30 Clever Ways to Hang Plants

Plants hanging from different hangers and a person holding one

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Display and grow your favorite plants by hanging them around your home, whether it's in front of your kitchen window or above the desk in your home office. If you've never met a plant you didn't like but are quickly running out of surface space, hanging them is a great option — for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Hanging plants are a great way to fill an empty corner, bring in a splash of color and create dimension in a space. From hanging baskets and macrame holders to towel bars and wooden pegs, we've curated a collection of clever ways to hang plants to inspire you and give you ideas for your own home.

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    Use a Curtain Rod

    Plant hanging from a curtain rod in a living room

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    Hang one or multiple trailing plants directly from a curtain rod for a striking effect as Ana from Modern House Vibes did in this light and bright dining room. Make sure that the plants you hang can handle or even prefer direct sunlight and that the curtain rod can hold their weight. Use an s-hook to secure the plant hanger to the curtain rod and to make it easy to take down and hang back up as needed.

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    Hang Individual Terracotta Pots

    Individual plants in terracotta pots hanging in a bathroom

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Use individual flower pot holders to hang plants on the wall like House of Chais did in this small bathroom. This is a great way to utilize an otherwise unused wall and to bring in greenery in an unexpected way. This hanging method is best suited for small planters with succulents that don't need to be watered frequently or seasonal blooming plants that add a fun pop of color.

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    Choose a Planter That Blends In

    plants in white wall planters

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    Make the plant pop by choosing planters that blend in with their surroundings. These white wall-mounted planters are barely visible against the white wall they hang on. The draping vines draw the eye up the ceiling to create a sense of height. Heavier plants and planters should be mounted into wall studs, while lighter plants can hang on drywall.

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    Use a Towel Bar

    Plants in a hallways, one hanging from a bar on the wall

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Use S-hooks to hang plant holders on a towel bar or off a decorative shelf. It keeps them easily accessible when they need watering and makes it easy to shift them around or add new plants into the mix. Martina hung plants from a metal bar in a hallway, which is a great way to add a natural element to a small and narrow space.

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    Use Tiered Planters

    Tiered hanging plants in a kitchen


    A hanging tiered planter is a great way to add multiple plants into a space when you don't have a ton of surface area, as Sarah from Nude And The Novice did with a four-tiered planter in this kitchen. Use the same type of plant for a uniform look or mix a couple different kinds for a more varied, eclectic look.

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    Create a Slatted Plant Wall

    DIY wood planked wall with hanging plants on it

    Casa Watkins Living

    To make a bold statement, create an entire plant wall like Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living did with this DIY slatted wood wall. Use flower pot holders that are the same color and size and place colorful flower pots inside them for a splash of color.

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    Add Wooden Hooks For Hanging Plants

    Two plants hanging from wooden hooks above a desk

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Instead of placing a plant on your desk or shelf, hang it on the wall using wooden hooks for a more interesting look. Designed by Cathie Hong Interiors, this bright office corner uses two wooden hooks above the desk to hold small hanging planters. They're understated yet stylish and add a modern minimalist touch to the space.

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    Drape Trailing Plants Over Wall Decor

    Plant draped over a piece of art and mirror on the wall

    @thetravellingapartment / Instagram

    Create an organic look by draping a long trailing plant over the tops of picture frames and mirrors like Gemma from The Traveling Apartment did in this Paris living room. Use clear adhesive hooks to support the vines if needed.

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    Place a Plant In a Wall-Mounted Basket

    Plant in a basket hanging on the wall above a green sectional

    Mary Patton Design

    Baskets are an excellent way to bring in texture and a natural element, and they're also a great vessel to hold plants! Hang one larger sized basket on the wall and use it to hold a nice, full plant that appreciates a basket, such as a staghorn fern, as in this cozy room.

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    Hang Them In Front of a Window

    Plants hanging in front of a window above a dining table

    Sara Toufali

    Bring the outdoors in by hanging plants in front of a window like in this dining nook created by Sara Toufali. Hang multiple plants at varying heights for added interest and a more organic look that feels like an extension of the greenery outside the window.

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    Wrap Vines Around a Hanging Frame

    Plants wrapped around wooden frame above a dining table

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Get crafty and turn your dining table into a focal point by creating a wooden frame above it to wrap trailing vines around. Martina from Martina's Cosy Crib made an inviting dining spot that looks like you're dining under a canopy of greenery somewhere in the Mediterranean.

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    Use a Mirror

    Plant hanging in front of a mirror

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    A mirror is a great tool to not only bounce light around and make a room feel larger, but if you hang a plant near it, it doubles the greenery effect. Plant enthusiast Esther used this trick in her bedroom, draping one of the vines around the edge of the mirror to fully incorporate it.

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    Hang a Plant Above the Tub

    Plant hanging over a freestanding bathtub

    @nudeandthenovice / Instagram

    Bathrooms are a great environment for plants because they're usually warm and humid, which provides the perfect conditions for plants to thrive in. Create the effect of a natural chandelier by hanging a large trailing plant above a freestanding tub like Nude And The Novice did in this bright and colorful bathroom.

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    Create a Hanging Plant Curtain

    Hanging plant in front of a window creating a curtain effect in a bedroom

    Sara Toufali

    Turn your plant into a curtain by draping it around your window. Hang it from the curtain rod or a hook next to or above the window, and drape vines over the rod or hold them up using clear command hooks. The trailing plant curtain adds so much softness and a beautiful touch of greenery to this bedroom designed by Sara Toufali.

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    Think Vertical With a Moss Wall

    Moss wall art above a fireplace

    Plant Roost Design

    Think vertical and create a piece of living art with different types of moss for a stunning focal point. Biophilic design, which strives to connect the indoors with the outdoors, has been on the rise and Plant Roost Design are a great example of art creations that incorporate plants in a unique way.

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    Use Your Headboard

    Plant hanging from wood headboard in a bedroom

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Add a sweet decorative touch to your bedroom by hanging a small plant off your headboard like in this bedroom. If you're worried about a freshly watered plant dripping all over your pillows every couple days, use a faux plant instead!

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    Add Greenery To Your Bathroom

    Plant hanging from tile in a bathroom

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Hang a plant in your bathroom to break up a wall of solid tile, such as in this bathroom. Greenery is a welcome touch in a bathroom, and as previously mentioned, most plants thrive in the warm, humid environment of a bathroom.

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    Hang an Air Plant From Coat Hooks

    Air plant hanging from coat hook in an entryway

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    Add a little unexpected greenery to your entryway by hanging an air plant from a coat hook. Esther maximized this small entryway by creating a beautiful and functional green beadboard wall to hang coats, bags... and plants!

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    Place Plants Inside Hanging Baskets

    Plant in a hanging basket on the wall above a bed

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Put together a grouping of different sized and shaped baskets to create a decorative wall installation, and use one or more of the baskets to hold plants. Erika from Home & Spirit used these baskets above an upholstered headboard and added a hanging plant for an asymmetrical, natural look.

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    Drape a Plant Around a Window

    Plant growing upwards and draped over window frame

    @thetravellingapartment / Instagram

    Add a subtle green touch to your window by outlining it with a growing vine like Gemma from The Traveling Apartment did in this home office nook. The plant doesn't obstruct the window blinds but draws the eye up to accentuate the height of the beautiful window.

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    Use a Macrame Plant Hanger

     Plant on a hanging macrame holder in the corner

    Twelve 15 Design Studio

    A macrame plant holder like the one used in the corner of this home office created by Twelve 15 Design Studio is a great way to bring in texture and a decorative element into a room.

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    Create a Hanging Plant Curtain

    Plant draped over hanging bar and around the wall to create a curtain effect

     @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Create a cozy nook by gathering a couple of trailing plants and hanging them from the wall and ceiling, and draping some of the vines across for a curtain effect. Erika from Home & Spirit used a macrame hammock chair in this corner and spread the leafy vines over the hanging bar to make it look like they're growing wild.

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    Incorporate Decorative Plant Hangers

    unique hanging planters

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    Unique plant holders are a great decorative accent and practical plant vessel at the same time. These hanging hoop-and-basket planters fill an otherwise empty corner, add a more texture to this living room.

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    Highlight a Sloped Ceiling With a Hanging Plant

    Plant hanging from a sloped ceiling in a laundry room

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Highlight a sloped shiplap ceiling as is done in this attic laundry room designed by Jessica Nelson Design. A sloped ceiling can be a challenge to work around and decorate since you can't hang artwork on the walls, but hanging plants is a great way to embellish the space. A natural jute hanger works well with the stark white walls and brings in a textural element that warms up the space.

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    Hang Plants From a Pergola

    Plant hanging from a pergola outside

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    You can have as much fun decorating with hanging plants outside as you can inside. Mix hanging plants with oversized woven pendant lights for a summery look like stylist Kirsten Diane did in this gorgeous pergola.

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    Drape Them Above the Bed

    Plants hanging above a bed

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Hang plants above the bed to create a live green canopy similar to what Martina from Martina's Cosy Crib did in this serene bedroom. Use ceiling hooks to hang the plants, hanging them at different heights for a fuller, more dramatic effect.

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    Replace a Floor Plant With Hanging Tiered Planters

    tiered hanging planter

    @nudeandthenovice / Instagram

    Fill an empty wall with lively green plants in a tiered planter such as this one. It's a great alternative to a floor plant or a hanging ceiling planter, and allows you to hang multiple plants in one spot.

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    Accent a Window

    Long hanging plant hanging in front of a window in a bedroom

    Sara Toufali

    A window is the perfect spot to hang a trailing plant, especially one that loves sunlight. It'll give the plant plenty of room to grow and spread out, and if there is no greenery outside your window, why not bring it inside! This hanging plant makes a beautiful statement in this calm and serene bedroom by Sara Toufali.

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    Liven Up a Staircase

    Plant hanging from a staircase

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    Add a natural element to your staircase with a hanging plant like content creator Erika did in her home in Germany. The good news is there's no need to drill any holes — just tie the plant holder around the spindles.

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    Use a Hanging Basket and Wall Hooks

    Plant in a hanging basket in a bedroom

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Anything that has a pocket or interior space can hold a plant, including a hanging basket like this one in Paula's bedroom. Accessorize wall hooks with a mix of hanging framed artwork, accessories such as a sun hat and plants for some color and natural greenery.