10 Clever Ikea Hacks To Try

Give your Ikea furniture a chic new look with these amazing DIY ideas

There is so much to love about Ikea furniture, popular Swedish furniture company offers popular furniture pieces for an affordable price. The problem is all your friends might own the same pieces of furniture, so if you want to give your Ikea products a fresh new look the best way to do that is through a DIY makeover. Here are 10 Ikea makeover projects that are sure to leave you feeling inspired as they show you how to take your Ikea furniture and transform them into chic high end looking...MORE furniture pieces for your home.

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    DIY Ikea Akurum Credenza
    DIY Ikea Akurum Credenza. Almost Makes Perfect

    Create a faux credenza by mounting two Ikea Akurum kitchen cabinets next to each other on a wall. Surround the cabinets with stained wood to give a two-toned contrasting long wall credenza perfect for storing all your dining room essentials and the extra counter space is ​the perfect spot to display art and vases. 

    DIY Ikea Akurum Credenza from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Tufted Ikea Karlstad Hack
    DIY Tufted Ikea Karlstad Hack. My So-Called Hand Made Life

    Transform your existing Karlstad couch into a stylish mid-century inspired tufted couch by tufting the top two cushion by hand by using upholstery twine and 40 buttons. To complete the Karlstad transformation to a more traditional piece the couch legs were also replaced with 4 tapered oak legs. This amazing DIY is the perfect project to try give your old couch a new look.

    DIY Tufted Ikea Karlstad Hack from My So Called Handmade Life

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    DIY Extra Tall Ikea Kardemumma Plant Pots
    DIY Extra Tall Ikea Kardemumma Plant Pots. Brady Bunch Remodel

    Instead of using a plant stand raise your plants higher off the ground by taking two Kardemumma plant pots and gluing the base of both pots together. The second plant pot will act as the plant stand and give the illusion of one larger pot that the plant is growing in.  

    DIY Extra Tall Ikea Kardemumma Plant Pots from Brady Bunch Remodel 

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    DIY Ikea Vittsjo Bar Cart Hack
    DIY Ikea Vittsjo Bar Cart Hack. Style Me Pretty

    Style Me Pretty shows how to upgrade your Ikea desk into an amazing bar cart by attaching a clear acrylic sheet and wheels to the base of the table. To update the overall finish of the bar cart to something more fun spray paint the desk to your desired color and apply decorative paper to the particle board shelf. 

    DIY Ikea Vittsjo Bar Cart Hack from Style Me Pretty

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    DIY Ikea Strandmon Rocking Chair
    DIY Ikea Strandmon Rocking Chair. Interiors by Kenz

    Perfect for those of you who are pregnant, create a comfy plush rocking chair for you and your baby to enjoy together. Simply attach rocking chair runners to the base of the existing chair legs by drilling holes in the runners and drilling the chair legs and runners together. To complete the chair, stain the legs and rocking chair runners to match. 

    DIY Ikea Strandmon Rocking Chair from Interiorz by Kenz

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    DIY Dipped Painted Ikea Svalbo Table
    DIY Dipped Painted Ikea Svalbo Table. The Sweet Beast

    Give a splash of color to your Svalbo table with a dipped paint effect. To begin, remove the base shelf of the table, removing the wooden dowels and filling the holes with wood filler. Next tape off the bottom ¼ of the Svalbo table and paint one coat of paint primer, followed by two coats of your choice of paint color and one coat of clear topcoat.

    DIY Dipped Painted Ikea Svalbo Table from The Sweet Beast Blog

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    DIY Two Toned Ikea Rast Dresser
    DIY Two Toned Ikea Rast Dresser. Suite Revival

    Take your unfinished Rast dresser to new heights by painting the drawers with acrylic white paint and staining the outer frame with dark wood stain. After the dresser has dried reassemble and replace the knobs with stylish brass pulls, the end result will leave you with a high-end looking dresser. 

    DIY Two Toned Ikea Rast Dresser from Suite Revival 

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    DIY Ikea Expedit Dollhouse
    DIY Ikea Expedit Dollhouse. The Shopping Mama

    Using a 2x2 Expedit bookcase as a frame you can create a simple dollhouse. Glue decorative paper as wallpaper and flooring to decorate each of the four rooms. To complete the look of the dollhouse add dollhouse furniture.

    DIY Ikea Expedit Dollhouse from The Shopping Mama