From mopping to sweeping to vacuuming, our simple guides and helpful tips for cleaning hardwoods, carpet, tile, and more will help you get your surfaces sparkling in no time.

Modern living room with marble floors
Make Marble Floors Last By Learning How to Clean Them Correctly
Woman sweeping blue striped carpet
How to Effectively Clean Your Carpet If You Don't Have a Vacuum
Concrete accent kitchen
Remove Peeling or Unwanted Paint From Concrete
Clean vinyl floor items
Keep Vinyl Floors Looking Clean and Shiny
person cleaning a bamboo floor
How to Clean Bamboo Floors Like a Pro
there are multiple methods for cleaning laminate foors
Tips For Cleaning and Shining Laminate Floors
a microfiber mop on a wood floor
Learn How to Clean Wood Floors to Keep Them Looking Great
Hardwood floor cleaning supplies
7 Reasons Your Hardwood Floors Look Dull
Person using a steam cleaner to clean carpets.
Why Is My Carpet Turning Black Around the Edges?
Rubber tile floor with cleaning supplies
The Right Way to Clean Rubber Flooring Tiles
Grandfather reading to grandkids in a gray living room.
Use These 4 Ways to Prevent Carpet Mold
Red vacuum cleaning tan carpet
Here's How to Actually Get Your Carpet Clean (and Keep It That Way)
person using cleaner on a vomit stain
Get Rid of Vomit Stains and Odors in Carpet
Upright vacuum cleaner vacuuming over carpet
Are You Vacuuming the Wrong Way?
Cleaning self-adhesive floor tiles
Cleaning Self-Adhesive Floor Tiles
Red wine spilled on carpet
Removing Beer and Wine Stains From Carpeting
Kitchen with slate flooring
How to Clean and Remove Stains From Slate Floor Tiles
Cleaning bathroom tile floor
How to Clean Tile Floors
A mop being dipped into a bucket
How to Clean a Floor the Right Way With Mopping
Red juice spill on a carpet
Removing Carpet Stains With Dishwashing Liquid
black dirty oil on concrete ground
Best Oil-Stain Removers for a Concrete Floor
Close up of a brick wall and floor
Learn How to Clean Brick Floors
Laminate wood floor with rug and chair legs closeup
9 Ways to Ruin Your Laminate Floors
Kitten looking at camera
How to Get Cat Urine Odor out of Wood Floors
Steam cleaning hardwood floors
Use Caution When Steam Cleaning Hardwood Flooring
How to Clean Concrete Floors
The Best Way to Clean Indoor and Exterior Concrete Floors
Cleaning laminate floor
How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors
Carpet vacuum cleaner
How Often to Vacuum Carpet
Tile travertine Flooring
Clean Travertine Flooring Properly to Make It Last
The best approach to carpet cleaning? Do this before using a carpet cleaner
Porcelain tile cleaning supplies
How to Clean and Care for Porcelain Floor Tiles
steam floor cleaner
How to Clean Floors Efficiently With a Steam Mop
Interior view of a great room that face the backyard
Simple Steps for Cleaning and Caring for Hardwood Floors
Water rings stained on wood
Remove Careless White and Dark Rings From Wood Floors and Furniture
Someone using dust mop on hardwood floor
Get the Best Results From Your Dust Mop
Wooden floors being swept with a green broom in kitchen with gray cabinets
What is the Best Way to Sweep a Floor?
Person mopping with a microfiber mop while woman in the background is wiping the floor.
Do I Have to Mop Weekly?