Gifts You Could Give a Colleague For Any Occasion

Stop feeling stumped about what gift to give

Need a gift for a colleague? Use the following suggestions to buy the perfect colleague gift for any occasion.
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Some of the hardest gifts for working mothers to purchase are for their coworkers. You don't want them to be too lavish or too inexpensive. You also don't want to give something too personal, and definitely not something impersonal. If you're struggling to think of a gift for your colleagues we have some great ideas for any kind of occasion

A Unique Business Card Case

Your business card is part of your brand regardless if you run your own business or work for a company.

A unique business card case acts as a conversation starter when it truly stands out. You can check out Etsy for a homemade and not too expensive case (which is great if a price limit was set) or splurge on a Kate Spade or a Moo Showcase holder. 

Bottle of Wine or a Box of Chocolates or Nuts

If you've been out after work with your team you probably know what kind of drink your co-worker likes. If your co-worker doesn't drink a box you can opt for an edible gift. A yummy box of chocolates from a local candy house or fancy nuts can be enjoyed by your co-worker immediately, but they can also share this gift with their friends and family over the holidays. As a gag gift you could get a wine gift bag and fill that with Lindt chocolates! Yummy!

A Framed Quote

Does your colleague say a quote often? Put it in a cool frame they can hang on their wall or keep on your desk. Make it as big or as small as you think they'd like it.

If they don't have a favorite quote find one that relates to them, or one that relates to what the two of you are going through at work. You can go serious, sentimental, or motivational, the possibilities are endless and it's a gift they will appreciate.

Touch Screen Gloves

Nothing is more frustrating than having to take off your gloves to use your smartphone.

Your colleague will be very grateful for a new pair of gloves that can be used successfully with their smartphone! Even if you know your colleague has a pair already they could always use another pair.

A Picture Frame

If a colleague is getting married and you're not invited to the wedding, it's often a nice gesture to give a token gift. Or if a coworker is expecting a baby soon it's best to give a gift after the baby is born. Look for a picture frame that they'd enjoy keeping at their office desk. Not one of those all white and wedding bells or baby-type kind of frame. But one that is cut and clean and goes with that person's personality.

A Gift Card

This is the "go-to" gift when all else fails. Do they enjoy music? Give them an iTunes card. Do they get date night often? Go to a restaurant near by you think they would love to bring their spouse to. If they drink coffee Starbucks is a sure winner! And if you're still stumped there's always a Visa or Amazon gift card.

Send a Cleaning or Food Service 

You'll need to really know your colleague to give this gift. Do they complain often about having to clean their house, do their lawn or food shop? There's people that can do that stuff for them!

If you have a cleaning person give your colleague a free 2 hour cleaning service. If they couldn't stand doing their fall clean up, send a landscaper over to dot heir spring clean up. Last, if they can't stand food shopping, setup one of the many meal services on you.


The holidays, a birthday party, a wedding or new baby is a time to acknowledge that you care about the people you work with. With any of these gifts your colleagues will feel appreciated and loved.

Updated by Elizabeth McGrory