Clorox BathWand Review

A Clorox BathWand

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The Bottom Line

The Clorox BathWand eliminates a lot of the need to bend and stretch while reaching to clean your bathtub and shower surfaces. The cleaning head is flexible enough to fit into most tight places, enabling you to clean faucets and corners. The cleaning pads scrub and have plenty of cleaning solution to last through a thorough scrubbing of a shower and tub. The Clorox BathWand is tough enough to handle more than just a routine cleaning; this product can scrub the tub.


  • Disposable prefilled scrubbing pads that effectively scrub.
  • Easy to put together. Easy to use. Easy to store.
  • The cleaning head is flexible enough to clean curves and corners of tub and shower.
  • The 23-inch handle makes it easier to reach tub and shower surfaces without bending and stooping.
  • Plenty of well-foaming cleaners can clean dingy surfaces.


  • Although less than with a sponge, some bending and reaching may still be required.
  • A more powerful cleaner may be needed for tough stains like mildew.


  • The Clorox BathWand starter kit has a suggested price of $9.99 and comes with two cleaning pads.
  • The Clorox BathWand refill kits contain 5 disposable refills and have a suggested price of $2.99.
  • The Clorox BathWand will be available beginning in April 2005.

Guide Review - Clorox BathWand

  • The Cleaning Handle: The handle is 23 inches long, giving a much longer reach, and reducing the amount of bending and stretching involved in scrubbing a bathtub. The handle is easily and permanently assembled by screwing the bottom half into the top half. The starter kit includes a hanging hook meant to hang off of the curtain rod or shower head. I would have preferred to have a built-in hook for the BathWand, but for those who like to store the BathWand where the cleaning needs to be done, this may be ideal.
  • The Cleaning Head: The cleaning head has velcro-like bristle that attaches to the cleaning pad. The head swivels to make scrubbing in tight areas easier on your hands and wrists. The cleaning head pops onto the end of the cleaning wand and is very sturdy and secure.
  • The Cleaning Pad: The cleaning head has a fluffy side that attaches to the bristle on the bottom of the cleaning head. The cleaning side is a scrubbing pad filled with Clorox cleaner. Wet the cleaning pad to activate the cleanser and begin scrubbing. Re-wet the cleaning pad anytime during the job to release more cleanser. The Clorox cleaner foams up and scrubs the toilet and shower, cleaning very well.
  • The Results: A clean shower and bathtub. The area looked and smelled wonderful with much less work than I'm used to doing for such a great result. They can be purchased online.