How Coaching Can Give Working Moms Courage

How to fight back on the demands of your busy life

How coaching can help you climb over your boulder. Getty Images/swissmediavision

Recently I found myself in a funk.  How can a happy-go-lucky and everything is popping up roses kind of Working Mom like me get stuck?  It happens to everyone. Sometimes we just get in our own way and it’s hard to move.

What did I do about it?  I got coached.

Sometimes problems or challenges feel bigger than us, like a big boulder.  Life moves so fast that it’s very easy to put off breaking down into a sobbing mess or worse finding the energy and knowledge to move that darn boulder.

Thoughts like “The answer will come to me later.” or “Things will work themselves out.” or “I have too many other important things that need my attention right now.” are the excuses we tell ourselves.  It's OK to let the boulder just sit there, we know that we'll get to it later. These thoughts can feel so right that you walk away from the boulder.

This mentality doesn’t work for us anymore.  We should have to wait because we have to take care of everyone..  There is a price for waiting.

Procrastinating will cause anxiety, worry, or anger.  If you ignore something that you really want you are holding back on joy. If you feel resistance it’s because you are meant to start the work.  You just need to find the courage to move the boulder

Coaching gave me the courage I needed to break down my boulder.  Here’s what I got from it:

Hope that things will turn out as they should

The boulder can be moved and things will turn out OK.

 Together we discovered many different perspectives.  I could chose to view life from any one of those perspectives and discovered choices that were under my control.  

A dedicated time to talk about me

The act of being coached gave me a specific time to tackle life’s boulders.  It rescued me from procrastination because once I told my coach I would be there I couldn't back out.

 There were no other more important things and if there were I had a reason to say my self-discovery was more important.  I had an appointment.  

The focus was on me and what I needed to talk about

I got the opportunity to hit the pause button and focus on my wants and needs.  I’m busy running my family and business so it an incredible feeling to stop thinking about about those things and focus on how I was running my life.

Talking about and taking ownership of how I felt about things 

I manage my personal energy and emotions well, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Being coached gave me the space to truly feel all my emotions.  Perhaps we feel that feeling emotions may hurt so we put it off, but if we allow ourselves to feel there’s freedom on the other side.

The results lead to freedom

Freedom from that boulder unveiled a new path I was excited to run down.  I felt more courageous and joy from an audacious action plan we created together which propelled forward. Coaching left me feeling like the weight of that boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Would I have figured all this out on my own?  Maybe at some point, but i don't have time to wait.

Coaching helped me get the answers I was searching for quicker with accountability, mini action plans between sessions, and with hard work.

It's tiring feeling stuck.  When there is an opportunity like coaching it's worth taking a stab at it.  The alternative is to settle and wait to see if the boulder will move itself.  You're worth the investment.

Now I want to hear from you!

What boulders are blocking your way?  What are you afraid of?    What would you like to have the courage to do?  Tell me all about it over on my Facebook page.