 18 beautiful crochet blanket patterns into one book aptly titled Classic Crochet Blankets. Each individual crochet blanket in this collection is the best version of that type of blanket. Combined together, they are more than the sum of their parts. This is the kind of book that every crocheter might want to add to his or her library of go-to pattern books.

Contemporary Classic Crochet Blankets

The thing that each of these crochet blanket patterns has in common is that the blanket design is classic but it is also contemporary.

For example, there is a chevron bedspread crochet pattern in this book. The chevron is one of the most easily recognizable patterns and is frequently used in crochet blanket making. So, it's a classic. And yet, the combination of the color choices, the open ripple edge, and the different widths of zigzags in this particular version come together to make a crochet chevron blanket that is contemporary and unique from others out there.

The Best of The Basics

That's what makes each individual pattern in this book a special piece - it's the best of the basic designs you might want to make. Yes, you could go look for a chevron crochet blanket pattern, but you would find many many many examples of them and not know where to start. The best of all of the options has been selected here and included in this collection. You can confidently open the book, with a chevron in mind, and know that you're going to find one terrific option right here.

The same would be true if you were looking to make a granny square blanket or a pineapple lace crochet blanket; the best options are right here.

Stellar Crochet Designers

The crochet blanket patterns in this book were designed by a variety of different crochet designers, each of whom has really made a mark in the industry.

I immediately think of Sarah London when I think of the colorful, contemporary crochet granny square, so it was no surprise at all to see that she was the designer of the granny blanket in this book. Doris Chan does amazing work with lace so her pineapple lace afghan makes perfect sense. Likewise, I wasn't surprised to see pops of color on the Urchins and Limpets blanket by color master Kathy Merrick. The right designers were selected for the right patterns in this collection.

Crochet Blanket Edgings

This book also has a section at the end featuring different types of crochet blanket edgings that you can use if you so choose. This is a great resource for people who frequently make their own crochet blankets. It reminds you quickly of the options and shows you easily how to make them. That means that even if you're working with a blanket pattern that is not in this book, the book can remain useful to you in terms of adapting or adding edgings to finish the piece.