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Cleaning How-Tos

See how-to guides for cleaning every corner of your home (and everything inside it), with step-by-step instructions and expert advice for a tidier home.

pair of scissors that needs to be cleaned
How to Clean Sticky or Rusty Scissors in No Time
EliteShade Sunbrella 9-Foot 3-Tier Market Umbrella
How to Clean Sunbrella Fabric
hydroflask water bottle
How to Clean a Hydro Flask Water Bottle
Close up of shaving cream and razor
7 Surprising Ways to Clean With Shaving Cream
how to clean window tracks closed window
How to Clean Window Tracks in 5 Easy Steps
Cleaning Upholstery with steam cleaner
How to Steam Clean a Couch in 4 Simple Steps
Flat iron on a marble bathroom countertop
How to Properly Clean Your Flat Iron
Closeup view of a person cleaning a porcelain sink - NO REUSE
How to Clean a Porcelain Sink in 6 Simple Steps
View of a faux fur bean bag chair in the corner of a living room
How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair
Person buffing silver with a microfiber cloth
How to Clean Sterling Silver and Keep It Shining
Removing excess soil from fleece-lined Crocs
How to Clean Crocs in 3 Simple Steps
Wide view of a freshly cleaned apartment
How to Clean Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps
removing a sticker from glass with a scraper
How to Remove Sticker Residue From Glass
Gold trash can surrounded by cleaning materials
How to Clean a Trash Can
Closeup of hand spraying windows
How to Clean Windows Like a Pro
Cleaning supples on the floor of a living room
A Complete Guide for Deep Cleaning Every Room in Your Home
Woman dusting a home heater
Why Is My House So Dusty?
cleaning supplies
50 Best Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh and Tidy
Closeup of a soiled Apple watch band
How to Clean an Apple Watch Band
Soiled makeup brushes spilling out of a bag
How to Clean Makeup Brushes With Ease
ceiling cleaning
Ceiling Cleaning: How to Clean a Ceiling
Removing dirt and loose soil from sneakers with an old toothbrush
How to Wash Dirty Sneakers With or Without a Machine
Rubbing lotion on a shoe to help creases disappear
How to Get Creases and Dents Out of Shoes
Person holding up a drinking glass with many scratches on it
How to Get Scratches Off of Glass in No Time
Woman plugging in electric car
How to Clean and Wash Your Electric Vehicle at Home
Person spraying a tile floor
12 Cleaning Tips to Start Fresh in the New Year
Overhead view of person conditioning a leather boot
How to Condition Leather Around Your Home
Closeup of cleaning an airpod case with a cotton swab
How to Easily Clean Your Airpods Case
Dusting off the light bulb with a microfiber cloth
How to Clean and Dust Lightbulbs in Just 2 Steps
Mold on a wall in a house
7 Signs You Have Mold in Your Home and What to Do
cottage and sea minimalist christmas living room
5 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home During the Holidays
Person removing super glue from plastic
How to Easily Remove Superglue from Plastic
Bottles of vinegar and bleach next to each other on a countertop
Why You Should Never Combine Bleach and Vinegar While Cleaning
Overhead view of someone removing a sticker from a piece of wood
How to Remove Stickers From Wood 3 Ways
Pretty woven wicker basket.
How to Clean Wicker Baskets in 3 Easy Steps
A group of terracotta pots
How to Clean Terracotta Pots in 4 Easy Steps
Closeup of baking soda being used to deodorize a carpet
How to Clean and Deodorize Carpet With Baking Soda
Side view of someone cleaning the interior of a dryer
How to Go About Dryer Cleaning the Smart Way
Coffee-stained mug
How to Remove Tannin-Based Stains from Drinkware
cleaning caddy
5 Professional Tips to Keep Your House Clean
Overhead view of dirty sponges preparing to be cleaned
How to Clean a Kitchen Sponge
Using a wet toothbrush to scrub the ivory piano keys
How to Clean Piano Keys
Front view of a clean and organized desk
How to Clean Your Desk for a Fresh Start
Closeup view of a robot vacuum roomba
How to Clean Your Robot Vacuum Properly
Closeup of stained coffee mugs
How to Remove Coffee Stains from Mugs and Cups
Closeup of a Dyson vacuum
How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum
Preparing to clean a hairbrush
How to Clean Dirty Hair Brushes
Closeup of a person dusting off a ceiling fan
How to Clean a Ceiling Fan in a Few Easy Steps
White kitchen cabinets
8 Must-Do Tasks Experts Always Tackle Before Spring Cleaning
Overhead view of a person polishing and cleaning costume jewelry ring
How to Clean Costume Jewelry the Right Way
Holiday tablescape
How to Get Your Home Clean and Guest-Ready in One Hour
How To Clean Your Entire House
The Ultimate Checklist for Cleaning Your Entire House
Vignette of a velvet chair with a curated coffee table of knick knacks
How to Fake Your Way to a Clean Space Before Guests Arrive
cleaning a sink
8 Spaces We All Forget to Clean During Spring Cleaning
Long dusting brush leaning against vacuum in living room closeup
Should You Dust or Vacuum First?
Closeup of a spring cleaning kit on a living room coffee table
15 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips From Cleaning Pros
Dog cuddling on sofa with a throw blanket
Are You Washing Your Throw Blankets Enough?
Vacuum handle lifted over clear container with clean filter
How to Clean a Vacuum Filter
The Shark Navigator DLX Upright Vacuum sits in front of a couch during The Spruce's vacuum test at The Lab.
How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Its Filter
Blood stain on white mattress next to cleaning materials closeup
How to Get Blood Out of a Mattress