Clothespin Crafts

How to Recycle Clothespin Into Crafts

Check out the crafts featured here and then create your own clothespin crafts. Your craft project can use one or more clothespins. It can also use spring-type clothespins or one piece clothespins without the spring.

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    Clothespin Angel

    Clothespin Angel Craft
    Clothespin Angel Craft.

    This little angel, made from a clothespin and some craft supplies, looks like she was sent from heaven.

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    Clothespin Dolls
    Clothespin Dolls.

    Discover how easy it is to make an entire family of dolls using an old-fashioned clothespin and some embroidery floss. Buy regular-sized clothespins for adult dolls and smaller ones to make kids.

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    Clothespin Poinsettia

    Clothespin Poinsettia Craft
    Clothespin Poinsettia Craft.

    Use several flat, spring-less clothespins to make a poinsettia, or you can change the colors around and make a sunflower.

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    Easy Hat Organizer

    Easy Hat Organizer
    Easy Hat Organizer.

    A visitor named Sue shares how easy it is to make an organizer for all of your baseball or other hats.

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    Personalized Magnet

    Personalized Magnet
    Personalized Magnet.

    Follow these directions and discover how easy it is to personalize plain clothespins using paper and decoupage techniques.

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    Alligator Clip-On

    Alligator Clip-On Craft
    Alligator Clip-On Craft.

    A clothespin with a spring is the perfect base for making an alligator or crocodile craft that you can clip onto a backpack, or you can use it to hold notes and other important papers.

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    Art Work Holder Magnet

    Art Work Holder Magnet Craft
    Art Work Holder Magnet Craft.
    Discover how to make a unique magnet you can use to hold art work using a paint stir stick and three clothespins.