Closet Products You Didn't Know You Needed

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    14 Closet Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Closet products you didn't know you needed.
    Rubbermaid Closet Kit. Amazon

    When it comes to closets, there are seemingly endless products that claim to solve your every problem. While you certainly don’t need all of them, there are a few closet products – like these nine you didn’t know you needed – that you might want to run out and find.

    A Closet Kit

    Closet systems can get very elaborate and therefore, rather pricey. Take the Elfa Closet System from the Container store. A Basic closet system from Elfa can run you upwards of $1200. The upside to closet systems is that...MORE they are very sturdy and are customized to fit your space and your wardrobe. But what if you could get the same effect for a fraction of the price?

     Enter the closet kit. Just like the Elfa system, the closet kit works on a track system that is mounted to the back wall of your walk-in or reach-in closet. The grid then holds up your choice of hanging spaces for long clothing like jackets and dresses, shelving for boxes and folded clothing, and double hangs for shorter clothing like pants, skirts, and shirts.

    Sure, it's not quite a customizable as an Elfa system, but accomplishes the same goal, is a heck of a lot cheaper and very easy to install. 

    Hanging Sweater Bag

    Hanging sweater bags can appear bulky and flimsy, but some are in fact sturdy and relatively streamlined. The best thing about a product like this canvas hanging bag is the way it saves you space by holding a large number of sweaters that won't topple over. And you don’t need to stick to sweaters – any clothing that can be folded can be stored this way.

    Shoe Shelves

    But not for shoes. If you have limited shelf space to store T-shirts, pajamas, and workout gear, a better solution is a tall, narrow shelving unit intended for shoes. A stackable shelf is versatile, or you can configure your own in a custom closet system. The dimensions of these shelves allow you to store lots of pieces separated into narrow categories.

    Closet Doubler

    A closet doubler is pretty self-explanatory. By adding in a hanging bar, you can hang twice the amount of shirts. pants, jackets, blazers,dresses, shirts and jeans in your closet. 


    Here’s a that’s so obvious you might forget it when dealing with a problem closet. A combination of various hooks can rescue you from even the saddest of closet situations. Add single hooks to the inside of the closet door for items you grab daily, like your bathrobe. Slip on some over-the-door hooks to create extra space on the outside of the closet door. Nail a board with a row of pegs to the closet wall for outerwear or belts. You can buy hooks made especially for specific types of clothing and accessories, or not; the best way I’ve found to store handbags in my closet is with shower curtain hooks around the closet rod.

    Tie Rack

    Don’t rule out a tie rack just because you never wear ties. Because they’re small and narrow -  like this wooden tie rack - and designed to pack a lot of neckwear into a little space, they can help you efficiently organize all sorts of other items too. Hang belts, bags, scarves, and necklaces for easy access to your accessories.



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    A Cami Holder

    Closet Products You Didn't Know Your Needed
    A bra, bathing suit, tank top, cami hanger. Amazon


    A Bra-Tank Top-Cami-Bathing-Suit Hanger

    Yes, this exists. It's a hanger specifically designed for women's strappy clothing items like bras, camisoles, bikini tops and tank tops. It can hold up to 8 strappy items at once. 

    Wardrobe Supplies

    You probably already have a bunch of wardrobe quick fix items like shoelaces, lint rollers, extra buttons, and safety pins. But you might not have thought to store them all together, near their corresponding clothes and shoes. Creating an “emergency”...MORE supply kit for the closet is a quick little project that saves lots of time in the long run.

    • Shoes Laces
    • Lint Rollers
    • Extra Buttons
    • Stain Stick
    • Safety Pins
    • Fashion Tape

    Foldable Storage Cubes

    Foldable storage cubes can hold all of those little odds and ends in your closet that don't see to fit anywhere else. I'm talking about accessories like scarves, clutches and hats. 

    Belt Holder

    If you don’t have many belts, you might think buying a product just to store them is silly. But a small belt rack – this so-called accessory loop takes up almost no space - can help you find the right accessory for the right outfit while preventing your belts from slipping to the floor.

    Step Stool

    You might think this little piece of furniture belongs in a child’s room, but because using the highest shelves is a great way to maximize storage space in a small closet, adding a step stool as a part of your closet is a grown-up idea.

    Shelf Lining

    Why line your closet shelves? One, it protects your clothes from rough or stained shelves. Two, it adds a bit of class and personality to an otherwise drab closet - which might make you more likely to actually put your clothes away. You can buy special paper or fabric liners, or just use a sturdy wrapping or craft paper.

    Cedar Blocks

    Even if you’ve never noticed any moths or other insects in your closet, you can’t go wrong with protecting your clothes. Luckily cedar blocks, which also come in ball or strip form, don’t smell like mothballs.

    Closet Organizer

    This closet organizer can fit nicely in the bottom of your closet (make sure you measure before ordering) to hold shoes, handbags, hats and other accessories. Most closet storage advice revolves around utilizing storage space at the top of the closet, but what about the space between your hanging space and the floor? That's good storage space too. So make sure you use it!