15 Closet Island Ideas You'll Want to Set Up Yourself

wooden island and bench


If your closet is large enough to fit an island, you'll want to ensure that you're making the most of whatever design you select for the space. There are many directions to go in when designing a closet island, though. You may wish to set up a station that doubles as a place to sit down and do some work or apply makeup, or perhaps you just need some extra storage space for jeans and sweaters. It's important to take inventory of your belongings and consider your day-to-day routine before committing to a particular setup.

Below, we've rounded up 15 fantastic closet island ideas that range in style, size, and structure. Best of all, these designs are all simple to recreate in your own home. Let this be the year to finally get your closet nice and organized once and for all.

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    Write Away

    white vanity desk

    Kim Armstrong

    Why not set up your closet island so that it serves double duty as a desk or vanity, too? If you're not building an island from scratch, you can always position a desk so that it looks as though it's connected to the island in order to achieve a similar effect.

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    Tiny Table

    round table in closet

    Nathan Schroder for Maestri Studio

    A round pedestal table looks chic in this closet thanks to its organic texture, and it also provides valuable surface space without leaving a large footprint. Due to its shape, it can be used as a place to sit or just as a surface on which to set makeup and accessories.

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    Lush Velvet

    velvet bench in closet

    Kim Jeffrey for Baudit Interior Design, millwork by Chervin Kitchen & Bath

    A velvet bench makes sitting down and lacing up one's boots feel nice and luxe. It also double as extra surface space for laying out outfits for the day ahead.

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    Handy Hooks

    island with hooks

    @bowers_construction / Instagram

    Add hooks to your closet island in order to easily hang up and stash away handbags, baseball caps, scarves, or other accessories. Maximizing storage space doesn't have to be complicated.

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    Creative Combo

    storage drawers on island


    If you can't decide between expanding your island to include extra seating or extra storage, why not take advantage of the best of both worlds? This carefully structured set of drawers can easily be jazzed up with a cushion to double as a small bench.

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    Sitting Pretty

    kitchen style island in closet

    @piecesintoplace_organizing / Instagram

    Set up your island so that it can also double as a kitchen island type of piece if you wish. This is a great idea for those whose closet is technically a "cloffice" and need to carve aside some space to work, too.

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    Clutter-Free Collection

    island with open shelving


    If you need a place to neatly stash away baskets and bins and hold folded sweaters, go for a closet island that features open shelving. This setup proves that it's easy to keep things looking neat and organized with some baskets and labels.

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    Mirrored Surprise

    island with mirrored siding

    @interiordesignsatelier / Instagram

    If you're looking for a quick fix to make your closet appear larger, add a mirror to the side of your island. It will help more light flow through the space and make it easy to check out that footwear.

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    Sweet Shelves

    shelves on island

    @charlottehlucas / Instagram

    Add curved shelves to the edge of an island and use the extra space to display personal items and meaningful trinkets. Given that you'll utilize your walk-in closet each and every day, you deserve to have it be a space that reflects your style and brings you joy.

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    Bag Display

    purse display above island

    Spacecrafting for Peter Stafford MacDonald, built by Erotas Custom Building

    Love bags? Go ahead and give your purses the royal treatment by displaying them on a shelf above your island. This closet—which actually features two islands—ensures that bags are kept within reach and can easily be admired.

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    IKEA Magic

    ikea hack island

    Lauren Messiah

    A simple IKEA hack shines in this closet—two EXPEDIT shelving cubes were combined to create a beautiful island with both open and hidden storage, all without breaking the bank.

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    Beautiful Bench

    wooden island and bench


    If you crave more solid seating in your closet, don't hesitate to go all out and construct a larger bench that complements your island. This one is spacious enough to accommodate two people.

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    Scarf Station

    scarf rack on island

    @malka18 / Instagram

    Add a panel for your scarves to hang neatly—this setup ensures that your favorites will stay wrinkle-free and will be easy to spot when getting ready.

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    Oval Option

    oval closet island

    LA Closet Design

    Islands don't need to be rectangular in shape, even though this is how they appear most often. In this closet, an oval island is easy to walk around and still feature storage drawers. The shape helps distract from the other hard lines in the room.

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    Glossy and Glam

    all-white sleek closet island

    Billy Ceglia

    For an ultra modern and sleek look, stick to a glossy, all-white island like this one. You can always accessorize the top of it with trays and trinkets, but a monochrome piece is bound to stand the test of time.