How to Clear Your Bed of Bad Feng Shui Energy

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If a romantic relationship has ended badly and you feel you cannot sleep in your bedroom or your bed because of the bad energy or painful memories left behind, there are ways to "clean" your spaces from the absorbed negative energy.

Bad Energy in Your Space

You may feel like you cannot sleep in your bed or even step foot in your bedroom without the oppressing weight of your relationship woes. So, if getting a new bed is not in the cards, then what can you do?

There are many feng shui ways to help you, and no matter which method you decide to apply, it is important to be consistent with it. It might take some time to fully clear your bedroom of negative energy, but it is certainly possible.

Understand Energy Absorption

Various materials and textures absorb (and hold) the energy in various ways. This applies to both negative as well as positive energies. To understand the concept further, imagine energy as colored water. If you spill the water on a reflective surface, such as stainless steel, for example, it will be really easy to clean it. However, if it is spilled on silk or cotton, it gets much harder to clear it completely.

While there is no need to buy a new bed once your relationship has ended, it can be a good idea to let go of the old mattress especially if this was a long-term relationship where you shared the bed for years. It is not something you must do, but it is something that is good to consider.

How to Clean the Bed and Bedroom

To clear the bad energy from your bed and bedroom—that is the energy residue that brings you sadness, disappointment, and pain—you need to do a space clearing. A major feng shui space clearing can include a deep clean and dusting of your room from top to bottom, leaving no nook or cranny untouched. Then, there are some rituals including smudging with sage or using essential oils to purify your space. You will want to continue on this course of space clearing your bed and bedroom on a weekly or even daily basis for at least a month. This might sound like a lot of work; it really is not.

Feng Shui Tips for Clearing Your Bedroom

If you still cannot sleep well, be sure to shift the feng shui energy in your whole bedroom.

  • Reposition your bed
  • Buy new bedding
  • If possible, buy a new mattress
  • Slightly move all pieces of furniture
  • Clear out your closet
  • Mount a photo or art that speaks to you of love and beauty
  • Place several rose quartz crystals close to your bed
  • Use an aromatherapy diffuser with soothing essential oils
  • Adorn your bedroom often with a small bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Use natural candles before going to sleep

Let the nourishing energy of self-love take expression in your newly feng shui bedroom, as this will help your heart open to love another person again. Commit to establishing a very loving relationship with yourself and know that this painful period in your life shall pass. Trust that a better romantic relationship is there for you, and you can even use feng shui to improve your love life and prospects.

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