6 Genius Storage Hacks We Learned From TikTok

Pantry storage containers with hand written labels

Kristen Prahl / Getty Images

When it comes to organization, there are always solutions, even for the smallest spaces. Sometimes it’s all about being creative to take advantage of usable areas, and other times finding the right place for your items is really about discovering the smart, space-savvy storage hacks that work for you. And if you’re stuck, one of the best places to go for organizing inspiration is TikTok.

From space-saving solutions to simple DIY ideas you can try in any room of your house, here are 6 genius storage hacks we learned from TikTok and why we love them.

Slotted Kitchen Storage

When it comes to the kitchen, our biggest space stealers are pots and pans. Although you can attempt to stack them with their respective lids to be more efficient, this doesn’t really save you much space. And, if you live in a smaller space, you really need all the space you can get. Enter: slotted storage. This is a great way to save space and look visually appealing. 

“If you are unable to mount a bar with hooks to hang the pots and pans, you can purchase file dividers or pots and pan dividers to use in your cabinets,” says Kelly Dorval of CLV Group. “These dividers will allow you to store your pots and pans in cabinets while maximizing space inside your cabinets.” 

Transportable Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning is something that everyone has to do. So why not make it easier with a transportable cleaning caddy that doubles as a storage space for all of your supplies?

“A helpful way to store your cleaning supplies is making a cleaning caddy so that you can store it easily and make it portable,” says Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam, Co-Founders and Directors of UrbanMop. “This allows you to clean easily and in mobility as you tackle room to room. It would also be helpful to hang your broom and mop using holders that you can find at local retailers or Amazon. This eliminates any clutter on the floor and allows you to have a space where these items can be stored.”  

Lazy Susan for Condiments

Organizing your refrigerator is never fun, but there are tons of TikTok videos with different solutions. For condiments, a great option is to create a movable lazy Susan to old all (or most) of your items in a way that actually lets you see what you have.  

“Another excellent storage hack—that is practical in the kitchen—is using lazy Susans in the fridge to access condiments easily,” says Finn Hogue of Accora Village. “Since some refrigerators can have a lot of depth, many old sauces or items can be left in the back of the fridge. Lazy Susans can solve both issues of maximizing space while conveniently accessing all items from the back of the refrigerator.”  

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also DIY your own lazy Susan with two circular baking pans and a handful of marbles as @athomewithshannon shares in this video.

DIY Pantry Labels

Truly nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than matching, perfectly-labeled pantry items. And it's one of the simplest ways to organize your pantry. “[Using pantry labels] makes the pantry or cabinet more visually appealing and uniform," says Hogue. "Most of these storage containers can be bought in bulk in kitchen and home stores, Amazon, and various dollar stores. Label makers can be custom-made or can be bought on Amazon or large retailers at an affordable price. Regardless of how much you choose to invest in these tools to make your kitchen pantry more organized, it is a simple way to clean up that area.” 

Over-the-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers have been around for ages, providing a home for everything from shoes to toy dolls and accessories. Now, organizers are using these in creative ways—for cleaning supplies, pantry snacks, or bath products.

“The TikTok hack to repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer to store stuff is one I’ve used for years!” says Jamie Novak, expert organizer and author of Keep This, Toss That. “[I love to use] the over-the-door organizer in the bathroom for small linens and extra spa products. [Or] in the bedroom closet for accessories (ties belts etc.) [Or] even in the garage for outdoor toys. The possibilities are endless!”

Shower Curtain Hook Clothes Hangers

When it comes to clothing, more often than not, it’s a challenge to find space for your items. If you live in a smaller home, you’re naturally going to have even less closet space, which can be difficult.

“One of the more unique TikTok organization hacks I have seen (and tried myself!) was to use shower curtain hooks from the dollar store to hang more things from your hangers,” says Karen Lee, Founder of Smart Robotic Home. “This hack allows you to hang not only your belts and bags to keep them off the floor, but you can also put your jean belt loop through them to be able to hang more jeans in your closet! I would suggest buying metal hooks as the plastic ones do bend over time and will not be able to hold heavier items.”