30 Coastal Bathrooms That Will Transport You to the Beach

coastal bathrooms

Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

Coastal spaces are ultra calming and generally feature blues, whites, woods, and other natural hues and finishes. The bathroom is an excellent space in which to experiment with coastal style, whether you live near the beach or simply appreciate this aesthetic. We're sharing 30 of our favorite coastal bathrooms to help you get inspired as you begin the design process. Read on for simple tips on how to add coastal style to your loo in a snap.

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    Hang Coastal Themed Art

    coastal bathrooms

    @lifeonandrewsdrive / Instagram

    Hanging some art prints with coastal or beach related images is a great way to introduce a theme to your bathroom. To save money, consider even framing photos that you took while on a coastal vacation or printing out some digital downloads. After all, you don't want to spend tons of money on artwork that could potentially fall victim to water damage or other bathroom-related casualties.

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    Display Pampas Grass

    coastal bathrooms

    @capturing_our_coastal / Instagram

    Maybe you're drawn to the coastal look but are a neutral lover at heart. Well, fear not, you can certainly enjoy the best of both worlds! You can't go wrong with an accent piece like a vase filled with pampas grass, which you can place on the bathroom vanity. Neutral paint hues are also wonderful in coastal themed spaces.

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    Decorate With Coral

    coastal bathrooms

    @megan_ballarini / Instagram

    It's the little details that can make the biggest impact, particularly in a small space like a bathroom. Place a beautiful piece of coral on your shelves or vanity for a bit of coastal flair.

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    Style Some Shells

    coastal bathrooms

    @linenandsand / Instagram

    A trinket dish filled with shells is also a budget-friendly and adorable way to introduce coastal style into your bathroom. Bonus points if you add some other on-theme touches like a beachy candle or some striped hand towels, as seen here.

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    Go Blue and White

    coastal bathrooms

    @hollygagne / Instagram

    Another way to introduce coastal flair to the bathroom is simply by decorating with blues and whites. These colors are timeless and always remind us of time spent by the water. So go on—paint your vanity a bold navy.

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    Pay Attention to Accents

    coastal bathrooms

    @serenitydesign / Instagram

    Coastal inspired accents (like the sconces and mirror) in this bathroom are oh-so-charming. Shiplap is a no-brainer in any beach-themed space.

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    Show Off Some Coastal Creatures

    coastal bathrooms

    @holtzmanhome / Instagram

    Artwork showcasing favorite coastal creatures can add so much pep to a space and isn't just for kids.

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    Go Light Blue

    coastal bathrooms

    @dreamhousestudiosinc / Instagram

    Light blue paint and blue and white wallpaper equals total serenity. You can never go wrong with a pop of pattern.

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    Frame a Pennant

    coastal bathrooms

    @houseonalcazar / Instagram

    A framed pennant pays a nod to nautical life while filling an empty space next to the sink. Definitely don't hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to art—the seemingly smallest details can really work wonders in tying a room together.

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    Work in Some Wicker

    coastal bathrooms

    @lemontree.cottage / Instagram

    Wicker accents fit perfectly in any type of coastal space. In the bathroom, consider working in a wicker tissue holder, storage bin, toothbrush cup, you name it!

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    Rock the Rope

    coastal bathrooms

    @phoenixroseinteriors / Instagram

    On a related note, accessories adorned with rope are also essential in any coastal bathroom. This nautical looking mirror is both functional and festive.

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    Include a Lamp

    coastal bathrooms

    @kimberlylubrano / Instagram

    Here we see more wicker and woven accents, one of which is a darling little table lamp. A table lamp can work wonders in warming up a space and making a bathroom feel more luxe, so if you have room for one on your vanity, go for it!

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    Shine Bright With Coral

    coastal bathrooms

    @dunesandduchess / Instagram

    Say hello to coral! This happy hue is right at home in a coastal bathroom and looks lovely paired with navy for a chic contrast. We love this whimsical wallpaper's octopus designs as well.

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    Say the Word

    coastal bathrooms

    @jamielorenhome / Instagram

    Celebrate your love for beach days with a wooden sign that boasts everything wonderful about the coast. Then get back outside and enjoy your time in the sun!

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    Make it Moody

    coastal bathrooms

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Animal-themed wallpaper isn't just for kids. This design is moody, sophisticated, and perfectly coastal all at once.

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    Add Boho Style Flair

    coastal bathrooms

    @coastal.hills.haven / Instagram

    Bring boho decor flair to your coastal bathroom by setting out towels with muted colors and geometric prints and opting for a woven light fixture that practically doubles as art.

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    Style With Greenery

    coastal bathrooms

    @southpointebuilders / Instagram

    Don't underestimate the power of a few palm leaves. Adding something green to your bathroom (whether real or faux) brings so much life to the space and merges indoors and out.

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    Be Cool

    coastal bathrooms

    @turquoiseinteriordesign / Instagram

    Adding some cool blue tiles to the inside of your shower will ensure that you never feel too far away from the ocean.

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    Keep it Simple

    coastal bathrooms

    @kathyannabellinteriors / Instagram

    A neutral bathroom features some chic coral prints by the tub. There's no need to go overboard with color if you prefer more subdued hues; accents like artwork can still help bring a theme to life.

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    Try New Towels

    coastal bathrooms

    @saltyairrentals / Instagram

    Swap out your regular towels for Turkish towels that will remind you of the beach all year long. Stripes are necessary!

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    Install Whimsical Wallpaper

    coastal bathrooms

    @lucyorrinteriors / Instagram

    Feeling crabby? This coastal wallpaper will put a smile on your face, no matter what.

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    Add a Pop of Pep

    coastal bathrooms

    @gertandco / Instagram

    Oh, buoy! Here's another peppy wallpaper print that we love. This colorful pattern would look stunning in kids' and adults' bathrooms alike.

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    Or Be More Subtle

    coastal bathrooms

    @torregrossainterior / Instagram

    We see that palm tree print! If a more subtle wallpaper pattern is more your vibe, you can't go wrong either.

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    Experiment With an Accent Wall

    coastal bathrooms

    @printsbyjenna / Instagram

    Why not try an accent wall in the bathroom? We're all for painting shiplap, but if you'd prefer to leave yours white and incorporate color elsewhere, we love the idea of painting a small sliver of wall in a cool blue.

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    Mix and Match

    coastal bathrooms

    @casuallycoastal / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to mix and match woven pieces, cane finds, rope accents, and the like. Pairing an oversized rope mirror with a petite cane vase couldn't look sweeter in this space.

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    Grab a Stool

    coastal bathrooms

    Interior Impressions

    Placing a small stool next to the bathtub is excellent if you need a place to set a tray to hold a drink or some reading as you soak. This wicker piece fits the coastal aesthetic perfectly.

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    Look to Nature

    coastal bathrooms

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Draw inspiration from organic materials when outfitting your bathroom with accessories. Think about including wooden and plaster pieces, which add tons of texture to a space.

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    Style Those Shelves

    coastal bathrooms

    @tide_and_tales / Instagram

    Make use of open shelving to store essentials, like toothbrushes and first aid supplies, but also to showcase favorite art pieces and small finds, like a starfish and sea sponge.

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    Make the Functional Fun

    coastal bathrooms

    @howwedo208 / Instagram

    Why settle for a boring shower curtain when you can choose one with some beachy flair? We can't get enough of this gold pineapple print that screams summer.

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    Choose Jute

    coastal bathrooms

    @howwedo208 / Instagram

    Try a jute bathmat in lieu of a traditional fluffy option. Jute is incredibly resistant to wear and tear and is used in all types of coastal spaces.