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Proper cleaning requires the right tools: Learn all about common cleaning products and appliances—and how to use them the right way—in our guides to cleaning essentials.

Clothes steamer next to rolled pink cloth and cleaning solution
How to Clean a Clothes Steamer
overhead still life of cleaning products and supplies
Are You Wasting Time and Energy Using Cleaning Products the Wrong Way?
woman wiping off a doorknob with disinfectant wipes
Are You Using Disinfectant Wipes the Right Way?
Hydrogen peroxide
22 Surprising Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Around the Home
vinegar in a laundry basket
Top 10 Reasons to Add Vinegar to Your Laundry Routine
using a dryer sheet on a couch
15 Ways to Get More From Your Dryer Sheets
Moka pot on on lighted stovetop closeup
The Right Way to Clean a Moka Pot for Great Tasting Coffee
Disassembled coffee grinder next to yellow cleaning cloth and coffee beans
Clean Your Coffee Grinder for the Freshest Tasting Cup of Coffee
French press
Properly Clean Your French Press for the Best Tasting Coffee
cleaning a stovetop
Ceramic, Electric Coils or Gas: Learn How to Clean Your Stovetop
person cleaning a keurig
Want Better Tasting Coffee? A Clean Keurig is Key
cleaning a stand mixer
What's Lurking in Your Coffee Maker and Toaster Oven?
Yellow vacuum with hose leak repaired with clear tape
Does Your Vacuum Cleaner Suck? Maybe It Has a Leaky Hose
An air dryer in a living room
6 DIYs to Dehumidify Your Home
waffle iron with batter stuck to it
Make the Best Breakfasts With a Clean Waffle Iron
Upright vacuum cleaner with hose being used on wooden floor
8 Surprising Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner
steaming curtains
11 Surprising Things You Can Clean With a Clothes Steamer
Loading Dishwasher
Forks Up or Down? How to Load a Dishwasher the Right Way
pouring baking soda down a drain
Learn How to Unclog a Drain With Baking Soda and Vinegar
closeup of a steam mop
Do Steam Mops Work? 10 Tips and Tricks
copper and brass items
Use This Trick to Remove Tarnish From Brass
dish soap dispenser
What Are Some Common Household Uses for Dish Soap?
Safe household cleaning products with brushes
Use These Septic Safe Household Cleaning Products
using a steam cleaner on curtains
Practical Tips for Using a Portable Steam Cleaner
20 Mule Team borax
Where Can I Buy Borax Powder?
Two women looking at a robot vacuum
The Best Time to Buy a Vacuum
Vacuum cleaner in an empty room
How Much Money Will a New Vacuum Cleaner Cost?
reverse tie dye tee shirt with bleach
Create Unique Clothing Designs With Chlorine Bleach
mop and cleaners
How to Save Money With Chemical-Free, Homemade Mopping Solutions
spray bottle of ammonia
All About Ammonia Cleaning
using a steam cleaner on grout
How to Renew Tile Grout the Easy Way With a Steam Cleaner
Woman vacuuming
A Guide to Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners
person cleaning an oven
You'll Be a Better Baker With a Clean Oven
Febreze plug in unit
Everything You Need to Know About Febreze Plug Air Freshener
toilet cleaning tools
Toilet Cleaning Tools
denture tablets
8 Ways to Use Denture Tablets to Clean Your Home
before and after of bathroom tile
How to Make a DIY Mold Remover With Vinegar
Food processor with chopped nuts inside and cover on the side
How to Clean the Gunk out of a Food Processor
using bleach to clean a bathroom wall
Is Bleach the Best Cleaner for Your Home?
humidifier near houseplants
9 Tips for Making the Most of Your Portable Humidifier
person wiping a mirror with rubbing alcohol
7 Unexpected Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol Around the House
Man vacuuming a carpet
Can You Vacuum SmartStrand Carpet?
jar of baking soda
Ways to Use Baking Soda Around the House
Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter passing over tan carpet
What's the Difference Between a HEPA Vacuum and a HEPA Bag or Filter?
Wet mop cleaning wooden floor
Here's the Best Way to Keep Your Mop Sanitary
Couple looking at a washing machine in a department store
How to Use the CEE Tier Label to Pick an Appliance
Cleaning off excess tile grout
Clean Masonry Surfaces Safely With Muriatic Acid
Washing soda
This Is Where You Can Buy Washing Soda
YBM Ironing Board
An Ironing Board or Pad Can Save You Time
Girl pulling out wet wipe
How to Read a Cleaning Product Label and What Those Warnings Mean
16 Ways to Use Toothpaste for Cleaning Around the House
castile soap and spray bottle
How to Clean Your Entire House with Castile Soap
spray starch next to an iron
How to Make a Homemade Spray Starch for Smooth Ironing
washing soda in a jar
Do I Need Washing Soda?
Woman Repairing Her Own Refrigerator
DIY Guide to Repairing Refrigerators
Empty dishwasher with tools on door
How to Repair Your Dishwasher
Cleaning Dishwasher Filter
Tips to Fix a Dishwasher That Leaves Dirty Dishes
Dishwasher door open with dishes in dish rack
Options of Dishwashers Available Before You Buy One for Your Home
Dishwasher racks filled with pots, cups, plates and utensils
Avoid a Disaster by Not Putting Certain Things in a Dishwasher
Toys in Dishwasher
40 Surprising Things You Can Clean in Your Dishwasher