Clownfish and Host Anemone Matches

Clownfishes and their Favorite Houses

Clownfish/Host Anemone matches lists Clownfish which are common in saltwater aquariums and the Host Sea Anemones which they prefer to live in. As with any critter in the ocean, nothing is cast in stone and many Clownfish will not go anywhere near their "preferred" anemone. Clownfish have been known to host many things other than anemones, including feather dusters and Toadstool Corals after rejecting every anemone presented to it.

Some aquarists believe that tank raised Clownfish do not...MORE host anemones as readily as wild caught Clownfish after a few generations, the reasoning being that their parents and grandparents have never seen anemones and therefore have lost the instinct or need for the protection from potential predators. This theory has not been proven to be accurate, but it is potentially possible.