15 Closet Lighting Ideas That Will Wow You

shiny pendant

Jennifer Lake

Everyone understands the importance of good closet lighting—there's a reason that asking if someone got dressed in the dark is a running joke, after all. Proper light fixtures will ensure that you can see all of your clothing and accessories while getting ready for anything from a typical day at work to a big night out. But closet lighting certainly doesn't have to look boring. With walk-in closets serving as a means for many fashionistas to show off their signature style, there's no reason you shouldn't feel free to glam things up a bit. Below are 15 of our favorite closet light fixtures that are more than just functional.

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    Sparkle City

    shiny pendant light

    Jennifer Lake

    Make it sparkle. If you love everything glitzy, a glimmering light fixture is calling your name. We love how this one looks paired with a wallpapered ceiling, which adds even more cheer to this pretty closet.

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    Trusty Brass

    brass light fixture

    Diana Elizabeth Steffen

    The black and white papered accent wall in this closet adds a bit of pattern without making things look too chaotic. Black and white pairs wonderfully with brass, and the golden fixture in this space really shines and casts a welcoming glow.

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    Blue on a Budget

    sprayed blue chandelier

    Heather Metzler

    Looking to add a pop of color to your space? Go ahead and make over a light fixture that could use some new life using a can of your favorite spray paint. This blue fixture was just $8.50, and just $4 made it really stand out.

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    Modern Moment

    modern metal light


    This closet features a lot of pattern in the form of a leopard print rug and colorful clothing galore, so opting for a more simple and sleek light fixture is a solid choice. A metallic fixture contributes to the space's modern aesthetic.

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    Pink Pep

    pink cord light

    Lori Greco

    A smaller closet in a child's room gets a fun addition in the form of a pink cord light that adds plenty of pep. Any closet, whether large or small, can benefit from extra lighting, so don't hesitate to get creative!

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    Neutral Notes

    white pendant light neutral

    Tera Janelle

    Feel like keeping it classic? A pendant light with a white shade is the way to go. This one is stylish without distracting from the neutral colors at play in this space.

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    Geometric Goodness

    geometric star pendant

    Stephanie Watkins

    A star-shaped pendant light brightens up this boho-style walk-in closet. Switching out a builder grade fixture for one that offers so much more personality—as was the case here—can drastically transform any home.

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    Mixed Metals

    metal pendant light

    Krista Aasen

    A circular metal pendant light is eye-catching yet not too dramatic. If you're a fan of mixing metals, take note of this light fixture and sunburst mirror combo.

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    Elegance in White

    large white pendant light

    Madeline Harper Photography for Anastasia Casey

    With combo office-closets (or "cloffices," as they have come to be called) increasing in popularity, you may need to search for a light fixture that provides ample brightness while working and allows you to easily see your clothes. This oversized pendant does the job in this cloffice space and is elegant to boot.

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    Sparkling Stunner

    modern light fixture

    Chris Loves Julia

    A showstopping light fixture looks dazzling in this ultra-organized closet. Hung perfectly in the center of the space, it serves as an immediate focal point.

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    Gorgeous Gold

    brass light fixture

    Albertina Cisneros

    Love having fun with color? A brass light fixture will complement almost any hue, making it a no-brainer. We love how the finish looks with these lilac walls.

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    Dramatic Flair

    glamorous light

    Holly Jolley

    Go ahead and be a bit dramatic if you wish. A cascading chandelier adds glamour and sophistication to this home's primary closet. If you love to dress to the nines, your lighting should certainly reflect that.

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    Delightful Disco

    disco ball light

    @villagrandiosa / Instagram

    Not in the mood for a normal light fixture? Take the disco ball approach instead. It's safe to say that getting ready every day will feel like shopping in your favorite hip boutique. All you need is a bumping playlist.

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    Sculptural Addition

    crinkled light fixture

    @basinowy_dom / Instagram

    While you don't want your clothes to appear crinkled, a wrinkly light fixture like this one adds an incredibly artful touch to the closet. It's excellent for the art lover in that it serves a key purpose but doubles as a sculptural display.

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    Pretty Pendant

    pendant light on chain


    A large pendant light with a gold chain is classically luxe—just like the contents of this closet.