15 Clever Handbag Storage Ideas

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When handbags aren't in use, where to keep them can be a conundrum. Some bags can be fairly bulky while others can be fragile. And some people have a vast collection of them. So a good storage system that organizes and protects the bags is essential. There are options to fit large and small spaces alike, and some come with very minimal cost and effort to implement them.

Here are 15 simple ideas to help you organize your handbags, from do-it-yourself purse organizer ideas to storage solutions you can purchase.

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    Organize Purses with Cubbies and Bins

    bins holding handbags

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    Cubbies are excellent for storing various sizes of handbags if you have the space to install them. If you don't have space for cubbies, simply storing handbags in plastic bins that you tuck in a closet or under a bed can be a good way to keep them protected and organized. The best part about cubbies and bins is there are plenty of options on the market. So finding something in the right size and style is almost guaranteed.

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    Try Hanging Purses from Hooks

    hooks holding handbags

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    Hooks are an easy way to store bags if the layout of your space allows for them. You can place hooks on doors, with the inside of a closet door being a prime spot. You also can mount hooks in a row on the wall to keep your bags visible and within easy reach. Just make sure to keep the bags hanging neatly if they're not behind a closed door. And don't hang them somewhere you'll often bump into them.

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    Opt for Bag Organizers

    handbags hanging on the outside of a door

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    There are several products that let you hang bags vertically. For instance, an organizer like a purse file will keep multiple handbags in line. You can also store bags vertically on a door with a rack. This is a great space-saving method of storing totes and handbags.

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    Organize Purses with Magazine Holders

    magazine holders storing handbags

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    Holders designed for other items can double as a fantastic do-it-yourself purse organizer as well. For example, slim bags that won’t slouch over can slip into magazine holders. Other types of organizers that can hold handbags include file folders and hat boxes. And of course you can always store small bags inside larger ones to keep them protected and all in one place.

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    Invest in Shelf Dividers

    shelf dividers holding handbags

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    Like magazine holders, shelf dividers also can keep handbags upright and separated. They are a good choice if you have lots of shelf space in a closet. Shelf dividers are an excellent way to allow you to see your entire handbag collection all at once, including the small bags that otherwise might get piled in a storage container.

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    Use Shower Curtain Rings

    using shower curtain rings to hang handbags

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    Shower curtain rings are an inexpensive and simple storage solution for handbags. Just attach the rings to a closet rod, and hang the bag straps from them. Hanging bags from their handles usually forces them into a sideways position, so you'll be able to line up their narrowest parts to save space. However, this hack isn't recommended for heavy bags, as it can put too much long-term stress on the straps and wear them out.

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    Place Purses on High Closet Shelves

    using high shelves for handbag storage

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    If you're currently storing folded clothing on the top shelf of your closet, consider swapping it for your handbags instead. It can be difficult to see what's in a pile of clothes on a high shelf and reach what you need without disrupting the whole stack. But it's much easier to take inventory of handbags on the shelf and grab what you need without pulling everything else down. You can always keep clothing in drawers or an under-the-bed storage container.

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    Bring in Wall Shelving

    wall shelf holding handbags

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    Some handbags are too pretty to be hidden inside a closet. Instead, consider displaying them on a wall shelf. You can install just one floating shelf or a group of shelves to hold your favorite bags and give you easy access to them. This serves both as a storage solution and decor piece in the space. There are many wall shelf size and style options to suit your storage needs and fit seamlessly with your existing decor.

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    Style Purses on a Bookcase

    bookcase holding handbags

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    If you don't want to install wall shelving, you always can store handbags on a bookcase. This storage solution is a good option if you don't have existing built-in shelving in a closet for your bags, and there are many bookcase sizes to fit your needs. To keep your handbags standing upright, you can use shelf dividers. Or you can simply stuff them with tissue paper for support.

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    Use Handbag Hangers

    Purses on clear hangers

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    Rather than squeezing purses into a drawer or hanging them on traditional hangers, hooks made specifically for purses help keep the shape of the handles and maintain a clean aesthetic when storing them in your closet. Purchase a set and dangle your favorite totes in a row. It'll look streamlined and clean and you'll have an easy time finding your pick for the day.

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    Create a Purse Wall

    Purses on a wall

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    Show off large purse collections by dedicating an entire wall to them. You can organize them by color, texture, material, or size. To really keep them tidy, measure out your shelves beforehand to see how many handbags will be able to successfully fit. Clear acrylic dividers can help maintain the space and structure of the purses, too.

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    Color Coordinate Your Handbags

    Purses organized by color

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    For a smaller but eclectic purse collection, group them by material and color. As this stylish example proves, purse organization can be super visually pleasing when more thought is put into color coordination. Acrylic boxes are great for separating bags and containing smaller coin purses, clutches, and wallets.

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    Utilize Empty Space

    Purse hanging in a closet

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    Purse organization doesn't need to take up too much coveted closet space. Take a look around your room and see if there are storage opportunities in unexpected places. One such area is the back of a bedroom or closet door. All it takes is a hook or over-the-door storage hanger and you have a purse section that won't infringe on any additional space.

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    Create an Accessories Corner

    Shoes and purses styled together

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    Blend your shoes and purses to make selecting accessories each day a breeze. Anyone who appreciates a good pairing will find this organization method helpful for visualizing outfits. Use dividers to parse items out or reserve every other shelf for purses with shoes on the alternating ledges.

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    Rely on Multiple Methods

    Purses stored in many different ways

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    Organizing your accessories often takes more than just one storage solution. Different sizes of purses may be better suited for different layouts. Smaller wallets and bags can be tucked away between dividers whereas bigger totes can take up space on a higher shelf. Take inventory of what you have, then create an action plan that incorporates a few different methods.

  • How do you store purses in a small room?

    Without a walk-in closet or much space for your clothes, let alone purses, creative storage solutions are in order. Opt for hooks and compartments that can hang on doors or look for drawers and organizational boxes that can be tucked under your bed or beneath closet shelves.

  • Is it OK to store purses in plastic containers?

    This typically depends on the material it's made from. It is better to keep leather purses stored on shelves or in their dust bags. Though faux leather and synthetic materials may be better off in plastic bins, it's best to find options that give breathing room for handbags. Choose purse hangers or dividers for smaller purses rather than placing them all in a bin together.

  • How do you display bags on a shelf?

    Purses with structure that are made of harder materials can typically stand up on their own. There are several ways you in style them. Try putting them in groups of three, separating by size, or organizing them by color. Slouchy bags and smaller purses may do better with dividers or looped onto hangers.

  • How do I keep my purses from slouching?

    Purses that can't stand up on their own will do best with a little assistance from dividers. These not only separate out your bags, but they provide extra support for the shape of the purse. You can also purchase purse inserts or stuffing materials. These go inside of your handbag and help it retain it's shape while it's in storage. Tissue paper and soft packaging materials you already have at home can serve as handy DIY purse inserts.