CoAbode Helps Single Mothers Find Roommates and Affordable Housing

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Helping Single Mothers:

CoAbode was founded on the principle that two single moms raising children together can achieve more than one struggling alone. CoAbode has already helped more than 25,000 single mothers share the burden of rent, utilities, food, chores, and babysitting. Through CoAbode's online matching service, single mothers now have a safe place where they can collaborate with one another to find affordable housing, childcare, and more.

Founder Carmel Sullivan:

Carmel Sullivan is a single mother who founded CoAdobe because she recognized the high cost of housing as one of the top barriers single mothers face in raising their children today. "We bring together single moms whose interests and parenting philosophies are compatible to share a home and raise their children together." In addition, CoAdobe helps "distressed and impoverished single moms who are living with their children in garages or tiny apartments where the children sleep in the bedroom and the mom sleeps on the couch, to come together to combine their rents and resources to share a home together."

CoAbode Helps Single Moms:

  • Afford better housing in safe school districts
  • Hold onto their family home following a divorce
  • Halve the cost of rent and overhead expenses
  • Have more discretionary money to pursue activities and help their children flourish
  • Redefine what it means to be a thriving family

    To Participate in CoAbode:

    To participate in CoAbode's free Shared Housing Program, register at You'll be asked to complete a profile that includes your accommodation needs, rent, neighborhood, and school district, as well as additional information about your likes, dislikes, and parenting philosophies.

    You'll then be able to search the profiles of other registered members in your desired zip code. Through a private and anonymous E-mail system, you can then contact those members who are compatible with your needs and who seem to be promising roommate candidates.


    More than 25,000 women have already benefited from CoAbode's services. Participants report reducing their housing costs by up to 55%. Additionally, CoAbode moms report that they have reduced their household expenses, such as utilities, childcare, groceries, and transportation, by approximately 40%. In addition to the financial benefits, CoAbode members have reported that they gain -- on average -- 56 additional hours per month by sharing a house with another single mom. That's time that can be used to further your education, take care of yourself, and enjoy relaxing, joyful moments with your kids.

    Additional Services:

    In addition to the Shared Housing Program, CoAbode provides:

    • Specialized support groups
    • An online forum
    • Access to affordable housing
    • Resources for single mothers