9 Amazing Before and After Closet Makeovers

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Savor the beauty of well-placed, nicely organized storage space in your home. This highly valued commodity usually comes in the form of a closet. A small, scantly shelved linen closet may only hold a few sheets and towels. But, on the other end of the spectrum, a walk-in/combo dressing room and closet may be a full-sized room of your living quarters.

Common complaints about closets often include size or lighting deficiencies, or closets that are oddly configured. In other cases, these storage receptacles become a wasteland for stuff. Consider a little makeover to allow your closet to fulfill its potential.

Take a look at these nine before and after closet makeovers that inspire hope if you have closet woes.

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    Before: Cluttered Storage

    Cluttered Storage Closet

    New York City resident Christine wanted a stylish makeup area with a vanity. With space at a premium, some Manhattan apartments don't offer much room for anything beyond the bare minimum. Her storage closet had become a giant dumping ground for tons of stuff. Her closet had some space and could benefit from a transformation.

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    After: Charming Vanity Area

    Storage Closet Converted to Vanity Area

    With the help of a handyman, Christine built out the storage closet into an area for storing her clothing, makeup, and accessories. She added a custom-fit vanity, lit with exposed bulb Hollywood-style lights. Her vanity is now a bright, welcoming space for her to apply makeup. Tiny shelves hold accessories, makeup, and shoes.

    Closet Makeover from The Spruce

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    Before: Too Tiny and Cluttered

    Tiny Linen Closet
    Liz Marie Blog

    Liz Marie was embarrassed by her linen closet. She had disorganized piles of junk cluttering the space. She also did not like the closet's miniature size.

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    After: Organized Quickly

    Tiny Linen Closet Remade
    Liz Marie Blog

    She couldn't change the size of her Lilliputian linen closet, so Liz Marie maximized every possible square inch with baskets from Michael's. Little chalkboard signs identify the content of each basket. Best of all, this closet makeover took only one hour.

    Linen Closet Makeover from Liz Marie Blog

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    Before: Walk-in Closet Mess

    Messy Walk-In Closet
    Kevin and Amanda

    A big, walk-in closet can be just as problematic as a small closet. The most significant difference: The mess takes longer to reach a tipping point and usually more time to clean up. Over the years, home bloggers Kevin and Amanda amassed a lot of stuff in their master bedroom's walk-in closet. It was time for a bold, decisive closet makeover.

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    After: Closet Masterpiece

    Organized Walk-In Master Bedroom Closet
    Kevin and Amanda

    This closet makeover stripped out some of the flimsy wire shelves and replaced them with solid cabinets and shelves. Shoes that had once cluttered the floor were now tucked away in melamine cabinets with closed doors. 

    Master Closet Makeover from Kevin and Amanda

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    Before: Undersized Closet Woes

    Small Bedroom Closet
    Ramshackle Glam

    Home blogger Jordan Reid's closet was not a chaotic mess; she had kept it organized. Her biggest issue was the size of her closet. Her space was way too small for her needs. That would not stop Jordan, who had a brilliant idea when she evaluated the totality of her living area.

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    After: Double-the-Size Closet Makeover

    Enlarged Bedroom Closet
    Ramshackle Glam

    Jordan Reid assessed her home and realized that her three-year-old daughter's bedroom closet backed up against her closet. So, she removed the non-load-bearing wall from the back of her closet. Getting rid of the wall instantly doubled the size of her closet. This home edit gave her enough room for storing clothing and even additional space to add a pouf.

    Double-the-Size Closet Makeover from Ramshackle Glam

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    Before: Linen Closet With Poor Access

    Cluttered Linen Closet
    The Weathered Fox

    "Embarrassing, bad, and highly inconvenient" were terms that Crystal from the home blog The Weathered Fox used to characterize her pre-makeover linen closet. Worst of all, whenever she needed to go into the attic access door, she had to disassemble much of her linen closet.

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    After: Tidy and Clean Linen Closet

    Neat Linen Closet
    The Weathered Fox

    Linen closets can get pretty dinged-up. Much of this makeover fixed drywall gouges with Spackle. Crystal also organized everything into boxes. The bins made it easier to reach the attic. To get to the access door, she only had to remove a few items. 

    Linen Closet Makeover from The Weathered Fox via Remodelaholic

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    Before: Plain and Awkward

    Plain Bedroom Closet
    Erin Spain

    Lifestyle blogger Erin Spain realized she had it good, she had a big closet. Drawbacks included its awkward L-shape, dull walls, and she had to share it with her husband. She wanted a closet she could be proud of.

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    After: Closet Aspiration

    Plain Closet Transformed
    Erin Spain

    Erin's plain, uninspired closet is now a place of beauty. She decked it out like a mini room. She added Tan Fawn wallpaper from Walls Republic. The closet also features a new light fixture, loads of hooks, and other places to put pretty things. To transform the space into a fun hangout, Erin put in a flashy transparent "ghost chair" and brass accent table.

    Closet Makeover from Erin Spain

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    Before: Dark, Small Walk-In Closet

    Triangle Shaped Walk In Closet
    Blooming Homestead

    A walk-in closet is not an automatic winner in the closet game. Home blogger Marie described her master bedroom walk-in closet as "odd, small, and wasted space." Her triangle-shaped, dark walk-in closet also only had one clothes rod.

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    After: Bright and Cheery Change

    Bright, Cheery Walk-In Closet
    Blooming Homestead

    Marie transformed her walk-in to include new shelves holding clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. She doubled up the clothing rods so that it could hold twice as many hanging clothes. And to make the space cheerier, she gave the space a coat of bright paint (Polar Bear from Behr).

    Master closet makeover from Blooming Homestead

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    Before: Disappearance Zone

    Ordinary Hall Closet
    Lil Luna

    Blogger Kristyn of Lil Luna had a hallway closet that had become a place where things went and were lost forever. It was an eyesore that had permanently become the home of a freestanding coat rack. Kristyn decided it was time for a closet redo.

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    After: Lively and Organized

    Ordinary Hall Closet Spruced Up
    Lil Luna

    After this closet makeover, Kristyn found a home for everything. The best part: If she put something away in the closet, she could quickly find it again. Kristyn added a relaxing gray paint, Mindful Gray by Sherwin-Williams. To give the closet a fun, lively feeling, she stenciled white polka dots. To replace the coat rack, she screwed hooks into the wall.

    Hall Closet Makeover from Lil Luna

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    Before: A Flue Runs Through It

    Clothes Closet with Ventilation Flue
    Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

    Few closets have a ventilation flue inside them. Home blogger Christy, from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer, said that the duct was just one of her many worries. The worst part, the closet had almost no shelves or rods for hanging items.

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    After: Perfectly Neat

    Bedroom Closet Organized and Neat
    Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

    Christy left the flue in place, but she extensively built out her closet. She added top-to-bottom shelves, ultra-strong rods for her clothes, and custom-designed slots for wicker baskets from her local Michael's store.

    Closet Before and After from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer