9 Clever Birthday Party DIYs

Get ready to celebrate your friend's or family member's birthday with some amazing birthday party DIY ideas--so much better than the generic decor you find at the party store!

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    Birthday Cake Box

    DIY Birthday Cake Box
    Oh Happy Day

    Decorate the table for the birthday party by leaving an adorable cake box for each person with a small party favor inside to create a festive party tablescape. This clever DIY can be made with colored paper and paper streamers in a few minutes and is a spectacular way to wrap up small gifts.

    DIY Birthday Cake Box Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Birthday Cake Slice Box

    DIY Birthday Cake Slice Box
    Studio DIY

    Package up a small gift or some candy in this top-notch slice-of-birthday-cake box that you can make by cutting out the box template, using a Cricut, and decorating the box with sprinkles and DIY paper candles. Anyone you present this adorable box to will be highly impressed by your creative gift packaging.

    DIY Birthday Cake Slice Box Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    Origami Cupcake Birthday Card

    Dana Hinders / The Spruce

    Everyone appreciates a homemade card on their birthday; they demonstrate just how much thought you put into the gift. Follow this tutorial to learn how to fold an origami cupcake card and brighten someone's special day!

    Origami Cupcake Birthday Card from The Spruce

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    Balloon Cupcake Toppers

    DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers
    DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers. Studio DIY

    Top your delicious homemade cupcakes with these stunning DIY balloon toppers that float over each cupcake. To make your own, you will need to use colorful paper clips for the balloon string and cardstock to create the mini balloons for each cupcake.

    D​IY Balloon Cupcake Toppers Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    Birthday Banner Box

    DIY Birthday Banner Box
    DIY Birthday Banner Box. Oh Happy Day

    Give the birthday guy or gal a message they can keep by making a tiny birthday banner that hides inside a small kraft box. Because the box is small, it's perfect for mailing to a friend, or it can just as easily be placed in a larger box to go along with your gift.

    DIY Birthday Banner Box Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Wooden Birthday Cake

    DIY Wooden Birthday Cake
    DIY Wooden Birthday Cake. Sugar And Cloth

    Build your own modern reusable birthday decor that's perfect for a birthday party centerpiece. All you need is a board (or some pieces of scrap wood), a drill, some wood glue, and a few fun colors of paint. Fill the cake with real candles so the birthday boy or girl can blow them out.

    DIY Wooden Birthday Cake Tutorial from Sugar & Cloth

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    Number Pinata

    If you think a big number candle on a birthday cake is fun, what about a giant number pinata? Using cardboard, some tape, and lots of paper fringe, you can make a custom pinata with any number (or numbers) you need. It's a real pinata, so you can fill it with candy that everyone can share or with special surprise gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

    DIY Age Pinata Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Balloon Surprise Box

    DIY Balloon Surprise Box
    DIY Balloon Surprise Box. Studio DIY

    This simple idea is pure genius. Fill a big mystery box with helium balloons and leave it on the recipient's doorstep. When they open the box, the balloons pop out on their own. Surprise! Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the fun.

    DIY Balloon Surprise Box Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    Fun Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

    DIY Fun Kraft Paper Gift Wrap
    DIY Fun Kraft Paper Gift Wrap. Tell Love And Chocolate

    Get someone extra excited about their birthday gift with beautiful custom wrapping. Skip the expensive store-bought gift wrap and make your own with kraft paper and tissue paper in their favorite colors. The kraft paper is the perfect canvas for your colorful creations.

    DIY Fun Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Tutorial from​ Tell Love and Party