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Make Your Buying Decision Easier With These Cloth Diaper Reviews

With so many cloth diapers on the market, it's hard to know which ones work best. Eliminate the guesswork to find the right cloth diapers for you and your family. These cloth diapers reviews are arranged alphabetically.
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    A picture of the Best Bottom diaper
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    The Best Bottom cloth diapering system is a diaper shell with snap-in inserts. After baby uses the insert, unsnap it, wipe down the shell and snap in a clean insert. This gives you multiple uses out of the same diaper. It's ease of use, double leg gussets to keep messes in and cute color combinations make the Best Bottom diapers some of the highest rated on this list.

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    If you're looking for a variety of options in your cloth diapers, check out this Blueberry Diapers review. The company offers all-in-ones, pocket diapers and diaper covers. The designs are adorable and the quality is superb. For newbies just getting into cloth diapering, Blueberry's website features numerous videos with product demonstrations to give you a better idea on how this cloth diaper works.

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    Bumkins is one of the most affordable cloth diapers on the market. The company offers all-in-ones, pocket diapers and diaper covers that are well-constructed and don't leak. The designs are cute and even some Dr. Seuss prints are available.
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    bumGenius is one of the most popular cloth diapering options among parents. The diapers are easy to use, contain messes and the company backs its products with one of the best warranties on cloth diapers. Choose from pocket diapers or all-in-ones in about a dozen solid colors. Only a few prints are offered, though.
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    Bummis gives parents two options for cloth diapering: an all-in-one or a wrap you can pair with your favorite inserts of prefolds. The designs of the wraps are some of the cutest you'll find. While the price runs on the higher side when compared with the company's competitors, parents say this diaper is worth the extra few bucks.
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    The Flip Diaper is a diaper cover with an insert. Lay the insert inside the diaper cover and close the diaper. The one-size system lasts babies from newborn to potty training age. Organic, stay-dry and disposable inserts are available, which make the Flip Diaper a great option whether you're at home or traveling. The one-size inserts adjust so you can give baby the perfect size. One drawback is that the Flip Diaper is only available in solid colors, no prints.
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    A picture of the FuzziBunz diaper
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    If you want a simple diaper, FuzziBunz is the cloth diaper for you. You only have a few choices to make and this FuzziBunz review helps you make your decision. Do you want a perfect size diaper that's sized according to your baby's weight or a one-size diaper that grows with your baby from birth to potty? Next, choose your color and you're done. FuzziBunz is a pocket diaper that's absorbent and fits baby well. It's only available with snap closures and no prints are offered...MORE but it's worth a look if you want a diaper that fits well and holds the messes in without leaks.

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    A picture of gDiapers
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    It's part disposable, part cloth. gDiapers blend a diaper cover with an environmentally friendly liner. Once baby uses the liner, remove it and you can compost, toss or flush it. The liner is plastic free and is 100% biodegradable. Little gPants come in a variety of solid colors and a few prints.
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    GroVia's cloth diapers are a slim fit but super absorbent. This GroVia diapers review shows you more of your options. Choose from an all-in-one diaper or try a hybrid that can be used with a reusable soaker pad or disposable inserts. Although the all-in-one diaper works great, it's the hybrid system that will turn you into a GroVia fan. Being able to use the soaker pad at home and the disposable inserts on the road make this a convenient system that will work for any family's needs.

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    With plenty of diapering options, some of the most fun designs on the market and high-quality construction, Happy Heinys is one of the best to have in your diaper stash. Find your Happy Heinys fit with this review and in-depth information. The wings wrap around your baby's waist, much like a disposable, to give you a custom fit that can't be beat. The fleece that rests against baby is thick and soft, yet wicks moisture away from that tender skin. Puppies, monkeys, bears and a variety of...MORE solid colors are just a few of your style choices.

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    All-in-ones, Kissaluvs fitted diapers and Kissaluvs diaper covers give you plenty of choices when you're considering your next cloth diaper purchase. The most appealing feature of Kissaluvs is its all-in-one diaper also has the option to stuff in extra inserts for more protection. This combines the convenience of an all-in-one with the liner sewn right in with the ability to customize the absorbency that a pocket diaper gives you.

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    A picture of the Rumparooz diapers
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    The only diaper with leg gussets sewn inside the diaper is also one of the best you can have in your diaper rotation. Rumparooz is a great diapering option and you can find out more about the product in this review. The thick fleece against baby's tender skin feels like a blanket but wicks the moisture away so well you may have to stick your hand inside the pocket to feel if the insert is wet. The diaper is one of the priciest you'll buy but the craftsmanship and designs make it worth...MORE the expense.

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    A picture of the Thirsties diaper
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    Thirsties is a name you'll often hear in mom circles. The company's known for making diapers that fit baby well and hold the messes in place. Learn more about how this diaper works in this Thirsties review. The diapering options include a fitted diaper cover, a diaper cover that grows with your baby and a pocket diaper. No matter which option is best for you, you'll find the Thirsties line is one of the most affordable on the market.