The Spruce's "Cleaning Made Easy" Print Issue Is Here!

Learn all about our debut print magazine and where to read it

The Spruce cleaning made easy print magazine

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Here at The Spruce, we highlight all of the amazing ways to show your home some love. We introduce you to the latest decorating trends, explain how to start a spectacular garden, and share the coolest must-have home essentials. Although it may be one of your least favorite chores, it turns out that one of the best ways to show your home some love is by giving it a good old-fashioned top-to-bottom clean.

At The Spruce, we really believe that housekeeping is the foundation for every other aspect of your space and is essential to its function, which is why we've dedicated an entire magazine to the topic. We're here to help you make your cleanest home—and finally make cleaning easy.

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Welcoming The Spruce Cleaning Made Easy

Welcome to our debut magazine, The Spruce Cleaning Made Easy. This issue marks our very first print endeavor, and is sure to become a household staple to guide you through all things cleaning and getting your home into tip-top shape. Inside, you'll find everything you need to know about housekeeping, from creating weekly schedules to room-by-room tidying tricks. You'll also find answers to your toughest cleaning questions with expert advice for cleaning with allergies, tackling gutters, and getting rid of pests for good.

We’ll also introduce you to The Spruce’s Cleaning All-Stars, the top-rated, must-have tools that make housekeeping a total breeze. Each pick has been hand-tested by our product testing lab, earning “The Spruce Approved” seal of approval so you can feel confident in your clean.

Loyal Spruce readers know that we take cleaning very seriously and only offer the best advice written and reviewed by cleaning experts. Each piece in the magazine was thoroughly researched, developed by experts, and authenticated by members of our Cleaning Review Board, so you can be sure that the methods and hacks listed are the best around.

While we may not be able to tidy and clean your home at the snap of our fingertips, we can offer all of the support and expert-backed methods to get you started.

Our Goal for Readers

Just as you might keep a sacred cookbook on hand at home, we hope this issue will become something of a "cleanbook," a timeless guide for all your cleaning needs. As we approach spring cleaning season, the expert advice in this issue is as timely as ever. But, we hope this magazine sticks around on your shelves long after the spring is over. We hope it will be there for you with every stained white t-shirt, every ant invasion, and every laundry day to come.

Where to Read the Magazine

The Spruce Cleaning Made Easy is on sale now at grocery stores, convenience stores, and everywhere magazines are sold, as well as on Amazon and here at

Look out for more from The Spruce on newsstands near you—we aren't finished printing just yet!