Gifts for Grandmothers Who Like the Classics

For Mother's Day, Birthdays and Grandparents Day

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Lots of grandmothers have reached that point in their lives when they don't need a lot of things. Still, they should be remembered on birthdays, Mother's Day and Grandparents Day. These gifts for grandmothers are classy, but not stuffy.

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    Elegant throw pillows can enhance the decor in any room of the house. Choose classic geometrics that will never go out of style. These from Howarmer in sturdy cotton canvas won't break the bank, either. Hidden zippers preserve the clean look. Available in a variety of colors, including yellow and teal. Pillow inserts sold separately.

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    I love three things about these knives. First, they are color coded so that you know just which one you need to grab. No more fumbling through a drawer of knives that look all the same. Second, they come with blade guards to make them practical to carry, for picnics with the grandkids, you know. Third, they are by Cuisinart, a trustworthy name in cutlery. 

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    Give a grandmother a gift of luxury that she wouldn't buy for herself. These large size bath bombs will turn any bath into a spa experience. She'll love all six luscious varieties, and each has cocoa butter and shea butter to pamper her skin. They contain only natural, organic ingredients, so the scents are light and just right.

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    A new-ish fragrance released in 2014, Dahlia Divin will please those who like floral with additional notes, in this case fruit with sandalwood and patchouli. Grandmothers will only need to use a dab, and the scent lasts a long time. The bottle is chunky, classy and substantial, with gold trim to add class to any dressing table.

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    nana charm for grandmother
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    This sterling silver James Avery charm is one of the most artfully designed pieces of grandmother jewelry on the market. Charm bracelets are back in style, you know, but grandmothers can wear this on a dainty chain as well. It's engravable on the back so that the grandchildren can add a special message. 

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     Making a great cosmetic bag shouldn't be hard, so why are there so many bad ones out there? This is one of the good ones. It has a classic look and is large enough to hold everything. It sits firmly on its flat bottom. And it can be machiine washed and dried when it gets grungy. Available in teal and other lovely colors.

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    If there is anything grandmothers love more than photos of their grandchildren, it's framed photos of their grandchildren. This frame is beautiful, but not fussy, so it won't detract from those adorable faces. It holds a 5 X 7 print and looks especially elegant with a black-and-white photo. Hang it on the wall or use the easel back to display it on a table top. 

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    Can't we all just admit that we're tired of the white, plain-Jane spa robe? This fleece number by Napa is soft microfleece on the outside and cozy Sherpa fleece on the inside. The streamlined kimono styling makes it work. It's perfect for drinking coffee on the porch with the grandchildren or with grandpa. One size fits most.

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    Forget infinity scarves. The latest look is the blanket scarf, and this one is big enough to be stylish but not so large that it's unmanageable. Acrylic for easy care and soft feel, its tartan design is classic. It's available in a number of color combinations. 

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    New York Times foodie Mark Bittman demonstrates a mix-and-match technique that can open up a whole new culinary world. The goal is to teach food combinations and preparations that allow cooks to improvise without a recipe. Grandparents who are trying for a healthful diet should know that clean eating is one of Bittman's things, too. 

Where grandmother gifts are concerned, it's indisputable that one style does not fit all. If the grandmother you are buying for is a bit more traditional, take a look at gifts for old-fashioned grandmothers. If your grandmother has a touch of boho, check out these gifts for global grandmothers. And if you have a grandmother who is always on the go, look at this list of gifts for active grandmothers.